Starshine: I’m F*cked In 40k

In this action-filled fan fiction "Starshine”, we follow Captain Varian Solus, a modern-day Marine who lays down his life in a deadly mall shootout, saving a child from certain death. But this valiant end is just the beginning, as Varian’s spirit is catapulted into the war-ravaged universe of Warhammer 40k. Reborn as a yet to be awakened Omega Plus-level psyker with powers that stretch beyond human imagination, Varian is not just a Space Marine; he's the game-changer this chaotic universe needs. As he adapts to his new life, Varian is thrown into epic battles across hostile planets, facing unimaginable horrors with a courage that inspires legends. Varian’s new existence as a genetically enhanced Space Marine attracts the attention of powerful entities. The Emperor of Mankind views him as a possible ultimate weapon against darkness, while the Chaos God Slaanesh sees him as a tantalizing prospect for corruption. Varian won’t sit by and become a pawn in their celestial game. With his newfound abilities echoing those of comic book heroes he once admired, Varian blazes through enemy lines, his name becoming a battle cry across the cosmos. This isn’t just about his survival; it's about him becoming a myth in a universe where gods and monsters play for keeps. Amid the shadowy intrigue and deadly politics of the 41st millennium, Varian—or Exterminus—must decide his path. Will he remain a steadfast guardian of humanity, or will he succumb to the darkness that seeks to claim him? Strap in for "Starshine," where every chapter is a battle, every battle a story, and every story a legend in the making.

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10 Chs

A Captain’s Death

Varian strolled through the bustling mall, his mind preoccupied with the task of finding the perfect Welcome Back gift.

He'd been browsing for about an hour or so, going in and out of various stores checking their wares, when the tranquil scene of busy shoppers and patrons strolling about chatting with one another shattered into chaos.

Gunfire erupted ahead, the sharp cracks echoing off the walls as screams pierced the air, mingling with the panicked shouts of women, men, and children. The once serene atmosphere of the mall transformed into a scene of horror and confusion.

As people dashed past him, their frantic movements colliding with his own stillness, Varian processed the sudden turn of events. A pounding deep down in his heart began to power his body, a soldier's instinct overtook his mind. One of which was honed through years of training and service.

With swift determination, Varian reached to his waist to unholster his sidearm, only to remember he was off-duty and unarmed.

"Damn," he blurts out, regretful for not bringing his sidearm as something told him to before getting out of his car.

Adrenaline surged through his veins as he scanned his surroundings for a quick solution, his mind landing on the gun store he'd inadvertently walked past.

Without hesitation, he dashed inside, the store clerk's protests falling on deaf ears as he made a beeline for the automatic gun section.

Ignoring the bewildered stares of onlookers, Varian seized a weapon and several magazines of ammunition from the front, his movements fueled by a sense of duty and urgency. He then goes to fit a suppressor on and weapon as well.

The store clerk moves in front of Varian with a handgun directed at him, but Varian met his gaze with a steely resolve.

"I am Captain Solus of the US Marines," he declared calmly, his words carrying the weight of authority. "If you do not let me pass, you will be charged in connection with the terrorist shooters."

The older man's initial suspicion melted away, replaced by a newfound sense of camaraderie as he holstered the pistol he had pointed at Varian.

"Make them pay, brother," he said, saluting Varian in a silent show of support.

With a nod of acknowledgment, Varian continued on his mission, the scent of blood is heavy in the air as he ventured deeper into the heart of the chaos in the first floor. The destruction wasn't too bad here.

However, the mall's armed security is dead as they were the first responders and threat to the terrorists.

'Come to think of it, these tangos seem much too professional and coordinated in their attacks. Could they be…'

Varian's thoughts were interrupted even more screams rang out above. He was quick to move, noting the fallen civilians and the trail of destruction left in the attackers' wake.

Pausing briefly to offer a silent prayer for the fallen, Varian continued on, his senses attuned to the sound of gunfire above which was a grim reminder of the imminent danger that awaited him.

Varian then began to the second floor, and what he found was a scene of carnage.

Bodies littered the ground, their forms punctured with bullets. Blood pooled beneath them, staining the once pristine white marble floors a sickening shade of crimson.

Despite the grim scene before him, Varian pressed forward, his grip tightening on the gun as he scanned the area for any sign of the attackers.

Gunfire erupted sporadically 100 ft up ahead, the shots resounding throughout the mall like thunder in the midst of a storm.

Varian's senses sharpened, his training taking over as he moved with purpose and precision. In a nearby beauty store, he heard voices.

"Oh, man! Look at the beauty on this one. Barn, you sure we can't take any women alive?" an attacker asks, staring down at the teenaged girl too terrified to look up.

"The boss said no prisoners, hostages, or victims. SPIDER is not just some random group. We are the syndicate of death. Therefore, we need to have a clean record of killing," the guy named Barn replies, annoyance in his voice.

Varian can all but see the attackers as he listened to their chattering. Peering around the corner inside this random store, Varian spotted two terrorists, their weapons trained on innocent civilians huddled in terror.

Quickly thinking, Varian pulled out his cellphone and started recording. As he had the latest model phone, walking with his modifications, the internal microphone could pick up conversations at about 50 ft which is more then enough to hear the terrorists conversing.

In case things went south, Varian decided to record a last momento.

"This is Captain Solus of the US Marines. Right now, a newly formed terrorist group called SPIDER is committing a mass shooting here at Starview Super Mall.

In front of me are two of the members. One on the left is named or codenamed Barn. The exact number of the terrorist group here today is unknown. I will engage the enemy as police are slow to arrive. Tens of civilians casualties have already occurred just in the first floor. This second floor is even worse.

Mom, Babe, Jody, Amelia, Tyson, friends and family, and brothers and sisters of Sigma Squad 4 Delta, if you're watching this, then that means I'm dead. Cambers, you pussy, don't you dare cry.

SS4D will be lead by you from now on so don't you disappoint me or I might count back from the dead.

I have a duty to protect my country from external and internal threats. Watching this terror happening in my own country makes my blood boil. To all of America, if you have the chance to prevent more death from occurring then fight. We must show those who seek to destroy the consequences of their actions.

Semper Fi, assholes. Ooh Rah!"

When that's done and saved while silently repeating, Varian raised his gun, taking careful aim as he unleashed a barrage of bullets at the assailants' necks from behind the shelf he used as a barricade.

The air crackled muffled sound as the bullets found their mark, striking down the terrorists with deadly accuracy. Their spinal cords were broken upon impact and the bullets pass through their esophagus.

Varian moved on further ahead and saw three more. They look back and see him making his way towards them.

Varian's movements a blur as he dodged incoming fire and returned it with lethal precision. With each enemy felled, a sense of grim satisfaction washed over him, backed by the knowledge that his actions were necessary to protect the innocent.

As the firefight raged on, Varian's resolve remained unbroken, his determination unwavering in the face of overwhelming odds.

With each passing moment, he drew closer to his objective, his every thought focused on bringing an end to the violence and restoring order to the mall. However, five more terrorists had come after taking down two of the first three.

As the firefight intensified, Varian's senses were heightened, every nerve on edge as he engaged the remaining terrorists with lethal precision. Bullets streaked through the air, each one finding its mark as he fought with unyielding determination.

But amidst the chaos, tragedy struck. In a cruel twist of fate, the remaining terrorists turned their weapons on the defenseless civilians hiding in the stores, their indiscriminate gunfire cutting through the air like a scythe through wheat.

Varian's heart sank as he witnessed the horror unfolding before him.

Among the people in a froyo shop, a woman and her child stood frozen in terror, their faces etched with fear as they stared down the barrels of the terrorists' guns.

Without a second thought, Varian sprang into action, his instincts overriding all sense of self-preservation. With a speed born of desperation, he rushed towards the mother and child, his form still taking on his militaristic stance as he shot the last bullet in the 4th magazine at the remaining terrorist.

"You missed" was the meaning Varian interpreted from the sadistic smile of mockery in the guy's eyes.

Varian throws the gun aside and embraces the woman and her child, sorrow washed over him, knowing that their fate was sealed.

Bullets tore through the air and through flesh and bone as the terrorist unleashed his fury upon the defenseless trio.

Varian's body absorbed the brunt of the gunfire, each impact sending shockwaves of agony coursing through him. Yet, amidst the pain, he held onto them tightly, a bastion of strength in the face of certain death.

The woman's cries of anguish mingled with the child's terrified whimpering as they clung to Varian, seeking solace in his embrace. With each passing moment, Varian felt his strength waning, his vision growing dim as the darkness closed in around them.

And then, it was over. The gunfire ceased, replaced by an eerie silence broken only by the soft sound of labored breathing.

Varian's grip on consciousness slipped away as he cradled the body of the woman and child in his arms beneath himself, her blood mingling with his own in a somber tableau of sacrifice and loss.

In their final moments, Varian and the woman shared a silent exchange, their eyes locking in a moment of shared understanding and acceptance.

As the grip of death tightened, Varian mentally whispered a prayer for their souls to God out whoever was listening to him, his voice barely a whisper amidst the chaos that surrounded them.

And so, in the cold embrace of death, Varian Solus and the woman he had tried to save passed from this world together, their sacrifice a tragic reminder of the senseless brutality of war. Though their bodies lay still, their spirits soared free.

Both souls united in eternal peace amidst the chaos and despair of the mortal realm.

[The news segment begins with theme music, setting a solemn tone for the occasion.]

News Anchor: "Good evening, I'm Sarah Peterson, reporting live at a somber yet honorable occasion as the nation comes together to commemorate the victims of the tragic terrorist attack at Starview Super Mall. Two weeks after the harrowing events that unfolded, the government has organized a solemn ceremony to honor the lives lost and the heroes who bravely stood in the face of danger."

The screen displays footage of a memorial service held in a large auditorium, where families of the victims gather to pay their respects.

News Anchor: "Among those being honored today is Captain Varian Solus of the US Marines, whose courageous actions during the attack saved countless lives. As the ceremony unfolds, the government presents Captain Solus's family with a Purple Heart badge, a symbol of his bravery and sacrifice in the line of duty."

The camera pans to Emily Solus, Captain Solus's pregnant wife and family members as they stand solemnly, accepting the Purple Heart badge on behalf of their loved one.

News Anchor: "In addition to the Purple Heart, the government announces a monthly stipend to support Captain Solus's family in recognition of his service and sacrifice. This gesture serves as a token of gratitude for the immense sacrifice made by Captain Solus and his family in service to their country."

The scene shifts to government officials presenting Emily Solus with a certificate signifying the monthly stipend, offering words of gratitude and support.

News Anchor: "And so, as we bid farewell to Captain Varian Solus, we do so with heavy hearts but also with a profound sense of gratitude for his service and sacrifice. His bravery and selflessness have left an indelible mark on our nation and our military, reminding us of the courage and resilience that define the men and women who serve. Farewell, Captain Solus. Your memory will live on in our hearts, a beacon of inspiration for generations to come."

[The news segment ends with the fading out of the theme music, leaving a moment of reflection for the viewers.]