2 Zerg Dominator System

The bell signaling the end of class rang, and Shino quickly gathered his belongings and made his way out of the classroom. He weaved through the crowds of students, trying to blend in and not draw attention to himself … not that he needed to because it seemed no one bothered paying attention to him. Even his friends didn't notice him disappearing earlier than usual-

Oh wait, Shino didn't have friends. Seriously, even the hated nine-tailed fox Naruto hung out with Shikamaru, Kiba, and Choji. Only poor Shino the introvert didn't have any friends.

"But this is a good thing I suppose. At least the smart Shikamaru won't accidentally discover that I had changed since he doesn't know me well," Shino comforted himself as he silently left the school.

As he walked through the village, he marveled at the sights and sounds around him. Ninja were mixed in with villagers while some occasionally passed by on the rooftops. Merchants were selling their wares in the marketplace while shops and stalls lined the streets, some with tempting smells wafting out. Children were playing in the streets, and the whole village seemed to hum with activity.

As he strolled through the village, he overheard a conversation between two villagers. "Did you hear about the recent attack on the village?" one asked.

"Yeah, I heard it was a group of rogue ninja who attacked during the night. Fortunately, we have Lord Hokage and the Anbu," the other replied.

Shino felt a chill run down his spine as he listened to their conversation. He knew that danger lurked in this world, and he had to be careful. The anime only portrayed exciting battles and important events. However, this was a real world, not an anime.

In a ninja world, there will definitely be small ninjas battles hidden in the dark every day, with ninja villages trying to infiltrate each other and rogue ninjas running amok. Although these small details were not shown in the anime, it is clear that the prosperous village is not as safe as it seemed on the surface, especially since its political strength had been waning for years thanks to a certain old man that likes to hide in the dark.

When his thoughts reached this point, a faint figure and name was triggered in Shino's memory.

"Torune …"

Shino frowned. This wasn't his memory, but the emotions were affecting him a bit. This wasn't good, but it was acceptable as a minor cost of transmigration. However, it will certainly be something he would try to mitigate in the future.

"Hey, Zergs are known for destruction, and now it seems there is another reason for my zergs to take root in this world."

Eventually, he made his way back to the Aburame house, his home. The house was a modest structure made of wood and stone. Inside, it was sparse and utilitarian. The walls were lined with shelves that held various jars and containers filled with bugs. It was quiet inside, and Shino could hear the faint hum of his Zerg Dominator system calling to him.

He made his way to his room and closed the door behind him. As he sat on his bed, he closed his eyes and focused on his Zerg Dominator system.

[Welcome back, Shino. How may I assist you?]

"I want to know more about the Zerg system," Shino replied.

[Of course. The Zerg system is a complex network of biomass and gene collection that allows you to enhance your physical abilities, create life, and gain new powers. With enough biomass and gene collection, you can evolve existing Zergs and even create new Zerg creatures to do your bidding. Biomass can be gained by letting Zergs consume organic matters.]

Shino grunted in acknowledgement before he asked, "Let's not indulge on the future possibilities that is clearly out of reach and focus more on my present abilities. Can you show me my details at the moment?"

Following Shino's command, a basic status screen showed up in his mind.

[Host Abilities] Taijutsu (Basic), ShurikenJutsu (Basic), Absolute Zerg Control, Zerg Communication, Hatchery

[Ninjutsu] Transformation Technique, Body Replacement Technique, Chakra Sensing Technique

[Biomass] 0.0

[Gene Bank] Parasitic Insects, Drone

[General Abilities] Biomass Conversion (organic), Information Storage

[Parasitic Insects] Flight, Chakra Consumption, Chakra Transfer, Insect Replica, Cage, Dome Barrier, Track Chakra Signatures, Track Senses

[Drone] Build and Repair (Unlocked) Zerg Structures, Gather Resources, Burrow, Biomass Storage (10)

"Not many varieties at the moment. I'm sure there are more variations of Aburame insects. My father may teach me more about them in the coming months. I will probably unlock even more varities by acquiring new strains of genes."

Observing the details of his new abilities, Shino quickly summarized them.

"Currently, it seems the only change that the Zerg system gave me was absolute zerg control, a biomass storage, and a gene bank with the basic zerg unit. Not quite sure how it works, but my body has transformed into a veritable Zerg nest, allowing me to breed my army of Zergs without a Zerg structure. Additionally, all my bugs can now convert organic matters into biomass to fuel our evolution. I can probably do so as well since I have the abilities of a hatchery."

Shino was fascinated by this information, and he spent hours delving deeper into the workings of the Zerg system. He learned about the different ways of biomass and gene collection, and how they could be used to create powerful Zerg creatures. Of course, the premise of all of this was sufficient biomass.

Although he could breed more Aburame clan insects with chakra, creating completely new Zergs require biomass. Chakra can't fill this cost unless he discovers a way to convert chakra to biomass one day.

"Normal food can provide me with biomass, but not much. It seems that I will have to find a way to get some creatures like animals to feed my zergs to gain some biomass and genes. As for genes … perhaps, I will also have collect some corpses - maybe even humans. According to the system, normal humans and animals may not provide the genes necessary to upgrade my chakra bugs."

Although he was a bit unsettled with the idea of consuming corpses, Shino knew that this was a necessity sooner or later. If he wants to be a Zerg Dominator, he will have to make use of all resources available, including humanity.

"Fortunately, I can let the bugs do the eating … Still, I need to find a way to gather some gene strands that will unlock a Zerg that can convert non-organic matter and chakra into biomass."

Even if there are lots of deaths in the ninja world, getting his hands on a corpse can be a difficult task. He can't just go slaughtering a normal villager unless he wants Anbu or Root hunting him down.

As for ninja corpses of other villages, that will be extremely difficult unless he has enough strength. After all, ninja corpses are very valuable to ninja villages and will never be left out for him to harvest. He can only acquire them by slaying enemies himself.

As Shino sat in his room, deep in thought about the Zerg system, he heard the front door open and his father's footsteps in the hallway.

"Shino, I'm home," his father called out.

Shino stood up and walked to the door of his room. "Welcome home, Father," he said, bowing respectfully just like in his memories.

His father, Shibi Aburame, is a tall and slender man with sharp features and dark spiky hair. He has a serious and reserved demeanor, but also exudes a sense of wisdom and experience.

Similar to his own outfit, his father wore the traditional Aburame attire, which consists of a long-sleeved light-colored jacket with a high collar that partially covered his face. An Aburame clan symbol was emblazoned on the back of this outfit. There were matching black pants and the iconic dark glasses that obscures the eyes. A gourd was carried on his back, which holds excess kikaichu, small flight-capable beetles.

Shino was very respectful towards his father. After all, his father was one of the few people who won't arbitrarily forget his existence. The other few were naturally his mother and, unfortunately, an old man in the dark.

"Did you have a good day at school?" his father asked, walking into the room with hands in pocket.

"Yes, Father," Shino replied. "I learned a lot about chakra control and I'm feeling confident about the graduation exam."

"That's good to hear," his father said, looking proud. "I have faith in you, Shino. You have always been a dedicated student and a skilled ninja."

Shino nodded, feeling a sense of warmth from his father's words. "Thank you, Father. I will do my best."

His father sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at him intently. "Shino, I know that you are a quiet and reserved person, but I want you to know that if you ever need to talk or if anything is bothering you, I am here for you."

Shino was surprised by his father's words. Did he discover something? Nevertheless, it doesn't appear that his father would pry into his secrets. He appreciated the sentiment.

"Thank you, Father. I will keep that in mind."

His father stood up and patted his shoulder. "Now, let's have dinner. Your mother has prepared your favorite dish tonight."

As the night wore on, Shino realized that he needed to start preparing for the graduation exam. He spent the rest of the night familiarizing himself with the ninjutsu he would need to know to pass the exam, mainly his insect clone technique. Although he had the memories, he was a fresh transmigrator and will need practice lest he makes a mistake. It'll be daunting if he fails the graduation exam like Naruto.

The other two basic ninjutsu of transformation and substitute technique were also practiced. Although it wasn't necessary to know all three techniques to graduate, it was always better to have a better grade right? Even if it goes unnoticed...

The next morning, Shino headed back to school, feeling more confident and prepared than ever before. He knew that he still had a lot to learn, but he was determined to become the strongest ninja he could be.

And with the power of the Zerg system at his fingertips. He knew that anything was possible., maybe he'll eventually even step out of the ninja category and become a true dominator … assuming he survives the upcoming events.

Nevertheless, his first trial is here. The graduation exam commences and the story begins.

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