Stardom For Dummies

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What is Stardom For Dummies

Read Stardom For Dummies novel written by the author mistalee_ on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, comedy, sliceoflife, bl, firstlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[ Now out for sale on Amazon. Click on the link in my bio to purchase ] +++ Winter Chu has everything figured out. Ever since he attended the concert of a popular boy band as a child, he has never wanted anything more than to become an idol himself. And with his exotic half European half Korean features gaining him a ticket to be a trainee in a popular entertainment agency, Winter is sure he is well on the road to becoming one. But Fate is a witch and after three years of struggling as a trainee, he realises this is as far as the road goes. When the line up for the company's next boy group drops, his name isn't anywhere near the list. Worse, his best friend's name— with whom Winter made the promise of 'conquering the stage together'— is there at the top. Bold and shiny. Just when things couldn't get any worse, Winter is forced to make a gambling decision. Thrown into a new, no-name company with handpicked strangers, it is a race against time as Winter buckles up for his much delayed debut. But life isn't a bed of roses and hand in hand with the cruel reality of the entertainment world, his past comes crashing down on him as his best friend —now a rookie super star— waltzes back into his muddled life screaming muted revenge. What happens when the second chance Winter sought out isn't as easy as he thought it would be? And what happens when even with a knife hanging on his neck, Winter is slowly falling in love with said ex best friend? This is a quirky coming of age story about two teenage boys trying to find themselves and each other while trying to chase after ambitions as big as the ocean.

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NOVEL DEWASA 21+!!! Banyak mengandung adegan ranjang, kekerasan fisik, kekerasan verbal, adegan pembunuhan, serta berkutat pada kehidupan mafia yang keras era ’90-an di Kota Venesia, Italia. Sehingga bijaklah dalam membaca! Novel ini bergenre fiksi realistis-magis, ditulis untuk mengikuti ajang WSA 2022. Akan ada banyak pelajaran yang terkandung di dalamnya, sehingga jangan sampai kau lewatkan setiap detail di dalam buku ini! Salam Hangat, HARAS. **** BLURB! (Italia, 1798) Tak banyak orang tahu. Sebelum kematian menjemputnya, sang legenda Biacomo Casanova diam-diam berlayar ke tengah laut untuk membuang benda pusakanya yang paling berharga. Sebuah cincin berkekuatan magis, yang dengannya, seorang pria akan mampu menaklukan hati wanita manapun. “Wala! Kini berakhir sudah perjalanan cintaku. Maka demi menebus dosa, sebab dengan cincin ini aku telah meniduri ratusan wanita, maka akan kubuang cincin ini dan berharap, tidak ada manusia lagi yang akan memakainya di kemudian hari.” Setelah mengucapkan kalimatnya sang legenda pecinta wanita itu mati, dalam keadaan miskin dan sepi, tanpa ada seorang pun menemani. Lalu, 200 tahun kemudian, seorang pemuda tampan bernama Casanova malah menemukan cincin magis tersebut. Maka dari itu seketika roda nasibnya berubah total! Casanova yang tadinya hidup miskin dan dihina-hina menjadi sosok pria kaya, sangat percaya diri, berkarisma, serta sangat digilai oleh para wanita. Namun, ada pantangannya. Casanova memang bisa menaklukan hati wanita. Menggombali dan bahkan meniduri perempuan manapun hanya dengan satu jentikan jari. Tapi satu hal yang tak boleh dilakukan. Casanova tidak boleh jatuh cinta! Sebab cinta akan menghilangkan kekuatan magis dari cincinnya tersebut! Serta cinta, merupakan kutukan dari Sang Dewa yang akan membuat Casanova menjadi pengemis tak berdaya! Maka, mampukah Casanova meredam hasrat cintanya? Berapa banyak wanita yang akan dirayu hingga naik ke ranjangnya? Lalu, adakah nanti seorang wanita yang bisa membuat Casanova jatuh cinta? Simaklah perjalanan Casanova dari yang bukan siapa-siapa menjadi pria luar biasa! Dia memang terlahir untuk 'tulus' menaklukan setiap hati wanita, dan juga 'cerdik' meladeni perlawanan para gembong mafia di seluruh Italia. "Lihat, Aku mengutusmu seperti domba ke tengah-tengah serigala. Sebab itu hendaklah kamu 'cerdik' seperti ular, dan 'tulus' seperti merpati.” (Matius 10:16)

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At the age of 5 they promise to be each others friends for rest of their lives but at the age of 18 they ditched their promise and roll onto each other. To know What happened to their friendship or to their promise just read Friends or lovers #A scene from chapter 62 Tiya turned around and was about to leave when Sam suddenly hold her hand pulled her close to him and kissed her. Tiya's eyes were wide open, her mind was not able to process what was happening, before she could think about anything she felt short of breath, Sam released her as she gasped some air. Tiya was about to say something but was only able to say, "WHAT" when Sam hugged her again and very passionately placed his lips on her lips for another sweet kiss. ? Tiya was shocked as she thought Sam was not in his true state of mind, so she started pushing him with her full force but her every effort seems to be in vain as the more force she applied to push him away, the more harder he licks her lips. Sam seems to be in full swing as he doesn't want to stop ever. The next moment he released her, She wanted to say something but again the moment she said, "What" Sam placed his palms on her mouth and he blocked her against the wall, he then started kissing on her earlobe then on her neck. Tiya thought that Sam was behaving like a possessed person. (Right Sweety he is possessed by his own emotions and feelings) She started struggling but then Sam leaned by towards her ears, his hands were still covering her lips, he said in a perfectly seductive voice, "I have waited for fifteen years for this moment, for fifteen years I have been keeping it inside me but now please don't stop me, please don't say anything, I love Tiya. Please be with me forever I love you.... I really really love you. " Hearing those words from Sam, Tiya was stunned, she was so stupefied by his words that she forget to say anything.

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Una historia basada en Romeo y Julieta. En el crepúsculo del siglo XIX, el año 1892, la historia de Paul Ackerman y Madeleyne Stone se despliega como un tapiz tejido con hilos de destino y tragedia. Paul, el enigmático líder de la mafia más temida del Imperio Alemán, es un hombre cuya presencia congela la sangre de sus enemigos y cuyo poder es tan vasto como el imperio mismo. Madeleyne, por otro lado, es una visión de fuego y determinación, una pelirroja deslumbrante que ha ascendido desde las sombras de la pobreza para convertirse en la reina indiscutible de los bajos fondos del Reino Unido. Su encuentro en New York, una ciudad de sueños y ambiciones, es un choque de mundos que ni el destino podría haber predicho. Bajo el velo de la anonimidad, sus corazones se entrelazan en un baile peligroso y apasionado, ajeno a la verdad que se cierne sobre ellos como una espada de Damocles. Cuando la realidad de sus identidades se revela, se encuentran atrapados en una encrucijada de amor y lealtad. Cada uno pertenece a un imperio criminal que exige su caída mutua, y sin embargo, su amor florece en medio de la tormenta, un amor tan ardiente y prohibido como el mismísimo infierno. La historia de Paul y Madeleyne es una odisea épica de corrupción, deseo y pecado, donde cada beso robado es un desafío al orden establecido y cada caricia es un acto de rebelión. En un mundo donde la traición y la tragedia son moneda corriente, su pasión se convierte en su más grande fortaleza y su posible perdición. Esta no es solo una historia de dos amantes desafortunados; es un relato de poder y supervivencia, de cómo el amor puede florecer en los lugares más oscuros y cómo incluso en la oscuridad más profunda, la luz del amor verdadero nunca se extingue por completo.

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I was a KPOP fan for years, so I know how hard it is to be an idol. It's still too early to judge, but I believe that this book has good potential. This book described the situation so well that I can imagine the trainee's struggles. The dialogues flowed smoothly and that's enjoyable. The characters' are well designed as well. I will add this book to my library 😘


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