Starshine: I’m F*cked In 40k

In this action-filled fan fiction "Starshine”, we follow Captain Varian Solus, a modern-day Marine who lays down his life in a deadly mall shootout, saving a child from certain death. But this valiant end is just the beginning, as Varian’s spirit is catapulted into the war-ravaged universe of Warhammer 40k. Reborn as a yet to be awakened Omega Plus-level psyker with powers that stretch beyond human imagination, Varian is not just a Space Marine; he's the game-changer this chaotic universe needs. As he adapts to his new life, Varian is thrown into epic battles across hostile planets, facing unimaginable horrors with a courage that inspires legends. Varian’s new existence as a genetically enhanced Space Marine attracts the attention of powerful entities. The Emperor of Mankind views him as a possible ultimate weapon against darkness, while the Chaos God Slaanesh sees him as a tantalizing prospect for corruption. Varian won’t sit by and become a pawn in their celestial game. With his newfound abilities echoing those of comic book heroes he once admired, Varian blazes through enemy lines, his name becoming a battle cry across the cosmos. This isn’t just about his survival; it's about him becoming a myth in a universe where gods and monsters play for keeps. Amid the shadowy intrigue and deadly politics of the 41st millennium, Varian—or Exterminus—must decide his path. Will he remain a steadfast guardian of humanity, or will he succumb to the darkness that seeks to claim him? Strap in for "Starshine," where every chapter is a battle, every battle a story, and every story a legend in the making.

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10 Chs

Finally Awake

{A/N: Varian is in fact a 10 year old physically. Through some technological way, she was able to genetically keep him young while she experimented on him for around twenty years. Before the transmigration scene, that little boy passed way for not even a microsecond. Thanks for reading.}

The lady's excitement upon seeing Varian cognitive and staring back at her soared past even the tallest of the Spire towers.

Varian, however, had mixed feelings upon looking at this woman, whom he recognized from the memories unlocked yet didn't fully know.

Apparently, this lady was in fact his mother. She has no records of being in the Imperium. This woman is completely, and utterly an anomaly. Based on the memories of this body, Varian was able to grasp that he was on a Hive world called Cyclopean Prime.

Having been somehow given all the information about this universe, including characters, language, technological prowess, history, and way of life, Varian quickly came to this conclusion based on the tidbits of information the woman inadvertently disclosed during her random psychotic breakdowns. Plus, this world only appeared once in the entire series.

Staring back at her now, Varian didn't feel any way about her besides curiosity and indifference.

How could she experiment on her own child? Going through the entire pregnancy just to go and experiment on your child isn't acceptable.

'Wait, did she even go through natural pregnancy?'

This is the Warhammer universe and Varian shouldn't expect anything more.

Beggars can't be choosers. Varian's here now so he's grateful just for that. Who exactly is Varian's father? Was he crazy like her?

"Exterminus," the lady drained the tube of fluid and carefully helped him off the tube base. She meticulously began inspecting every inch of his body, her emerald eyes glowing with admiration as she liked the finished product.

Varian did not feel comfortable with this woman poking and prodding his pre-pubescent body, but he needs to make sure no defects are present. So, he just let her do as she pleased.

"Exterminus," she exclaimed, her fingers tracing over his smooth skin, "you are flawless. A perfect specimen of my creation. Though perhaps a tad larger in certain areas than strictly necessary, it presents no issue. Your strength and intellect shall undoubtedly bring glory to mankind. Truly, you are mankind's last weapon of destruction."

Varian almost fell out when he'd heard her talk about his little brother. He unconsciously covered himself in whatever sense of security he could find.

Seeing the little Varian try to cover himself made the lady laugh a hearty laugh. "Worry not, dear. After all, I am your creator, your mother, in a sense."

The lady's eye twitches shortly while smiling. Then, Varian notices her entire countenance stiffens. With a deadpan look, the lady places a hand on Varian's back and guides him out of the door at his back while muttering more incomprehensible things.

When they enter the room at the back, a chair awaited them with a helmet adorned with sensory nodes resting atop the chair similar to how hair dryer chairs are at salons.

With a sense of anticipation, she explains, in a soft voice often used when speaking to children, the purpose of the device and what it will do.

"This will implant you with all the knowledge and skills you will need," she said, her voice tinged with excitement. "Battle techniques, weapon mastery, strategic insights – everything to ensure your success in serving the Imperium."

Varian nodded, understanding the gravity of the task ahead. He knew that this machine wasn't just to gift him knowledge, but it also will become the tool in which he will be indoctrined with whatever she wanted.

With determination in his eyes, and a strong mind of autonomy, he settled into the chair as the lady secured the helmet in place. The sensory nodes hummed to life, connecting with his mind and flooding it with a torrent of information.

At first, there was only a faint sensation, like distant whispers in the distance. Then, gradually, the whispers grew louder, which then transform into vivid images and streams of data that flood his consciousness.

Varian felt as though he was being submerged in a torrential river of knowledge, every aspect of his being inundated with information.

Battle techniques danced before his eyes, intricate maneuvers and tactics etching themselves into his memory with precision. Weaponry mastery followed suit, each weapon's weight, balance, and usage becoming second nature to him. But it wasn't just combat prowess that filled his mind.

The machinery delved deeper, implanting revelations into political structures, economic systems, and the intricate workings of the Imperium. Varian absorbed it all, his mind expanding with each passing moment.

However, when he noticed that certain falsehoods tried inserting their way into his brain, Varian's spirit immediately blocked their path.

'Oh, the crazy b*tch tried indoctrinating me, a prepubescent runt. This is next level f*cked up. What else? You gonna chop off my balls and make me think they're meatballs?' Varian mentally scorned in contempt and disdain.

Hours passed as the process continued, each moment bringing him closer to his "destiny". When it was finally complete, Varian's body relaxed the chair. He took a deep breath and breathed out slowly.

"I am ready," he declared, his voice resonating with confidence as he cutely slipped out of the big chair. "Ready to serve the Imperium as Exterminus. On my own terms though, mother."

Varian decided to call her mother because he knew that was a simply an unfamiliar term to her. In her crazy mind and this crazy world, terms of endearment like this weren't all too common for her to hear. Not with the history she might've had and how she was treated by society.

Who is this woman who calls herself his creator and mother? And why was her mind so fractured?

Varian decided leave those thoughts alone for now and see what else she had planned. An innate feeling reassured that whatever she threw at him would only increase his strength.

As Varian, now Exterminus, uttered the that last word, "mother," the woman's demeanor underwent a profound transformation.

Her eyes, once filled with an uncertain intensity, softened with a mixture of reverence and maniacal zeal. A flicker of love somehow crossed her expression.

In that moment, she saw not just a creation, but a reflection of herself, sort of a culmination of her ambitions and desires manifested in flesh and blood.

Varian was in all sense, her only son. Pride soared its way all throughout her body, swelling her heart with a sense of duty unlike anything she had ever known. Not even the Imperium didn't exactly make her feel this way.

With a twisted smile, she accepted the title bestowed upon her, relishing in the nature and feelings it conveyed.

"Yes, my child," she murmured, her voice tinged with both affection and fanaticism. "You are my greatest achievement, my legacy. Together, we shall forge a new era for the Imperium."

'Poor crazy lady. You're so f*cked but also redeemable. I'll use this mother-son relationship to keep you in check. I gotta figure out where exactly I am in the hive and figure out what exactly I want to do here in this universe. Also, depending on what Chapter this world is claimed by, I'll join the military. Hive worlding isn't my career choice. Not when people are dying,' Varian says to himself, nodding obediently to her on the outside.

"Now; we must get you familiar with your home and a view of the city. Come, child, let us go. Your training regimen will begin soon enough," the lady says affectionately to Varian, who still was a bit stoic as he stood by not knowing what to do.

As they stepped out onto the balcony overlooking the sprawling hive city, she gestured towards the skyline with a hint of aristocratic pride.

"Welcome to our humble abode, Varian," she said, her voice refined in a way that belied her status as a high scientist. "While it may not boast the opulence of the noble districts, not even considering Holy Terra, it still offers a commanding view of the hive's industrious heart."

Varian nodded, his gaze sweeping over the labyrinthine expanse of towering spires and bustling streets below. "It's… quite amazing," he replies, his voice betraying a hint of awe at the spectacle before him. As a modern Earth man, being able to see the ingenuity of a fictional future humanity in this way was a dream he couldn't have imagined.

The lady smiled indulgently at Varian, taking the glint in his eyes as juvenile excitement.

"Indeed it is, my dear," she replied, her words dripping with the sophistication of a lifetime spent in the upper echelons of a higher noble society. Even though she spoke in the dialect of an upper hiveswoman, Varian could tell that something was up.

It's almost like a person from England coming to America and starts talking gangster but still retaining that English accent. "But fear not, for I shall be your guide through this maze of steel and stone."

They continued to survey the cityscape, the lady told Varian the tales of the hive's history and culture, her words laced with the arrogance as though she was accustomed to privilege all her life.

Despite the grit and grime present in the air, Varian found himself captivated by the allure of the hive city, wanting to explore its hidden depths and secrets that are veiled.