Starshine: I’m F*cked In 40k

In this action-filled fan fiction "Starshine”, we follow Captain Varian Solus, a modern-day Marine who lays down his life in a deadly mall shootout, saving a child from certain death. But this valiant end is just the beginning, as Varian’s spirit is catapulted into the war-ravaged universe of Warhammer 40k. Reborn as a yet to be awakened Omega Plus-level psyker with powers that stretch beyond human imagination, Varian is not just a Space Marine; he's the game-changer this chaotic universe needs. As he adapts to his new life, Varian is thrown into epic battles across hostile planets, facing unimaginable horrors with a courage that inspires legends. Varian’s new existence as a genetically enhanced Space Marine attracts the attention of powerful entities. The Emperor of Mankind views him as a possible ultimate weapon against darkness, while the Chaos God Slaanesh sees him as a tantalizing prospect for corruption. Varian won’t sit by and become a pawn in their celestial game. With his newfound abilities echoing those of comic book heroes he once admired, Varian blazes through enemy lines, his name becoming a battle cry across the cosmos. This isn’t just about his survival; it's about him becoming a myth in a universe where gods and monsters play for keeps. Amid the shadowy intrigue and deadly politics of the 41st millennium, Varian—or Exterminus—must decide his path. Will he remain a steadfast guardian of humanity, or will he succumb to the darkness that seeks to claim him? Strap in for "Starshine," where every chapter is a battle, every battle a story, and every story a legend in the making.

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3 Month Training Arc

{A/N: Sorry to disappoint you all but I was made aware that Varian can't be chosen to be a custodian because he'd have to be handpicked by the emperor or whatever. If there's a way he could, the Custodes is the way to go.

But don't make that shi so hard and difficult for him to join. Militarum is sounding reeeeal nice. Especially those Elysian Drop Troops. And don't mind the Sororitas lol it's a joke. Drop your thoughts down below. New voting poll. My bad.

1. Space Marines

(What Chapter)

2. Custodes

(Only if he's actually able to join. But I like my MC to have more freedom.)

3. Astra Militarum

(Drop what divisions you want.)

Thanks for innerstanding.}

The morning after the test, Varian found Aurelia in her library, surrounded by texts and digital archives that she would manipulate with her hands.

He paused at the doorway, watching her for a moment as she read, her brow furrowed in concentration. The previous night's events had ignited something within him to become stronger and better prepared.

"Mother," Varian started, stepping into the room. His voice was steady. He made a decision during the late hours of last night to begin his training arc. "I need to start my training. Proper training. I have about three months until the Imperial recruitment cycle ends, and I intend to enlist."

"Varian, after last night, your sense of urgency is both understood and warranted," Aurelia said, setting aside her slate to give him her full attention.

"You have demonstrated considerable aptitude, but thorough training will refine those skills and properly equip you for the rigorous demands of Imperial service."

Varian nodded, feeling that the choice he made was correct. "I need to be stronger, not just for my own sake, but for mankind's. And I believe I can serve best by joining the Imperium. Which division, I am unsure."

Aurelia rose from her seat, her expression shifting to one of determination. "Very well, we shall commence without delay. Get ready. Your first regimen will encompass three primary domains: physical conditioning to bolster your muscular strength and endurance, combative techniques, and mastery of various weaponry."

Varian nods his head, thinking that with the information stored within his head would make everything much easier.

Oh, how wrong Varian truly was. He's not dealing with some scientist lady who made a son.

No, Varian's mother was merciless when it came to the empire, including toward her son. Perhaps, it was something through indoctrination but Aurelia was almost sadistic at times.

Their first session began at dawn, with Aurelia overseeing a rigorous regimen designed to increase Varian's strength and endurance.

The regimen including these workouts: Endurance Training, Strength Training, and Agility Drills.

The endurance training was designed to maximally increase his cardiovascular health and stamina. His workouts utilized long-distance running, obstacle courses, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

The strength training obviously was designed to optimally increase the strength in his musculature system. This included weight lifting, bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and squats, and plyometrics to build muscle strength and explosive power.

Then, lastly, Aurelia designed and best agility training regimen for Varian. She incorporated cone drills, ladder drills,reactive direction change exercises to enhance Varian's ability to move quickly and efficiently on the battlefield, and calisthenics to help his overall maneuverability.

What's the point in being strong if you have too much muscles to even pull a Tyranid from your back?

Each workout was grueling and beneficial to Varian, but with each passing moment of rest in between workouts, Varian felt his muscles responding to the high stress, growing stronger and more resilient.

'Hot damn. What kind of juice did the crazy lady give me? I feel like I'd worked out for a week in just this one day,' Varian says to himself after waking up the next morning, feeling the after effects of his crazy workout.

Varian's thoughts weren't unwarranted though as Aurelia has centuries worth of genetic research on both alien species and mankind. Her research into recreating the perfect specimen was unmatched.

As Varian's body adapted to the intense physical demands, he began to notice significant changes.

His muscles became more defined and robust and his movements quicker and more precise. The soreness that initially plagued him after each session began to subside faster, his recovery times shortening as his body grew accustomed to the strain.

With each passing day, he felt a growing sense of power and confidence, his body responding with an eagerness that thrilled him.

Aurelia meticulously documented his progress, using her scientific expertise to adjust his diet and recovery phases to optimize his gains. "Your body is adapting remarkably well, Varian. Your regimen is taxing, but your recovery rates are extraordinary. It's indicative of both your enhanced genetic predisposition and your unwavering dedication," she observed one morning, noting his barely perceptible fatigue despite the punishing routine.

As their focus shifted to weapons training two weeks later, Varian's enhanced physicality proved to be more valuable than he'd thought.

Handling firearms, particularly the recoil of heavier weapons like the boltgun, jarred his senses. The first time he fired it, the kickback sent a sharp jolt through his arms which made his small frame rattle.

Aurelia coached him through the proper techniques to manage recoil. "You must become an extension of the weapon, Varian. Though the information was transplanted inside your head, performing these actions in reality is a bit difficult. Therefore, take your time and analyze. Absorb the recoil with your stance, distribute the force across your body, and maintain control," she instructed.

"Okay, mother. Thank you," Varian nods his head in affirmation. He was a bit too anxious to shoot his first futuristic LMG.

Gradually, Varian adapted to brace himself effectively, leaning into the shot and tightening his core to stabilize his body.

Every practice session saw his shots becoming more accurate and controlled, the recoil becoming a manageable, expected force rather than a disruptive shock.

Reloading under pressure also became a critical skill imperative to his survival. To this, Aurelia would shoot at Varian in quick bursts while he reloads whatever weapon he'd have at that time.

Not caring in the slightest, Aurelia drilled him relentlessly, timing his reloads and actions with a stopwatch.

To make it worse, she would shoot at him when he'd reload the heavier weapons because those took up the most time.

"Speed is crucial, but precision is paramount," she would remind him as he fumbled with cartridges during timed drills. Over the week, his fingers became deft at swapping magazines, his movements smooth and almost reflexive under her oh-so watchful eye.

At the start of the third week, Aurelia began teaching him how to read enemy formations, predict potential maneuvers, and understand the strategic value of different types of terrain.

"See here," Aurelia would say, pointing to a simulated battlefield layout, "the enemy's formation is spread wide. They're vulnerable to flanking. Always observe and adapt to the flow of battle. Anticipate where you need to be before you need to be there."

Varian learned about various formations the Imperium used such as the spearhead, the defensive phalanx, and the skirmish line.

Aurelia explained the purpose behind each formation and how to recognize them in the heat of battle. "Interstanding the formation your allies are in tells you their intent and how you can best support the collective effort. It's about synergy, Exterminus. And how individual actions contribute to a larger strategy."

Through these lessons, Varian gained not just the skills but also the knowledge necessary to thrive as a soldier. His days were long and exhausting, filled with relentless training and learning.

But with each night that fell, Varian felt himself becoming not just a stronger individual but a competent, well-rounded warrior. He feels he's more prepared to take his place in the ranks of the Imperium's finest.

At one point during this month of combat and weightlifting training, Varian noticed something abnormal about Aurelia. Her strength was off the charts!!

Varian had seen her casually toss 550 kg plates around like they were frisbees.

That sight made Varian shiver because what if he had rebelled back then? It wouldn't take much for her to turn his head to mush.

'What sort of scientist won't experiment on themselves if their tests were successful? How many people has she tested on? Am I even her "first" son?'

Varian knew no answers to those questions and decided not to think too much on that subject. That breeds nothing be doubt. And he had no room for her to think he's doubting her.

Back to training, Varian's proficiency in human combat and strategy reached a certain threshold, Aurelia decided it was time to expand his training to include knowledge critical for interstellar operations, particularly those involving encounters with alien species.

One afternoon, Aurelia summoned Varian to the library, a sanctuary of ancient tomes and cutting-edge data slates. The room buzzed with holographic displays of star maps and alien species profiles.

"Mother, did you call?" Varian addresses Aurelia as he reaches the door. Saying the word proved to be much easier over these couple of months. It's something Varian hadn't thought he'd say at all.

"Varian, your adaptability and quick learning have been exceptional," Aurelia began, her tone both clinical and encouraging. "However, mastering the ways of our own kind is only the beginning. Now, we'll delve into xenolinguistics and the behavioral sciences of various non-human species."

Varian, his curiosity piqued, leaned forward, eyes scanning the complex displays. "Alright. What's the first step, mother?"

"We'll start with the Tau," Aurelia replied, activating a display that projected intricate symbols and alien phonetics. "Their language isn't just about words. It reflects their structured society and collective philosophy."

As the symbols shifted, Aurelia's voice took on the nuances of the Tau language. "Listen closely, Varian. The tone, the rhythm—it all conveys deeper meanings, intertwined with their societal values."

Varian focused, trying to mimic the sounds. "Like this?" he attempted, his version a rough approximation.

"Close, but let the tones flow more smoothly. Think of it as a melody," Aurelia corrected gently.

After several tries, Varian began to grasp the nuances, his renditions becoming clearer. "I think I've got it. It's complex but fascinating. How do these nuances affect their diplomacy?"

"Significantly," Aurelia explained as she guided him through various diplomatic scenarios depicted in the holograms. "Every inflection could alter the meaning of a dialogue. Understanding this can be crucial in negotiations or conflicts."

Varian absorbed every detail, his understanding deepening. "So, their approach is layered, strategic. Not just what they say, but how they say it."

"Exactly," Aurelia nodded, pleased. "Now, let's apply this concept to their battle strategies and social interactions."

Over the following weeks, Aurelia introduced Varian to the languages and customs of the Orks, Eldar, and even the elusive Necrons. The lesson was rich with interactive simulations and detailed analysis, pulling Varian deeper into the complexities of interstellar cultures.

During one late-night session, as they reviewed a recorded Eldar negotiation, Varian expressed a newfound appreciation for the subtleties of xenolinguistics. "It's like learning to interpret a whole new level of communication. Not just words, but whole cultural expressions."

Aurelia smiled, her eyes reflecting pride in her son. "And that understanding can be as powerful as any weapon in your arsenal. Remember, Varian, this training isn't just about preparing you for battle. It's about equipping you to navigate the vast diversity of the galaxy if whenever you are out of Imperium reach."

Varian nodded thoughtfully. "I innerstand. It's more than survival. It's about respect, understanding, and sometimes, leveraging that knowledge to maintain peace or gain strategic advantages."

"Indeed," Aurelia affirmed. "And with this knowledge, you'll not only survive but also help forge understanding or defend our ideals effectively across the cosmos."

As they wrapped up for the evening, Varian felt a deep sense of responsibility settle upon him. The universe was far more intricate than he had ever imagined, filled with countless stories and conflicts.

"Now, Varian," Aurelia continues to speak to Varian as they walk their way into her private laboratory, the one that Varian's woke up in while inside the chamber.

'I wonder what we're doing here. Is she about to go crazy with another gene enhancement?' Varian's mind wondered many things.

Aurelia prepared for a procedure that was both intricate and risky. Riskier than when implanting data into Varian's head back then.

"Today we proceed with a rather intensive part of your training. I am going to implant my research directly into your neural pathways. This will include advanced knowledge of xenophysiology, genetics, as well as essential theories of robotics, programming, and the nature of the Warp."

Varian, understanding the potential risks and benefits, nodded. "How many years worth of knowledge are we talking about here?" Varian questions Aurelia, he knew she was centuries old and that there's going to a hell of a lot of data.

"About 500 years worth of my perfected research. The other years are irrelevant," she replies in casual tone that made it seem inconsequential that she was old enough to be 16.5 Varian's back on Earth. He was 30 years old at that time!!!

Varian's jaw hit the ground at hearing the ridiculous answer she just casually threw out.

"500? Are you serious? Regular people can live that long?" Of course Varian knew she's a geneticist but still, this was a lot. She isn't even a f*cked up looking like the rest of these mofos after their augmentations are complete. The only thing she has is a monocle that Varian knows nothing of is capabilities.

"Fret not, dear. The information is highly compressed and thorough. It won't overload your brain at all. You'll feel pain but that's just regular," she says to Varian, a smile on her lips.

"This procedure will accelerate your training knowledge exponentially. The information will be dense and the process intense. Are you sure you're okay with this?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Hurry up before I change my mind," Varian affirmed, settling into the chair that resembled more of a pilot's cockpit than a medical apparatus.

Aurelia adjusted the neuro-link device on Varian's head, a crown-like instrument with tendrils that connected to various points along his skull.

She then initiated the procedure, and Varian felt a slight tingling sensation as the neuro-link activated, sending streams of data directly into his brain.

The influx of information was overwhelming at first. His mind struggled to keep up with the flood of data on alien anatomy, genetic manipulation techniques, and the intricacies of non-human DNA structures.

As the session continued, Aurelia diligently monitored Varian's vitals and the neuro-link's output, ensuring the data transfer remained within safe limits. "You're doing well, Varian. Just hold on," she encouraged, watching the progress on her screens.

The robotics and programming segments followed, embedding knowledge of mechanical engineering, AI behavior protocols, and coding languages used in the Imperium's most advanced machinery. Varian's mind absorbed complex schematics and programming sequences, integrating this knowledge with the practical applications he had already learned.

Finally, Aurelia introduced the most volatile subject—the Warp. This was done with utmost caution, for knowledge of the Warp could be as dangerous as it was powerful. She included safeguards, mental barriers that would protect Varian from the potentially corrupting influences of such profound and esoteric knowledge.

After hours under the neuro-link and hours of grunts of pain, the stream of data ceased. Varian slowly came back to himself, his mind brimming with new information.

He felt as if years of study had been compressed into hours. The exhaustion was palpable, but so was the exhilaration of newfound understanding.

Aurelia helped him out of the device, her expression a mix of relief and pride. "How do you feel?" she asked, handing him a glass of water.

"It's a lot to process, but I feel... enlightened," Varian responded. His mind still racing through bits and pieces of the information he now possessed.

"In time, it will all become clear," Aurelia reassured him. "What you've gained today is not just knowledge but a profound depth of understanding. You now hold the keys to not just survive but to innovate and excel in any field—biological, mechanical, or even quantum."

Varian nodded, a sense of gratitude washing over him. "Thank you, Aurelia. For trusting me with this knowledge, for believing in me. For this information you have is surely amongst the most heavily guarded secrets of the Imperium."

Aurelia smiled, her eyes reflecting a fierce kind of joy. "It's my life's work, my child. And now, it's yours too. Use it well."

As they left the laboratory, Varian felt not just the weight of the knowledge he now carried but also the responsibility it entailed.

He was no longer just a trainee; he was a repository of some of the most advanced scientific research in the Imperium.

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