Starshine: I’m F*cked In 40k

In this action-filled fan fiction "Starshine”, we follow Captain Varian Solus, a modern-day Marine who lays down his life in a deadly mall shootout, saving a child from certain death. But this valiant end is just the beginning, as Varian’s spirit is catapulted into the war-ravaged universe of Warhammer 40k. Reborn as a yet to be awakened Omega Plus-level psyker with powers that stretch beyond human imagination, Varian is not just a Space Marine; he's the game-changer this chaotic universe needs. As he adapts to his new life, Varian is thrown into epic battles across hostile planets, facing unimaginable horrors with a courage that inspires legends. Varian’s new existence as a genetically enhanced Space Marine attracts the attention of powerful entities. The Emperor of Mankind views him as a possible ultimate weapon against darkness, while the Chaos God Slaanesh sees him as a tantalizing prospect for corruption. Varian won’t sit by and become a pawn in their celestial game. With his newfound abilities echoing those of comic book heroes he once admired, Varian blazes through enemy lines, his name becoming a battle cry across the cosmos. This isn’t just about his survival; it's about him becoming a myth in a universe where gods and monsters play for keeps. Amid the shadowy intrigue and deadly politics of the 41st millennium, Varian—or Exterminus—must decide his path. Will he remain a steadfast guardian of humanity, or will he succumb to the darkness that seeks to claim him? Strap in for "Starshine," where every chapter is a battle, every battle a story, and every story a legend in the making.

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A Lesson Taught

{A/N: Hey, readers. As im fairly new to WH40K universe lore and whatnot, which branch of the militarum do you all think I should send Varian into? I'll list them down below.

1. Adeptus Mechanicus

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4. Deathwatch

5. Grey Knights

6. Black Templars

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8. Space Wolf

9. Adeptus Custodes

10. Adeptus Ministorum

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As the lady went about her evening after they arrived back at their residence, blissfully unaware of the danger that was soon to come, Varian worked nonstop to set up defenses throughout the perimeter.

He left no opening unattended. Varian scoured the residence for any surveillance devices and found 56 in total strewn all about the place.

'Was she really oblivious? A person this experienced should have definitely sensed something was off.'

With each step, he meticulously placed traps and concealed weapons, his movements swift and silent.

In a hidden compartment beneath the floorboards, Varian uncovered a lasgun, its sleek design and pristine condition setting it apart from the others in their arsenal.

Curious, he examined it closely, noting the intricate engravings and superior craftsmanship.

Varian went to the lady, who was engrossed in her work, and held up the lasgun. "What's different about this one?" he asked, his voice a bit unsure. She glanced up, her brow furrowing in confusion.

"That's just a standard lasgun, my dear," she replied absentmindedly. "Why do you ask?"

Varian's a sixth sense tingled as he examined the lasgun in his hands. While she dismissed it as just another standard weapon, Varian's enhanced senses picked up on small nuances that set it apart from the others.

The craftsmanship was impeccable, the engravings more intricate than any he had seen before.

'She can't see the engravings on the gun at all. This… lasgun is absorbing an energy from the surrounding area.'

There was a precision and care in its design that standard lasguns, and even special-grade lasguns, did not have. But it was more than just its physical appearance that caught Varian's attention.

There was a strange energy emanating from the lasgun. A faint humming had set his nerves on edge and makes him feel something deeper within himself.

It was as if the weapon itself was alive and communicating while it pulses with a power that Varian couldn't quite grasp.

Instinctively, Varian knew that there was more to this lasgun than met the eye. It held a secret that alluded the lady's wisdom.

As the night deepened, Varian's keen senses remained heightened, the quietness of the house amplifying the smallest of sounds.

Despite the seemingly calm atmosphere, Varian's instincts told nim the threat was real and could materialize at any moment. He was sure that they were already outside the residence scouting.

While he kept watch, the lady was in her study, immersed in her research which had her completely engrossed in ancient texts and scrolls.

She often lost track of time when surrounded by her work, a trait Varian was unaware of yet worried about under the current circumstances.

Time ticked slowly, each second stretching longer than the last. Varian's thoughts wandered to the people plotting against them.

'Who are they? What do they want with the lady? Is it her knowledge, her status, or something more?' he pondered, trying to piece together the snippets of conversation he had overheard. The mention of a boy, himself, suggested that his presence was a complicating factor for their plans.

'Could they know about my enhancements, or is it merely my proximity to her that draws their ire?' Varian questioned silently, his grip tightening around the lasgun.

Hours passed and the house remained undisturbed, yet the tension never eased from Varian's shoulders.

He decided to make another round of the house to check the security measures. Varian moved silently through the corridors, his eyes sharp and ears tuned to any sign of disturbance. He continued to race with strategies and contingencies if one had not worked.

Suddenly, his enhanced hearing picked up a faint, almost imperceptible sound, the slight crack of a pebble being crushed underneath booted feet outside the house. It was a sound that shouldn't be there but also not be heard by any normal human.

Varian's heart rate quickened and he swiftly positioned himself near the main entrance, lasgun at the ready.

Peering through a discreet vantage point, Varian saw shadows moving stealthily towards the house. 'They're here,' he realized, a surge of adrenaline sharpening his focus.

As the intruders approached the house, they quickly activated energy shields, a shimmering barrier that wrapped around them, repelling the high-velocity projectiles from Varian's lasgun.

Each shot from the lasgun struck the shields with a burst of light and a force that staggered them but did not penetrate.

Realizing his shots were ineffective, Varian adjusted his strategy on the fly. He tossed the lasgun, relying instead on his enhanced physical abilities and the combat training he had absorbed through the Intelligence Displacement Device's meticulous transplantation.

When he saw the intruders slice through the last of the laser tripwires and advanced, Varian braced himself for close-quarters combat.

The first intruder reached him, swinging a combat blade in a wide arc. Varian ducked under the swing, stepping into the intruder's space.

He leveraged his smaller size and surprising strength, twisting and driving his elbow into the intruder's midsection with the force of an adult athlete.

The intruder gasped, winded by the unexpected power of the blow, and stumbled back, disoriented.

Seizing the moment, Varian swept the intruder's legs, sending him crashing to the ground.

Before the man could recover, Varian applied a precise chokehold he'd learned from his training simulations. Within moments, the intruder was unconscious, neutralized by Varian's swift and decisive action.

The remaining two intruders, momentarily taken aback by the prowess of this seemingly young boy, regrouped and attacked simultaneously.

Not pressured, Varian ducked and weaved. Despite his size, Varian's movements were a blur.

He blocked a punch, redirected an arm, and used their momentum against them. It was a mesh of strikes, blocks, and tactical retreats, Varian's mind raced through the countless combat scenarios he had mentally rehearsed.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Varian held his ground. He knew he couldn't let them succeed in their abduction.

Every move Varian made was calculated, aiming not just to fend off the attackers but to disable them.

His knowledge of Warhammer universe combat, adapted for the confines of the residence, gave him an edge, blending traditional military tactics with the brutal, no-holds-barred fighting styles of the far future.

The fight was intense, but Varian's enhanced body and sharp mind were honed for this very scenario. His strength was equivalent to an Olympic heavyweight lifter.

Using a combination of aikido-like techniques to use their force against them and judo throws to destabilize their footing, he managed to down another intruder, leaving him groaning on the floor.

The last assailant, now wary and cautious, circled Varian, looking for an opening. But Varian was relentless himself.

Varian, his adrenaline surging, prepared for the final confrontation with the remaining assailant. His enhanced senses, heightened even more from the fight, picked up every subtle movement, every shift in the intruder's weight.

He could almost predict the man's next move, his training melding seamlessly with his innate abilities to form a formidable defense.

The intruder lunged, aiming a swift kick at Varian's side. Varian sidestepped gracefully, grabbing the assailant's leg and using his momentum to throw him off balance.

His move was swift and precise, causing the intruder to crash heavily onto the floor. Varian didn't hesitate; he leaped onto the fallen assailant, pinning him down with surprising strength for his apparent age.

Holding the intruder down, Varian locked eyes with him, his gaze stern and commanding. "Who sent you?" he demanded, his voice steady despite the exertion of the fight. The intruder, struggling under Varian's hold, grimaced but remained silent.

Varian increased the pressure, a clear warning. The threat of further combat seemed to loosen the intruder's resolve. "We were hired... hired to take the woman. No names were given, just descriptions and payment," the man gasped, clearly hoping to negotiate his way out of his precarious situation.

Varian's mind raced. The plot was thicker than a simple kidnapping attempt; someone with resources was orchestrating this. "Why her? What do they want with her?" he pressed, tightening his grip to emphasize the urgency.

The intruder shook his head, fear evident in his eyes. "I don't know more, I swear. We never meet our employers directly. It's all done through layers."

Releasing the man slightly, Varian quickly reassessed his next steps. He needed more information, but it was clear this foot soldier wouldn't provide it. However, a surprise entered his ears.


Turning around, Varian saw the lady staring at the edge of a door clapping modestly with an almost manic smile on her face. When she looked at him, pride overwhelmed her heart.

"Mother," Varian started, his tone gentle yet carrying urgency. "I overheard a group of people secretly discussing amongst themselves about abducting you."

With a slight nod, the woman responds to Varian in a rather matter-of-fact tone, "Ah, my dear, I had surmised their presence for the purpose of my abduction."

Varian looked on confused as to why she was so calm throughout the day. Even if she knew Varian's ability to protect her was guaranteed, that still won't explain why she put her life at risk.

"Indeed. It was I who contracted these individuals for my 'abduction.' Have you perhaps overlooked our conversation from earlier today?" The lady gently says. "If you have, here're my exact words: 'Now, we must get you familiar with your home and a view of the city. Come, child, let us go. Your training regimen will begin soon enough'.

Yes, indeed, I did imply that your upper-level training would begin shortly later in the day. Consider this your initial lesson, my dear. It's crucial to meticulously observe not only the words people utter but also the nuanced cues conveyed through their facial expressions and body language. Often, these non-verbal cues reveal far more than mere words."

Now, Varian was completely shocked. He had not thought that she'd really start training him the day he essentially "got out the womb".

'Damnit! I should've paid a bit more attention. I felt her facial expression was a bit weirder than normal but I just left it to mental disorder.'

Seeing Varian's shocked and disheartened expression, the lady laughs.

"Oh, my dear boy, there's no need to feel disheartened. You performed admirably in today's lesson. Managing to incapacitate the members of the Hive Trio while they were armored at half strength is no small feat. Few individuals have achieved such a result. Nevertheless, I am grateful to you, Merku. Here is your payment of 50,000 credits."

The lady does a certain hand gesture and a beeping sounds aloud from a device the conscious man has on him. He pulls out a small slate and nods his head.

"You got it, Lady Aurelia. Quite a kid you got there. 'Reckon he's headed for the Imperium Army with that talent. Astartes? Or Militarum, perhaps?"

The lady, now known as Aurelia, shakes her head. "It will ultimately be my son's decision once his training concludes. The recruitment deadline is fast approaching, necessitating thorough preparation on my part."

"Aye, spot on. I figure he's gonna be a real Hero of the Imperium. Anyhow, take care and enjoy your evening, Lady Aurelia, and young...?" the man says to Aurelia then turns to Varian.

"I am… Varian. Yeah, Varian. I like that name," Varian answers the man.

"Aye, Varian is a very kingly name. Have a merry night."

With that, he picks up his comrades and leaves the residence. Aurelia chatted with Varian a bit before going back into her study while he was urged to rest.

Lying in his bed, Varian went over there night's events and realized they had struck a chord within Varian. It was clear that his world had shifted and the need for his training had never been greater.

He'd be facing combatants from the seven alien races pretty soon. Every edge will be needed. And one mistake could be…