1 Transmigrated to the Hidden Leaf

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Shino Aburame slowly opened his eyes, blinking in confusion. "What...where am I?" he muttered to himself. As he looked around, he realized he was in a classroom, one filled with children. However, something felt different - he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Suddenly, the memories hit him - he had transmigrated? More precisely – he had transmigrated to the Naruto world! Shino couldn't help but roll his eyes. Of all the worlds he could have ended up in, why did it have to be Naruto's? And to make matters worse, he was now playing the role of Shino Aburame - the most overlooked and ignored character in the entire series.

He looked around the room and saw the familiar faces in the midst of his many side character classmates. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba. They were all just as he remembered them in the anime - Naruto was still loud and brash, Sasuke was still aloof and focused, and Sakura was still pining after Sasuke. Ino was still Sakura's best friend and rival, and Hinata was still shy and timid.

As the class began, Shino took out his notebook and started taking notes on the history of the Leaf Village. He watched as Naruto squirmed in his seat, clearly bored with the lesson. Sasuke was silent and focused. Ino and Sakura were chatting quietly, while Hinata was gazing at Naruto with a faint blush on her cheeks. Shikamaru was slouching in his seat, his eyes half-closed, and Choji was munching on a bag of chips. Meanwhile, Kiba is playing with Akamaru –

Suddenly, Shino felt a strange sensation in his mind. He closed his eyes and focused, and a strange voice spoke to him.

[Welcome, Shino Aburame. I am the Zerg Dominator System, a powerful entity that has chosen you as its host. With my power, you will be able to achieve great things in this world.]

Shino's eyes widened in amazement. This was his golden finger!

"The Zerg Dominator System...what kind of power do you possess?" he asked.

[I possess the power to dominate and evolve insects. With my power, you will be able to spawn and control the insects you desire. You will be able to communicate with them and use their abilities to your advantage. But be warned - my power comes with a price. Overuse without sufficient biomass will overdraft's the host's life force and potentially lead to death. The system comes with an initial transformation of the host's body. Begin transformation?]

Shino paused for a moment, considering the information he had on hand.

The Aburame clan is a prominent ninja clan in the world of Naruto. They are known for their unique abilities and strange appearance. Members of the Aburame clan are distinguished by the insect-like creatures that live inside their bodies. These insects are typically kept hidden by the clan members' clothing, but they can be summoned and controlled to aid in battle.

Even if he transmigrated into a normal unknown side character, he knew that with the Zerg Dominator's power, he could become a formidable force in the Naruto world. Now, he got the perfect start of bug clan plus bug system. His rise was inevitable – ahem, maybe he shouldn't claim this because this line was reserved for villains that end up kicking the bucket.

He had a good start, but he knew that he had to be careful not to draw attention to himself or alter the course of events too much … at least not until he had enough strength to withstand the consequences.

However, Shino knew he still had to gain strength fast. Although he had a good start, the timing of his transmigration didn't give him too much time to grow! According to his memories, the graduation exams are actually coming up! He will only have six months before the first big event happens!

"Very well," he said finally before asking the system. "Does the transformation cause any noticeable signs or bring immense pain?"

[Detecting … Host's body is already adapted for the survival of zerg. Only minor transformation is required to mutate the host's bloodline with the powers of the Overmind and the genes of the bugs, optimizing the host's control over them and allowing the birth of zerg larva. Transformation can be completed within moments and will not cause any disturbance externally.]

With the explanation of the system, Shino took a glance around the classroom. Although the crawling bugs inside his body made him feel a bit uncomfortable, but the benefits of transmigrating as Shino is not as bad as others would think.

For example, having a low presence in a ninja world is probably one of the most powerful cheats in itself. As expected, he noticed that no one was paying attention to him.

"Better here where the vigilance is low than when I go home where there are other bug controllers that can detect changes in my bugs. Confirm transformation."

As Shino's eyes fluttered open, a jolt of energy coursed through his body. A sense of rejuvenation washed over him, as if his very being had undergone a transformation. The insects within him stirred, buzzing with a new vitality that Shino could not yet comprehend. But he knew one thing for certain - his connection with his bugs had never felt stronger.

Gone was the discomfort he had previously felt with the constant crawling and wriggling of the bugs inside him. Now, they lay dormant and obedient at a mere thought from their master. Shino sensed their presence, a thrumming energy just below the surface, waiting for his command.

He knew that his ability to control and manipulate these insects would prove invaluable in the trials to come, and he was ready to embrace his role as a master of the bugs. He quickly made a mental note to test out his new abilities when the opportunity arose.

The class continued, and Shino listened attentively as Iruka talked about the history of the Leaf Village and mentioning the upcoming graduation exam. He watched his classmates, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, and formulating plans in his mind.

"As you all know, the Leaf Village has a rich history that spans over generations, passing down many important principles to future generations, the most important being the will of Fire" Iruka lectured, flipping through pages of his textbook. "And as young shinobi, it's important to understand and appreciate the will of Fire. It's a belief that has been passed down for generations. It's the idea that as shinobi, we are not just fighting for ourselves, but for the entire village. We put our lives on the line to protect our loved ones and ensure the prosperity of our home. It's a duty that we must take seriously, and one that we should be proud to uphold ..."

Shino sat in his seat, outwardly listening intently to Iruka's lecture while inwardly letting the brainwashing flow in one ear and out the other.

"Oh, the Will of Fire, how noble and ironic! It's like they're trying to brainwash us into being loyal drones or something … just like Zergs. 'The village comes first, the village comes first.' Yeah, right. With all the knowledge of the crooked upper beams of the village, I really can't blindly follow this outdated ideology that actually sends children to the battlefield. I'd rather have the Will of Food like Choji or the Will of Napping like Shikamaru, thank you very much."

Shino watched his classmates with a critical eye, silently assessing their abilities and strengths. "They're all potential allies or threats to my domination," he thought to himself, "depending on how I handle them."

Iruka continued, "… And with the graduation exam fast approaching, it's essential that you all showcase your abilities and prove yourselves as capable ninja- NARUTO, are you listening?! You-"

As Iruka angrily showed his love and care towards the poor orange jumpsuit bloke once more, Shino made a mental note to prepare for the exam and demonstrate his own abilities, but he remained outwardly composed, giving away nothing to his classmates.

Being a teacher is great and all, but with the power of the Dominator, he knew that he could make a difference in this world and be much more. But he also knew that he had to be careful not to disrupt the overall course of events until he was ready, lest he lost his 'future knowledge' advantage.

The original Shino did not have a major impact on the overall plot, but with him here, that will definitely change. Any move he makes as the new Shino can cause a butterfly effect. He would have to bide his time, wait for the right moment to make his move.

As the class ended and the students filed out, Shino stood up and stretched. He felt a sense of excitement and anticipation, knowing that he had a powerful new tool at his disposal.

He smiled to himself and walked out of the classroom, ready to begin his new life. There is a world of ninjas waiting for him to conquer!

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