Star Wars: The Creation & Spawn System

Marshal had come to the Reality of Star Wars years ago, following his Transmigration. However, he now went by the name Xytan in this Dimension. Too bad though, he didn't spawn in the peaceful times, so he couldn't rest without knowing that he would be hunted down in time. He refused to run and hide all of the time, so he decided that he'd create his own army to strike back!

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45 Chs

System Announcement!

Xytan smiled unknowingly when seeing Grogu for the first time. It was as you imagined, his appearance and height hadn't changed one bit. This was Xytan's first time seeing him in the temple, so he believed he was being taught in another class.

There were many Younglings in the Temple, so they didn't just teach his class.

"Hmm..." Grogu slowly turned his head towards Xytan. His food was still hanging from his mouth before he slurped it up.

Xytan simply smiled and nodded before looking away. Grogu really was a cute little fella, it would be hard to keep your eyes off him. Once Xytan looked away, Grogu continued to stuff his little face.

The food was good in the Temple, so both Xytan and Viola ate well. Before leaving, Xytan went to grab a bottle of water before exiting the lunchroom with Jin and Viola.

Jin talked about how they all failed to complete the obstacle course—stating that it was too hard. Xytan would need to check the place out again in the future. This was because he failed as well, so he couldn't stay away until he succeeded.

RIght as they were walking, they saw Shaak Ti standing by. She appeared to be waiting, but when she saw Xytan, she signaled him over with her head.

"Guys, it looks like Master is calling me. I'll catch up to you two later, I have to run now." Xytan turned to his buddies before patting Jin on back and walking away.

"Oh, man. Xytan already has a master, I can't wait for us to finally get one." Jin smiled. They were only being taught the basics in Jedi Temple, but that would change with a master.

"Mhm! No rush, no rush." Viola didn't seem too worried about such things, as she watched Xytan and Shaak Ti disappear.

Xytan had already stopped going to class, he was now being taught by Shaak Ti. She was trained heavily in both forms 2 and 4 as her primary fighting styles.


"I have something special to teach you today, you'll be learning something new." Shaak Ti said indifferently.

"Something new? It took you long enough." Xytan said jokingly.

"Mind your tongue. You just became my disciple, this is already considered too fast." Shaak Ti frowned when she heard Xytan's wording.

Shaak Ti didn't seem to get that he was joking, she seemed a little too uptight.

"I was joking. Relax a bit, miss Ti." Xytan's gazed at Shaak Ti's face with a smile.

"Relax, huh? I'm relaxed. I'm just wondering when you planned to tell me about that Kyber Crystal around your neck?" Shaak Ti didn't look at him and kept walking.

'When did she find out? Did she already know?' Xytan wasn't sure, but he had been prepared just in case someone asked.

"When did you find out I had it around my neck?" Xytan believed she may have sensed it due to them being in close proximity to another.

"Sha Koon told me. She noticed it when you were falling off the obstacle course, which happened quite often." Shaak Ti's eyes scanned over to Xytan's small figure, he was walking beside her.

Xytan understood. So Shaak Ti didn't sense it, but Sha Koon had seen it pop out of his shirt at some point. Sha Koon thought it was a gift Shaak Ti had given to Xytan after he became her disciple.

"I got this Kyber Crystal from a man in Grey robes. He gave it to me for free, it was the time when we both went out." Xytan briefly explained.

He was actually referring to Sai'Zel here, the summoned Grey Jedi from before.

"Some guy just gave it to you?" Shaak Ti knitted her eyebrows, but there was no other way to explain it.

"You'll meet him in the future since he'll be one of the ones to come at that time to assist. This is my prediction." He would surely be one of the ones to appear, alongside the Mandalorians.

Shaak Ti's frown deepened, she didn't like what Xytan was saying. Indicating that the Jedi were just a bunch of doomed clowns. Unfortunately, he hadn't lied before, so she knew of the possibilities of this. She had even talked to a few Jedi councilors about it, but they told her to get her disciple under control.

At the time, Yoda and Mace had remained quiet most of the time—only speaking briefly.

Since Shaak Ti had a disciple, someone else had taken the post in managing Kamino. Her disciple from some alternate reality was someone by the name of Maris Brood. Xytan guessed that someone like that didn't exist here. This person only appeared in the game, and would later become Shaak Ti's disciple.

Once they were in a secluded large room within the temple, Shaak Ti went over to a chair to sit.

"I'll first be teaching you how to sense things in your surroundings with the force. It's like becoming one with nature, with the senses to feel anyone within a certain proximity, or even on a whole planet." Shaak Ti was really acute with nature, just as her people naturally were.

She wanted to teach Xytan in this way, so he could always be mindful of his surroundings. Shaak Ti was so good at manipulating the environment around her, she could even change it. Say, for instance, she could cover a whole area in mist if she wanted to. Shaak Ti could even cause rainfall within a certain radius within her position.

Xytan sat down with his legs folded and listened to her explanation on this ability.


Hours later, Xytan could be seen leaving the secluded room. He had to admit that this was a very useful skill, but he hadn't learned it yet.

He headed right to his room, and when he got there, he began to practicing with his Force Lightning again.


[Ding! Force Lightning(Tier 1) has risen to level 5!]


"Oh, boy, the ability to shoot lightning is just too good! I need to get my hand on Lightning Judgement later, then I'll be shooting Yellow Lightning." Xytan grinned happily, it was like a dream come true.

"I need to practice Tutaminis, but I already have a way to do this. I'll need a partner to practice it, so Viola will have to do." Xytan briefly meditated before practicing again.

"Message, you have a message!" A-1 came over with flashing red eyes. Xytan told the droid to play the message—only to reveal the Mandalorian. It simply said that they managed to pick up the Jedi, who Xytan could hear in the background.

Sai'Zel seemed to be asking them about their armor, and how much it cost them.

With those final words, the message ended.


Time passed by quickly, Viola came by on the same day. He got a chance to practice his Tutaminis with her. Viola targeted Xytan's hand with a wooden practice sword, while he used Tutaminis.

The blade was stopped with the force in Xytan's hand, surprising Viola. Viola didn't stab the practice blade hard but at a decent enough rate of speed.

Xytan continued to practice with her in this way, she even asked him to teach her this technique. It wasn't hard to learn, it was even one of the cheapest techniques on the system. And so, he began to teach and show her how to use it.

After they trained for a bit, Viola left for her room. On the next day, they both went to the Library at the same time as Yesterday. And sure enough, Sinube had been waiting for them. He was sitting at a table with Five Lightsaber manuals displayed on it.

They talked for a bit, as Sinube seemed to be giving them both tips. Xytan had already long decided what combat techniques he was going to take.

Obviously, he took the ones he didn't have, with them both being forms 4 and 5. They converse with Sinube a bit more, he explained both forms to them. Viola listened closely and immediately took a liking to this formed called Ataru.

Xytan gave her the Ataru manual to study, while he kept the Shien/Djem-So manual. However, he recommended that she learn Shien later. Shien/Djem So was related to Soresu but more aggressive, this combat style was to make up for both forms 3 and 4 if they failed.

This form was amazing to Xytan, it was effective against multiple foes while he could use Makashi to duel solo opponents. Right now Xytan wanted to practice this form. He wanted to at least learn it before even thinking of handing it over.

Days continued to go by, and eventually weeks.

Xytan was trying to practice while learning from Shaak Ti, so he didn't have too much time. But really, he had all of the time in the world...if he survived.

Within a span of 2 weeks, he had learned these forms, but he hadn't managed to learn anything from Shaak Ti. Xytan couldn't figure it out at all, he couldn't understand the essence of her teachings.

Shaak Ti only told him to practice more and he would soon get it. Xytan wasn't worried about it, he just practiced Force Lightning and the rest of his lightsaber skills.

But now, there was only a month left before that day.

On the same day, he heard a notification going off. Xytan was expecting it to be him gaining some system points due to his warriors at work. However, this wasn't the case, in fact, it was something better than that!


✰System Announcement✰

● Congratulations, you've received your system 5 years ago since you came here.

● In approximately 10 minutes, everything on the system will be 30% off!

● Flash sales items are guaranteed to be 50% off!

● There will be a flash sale for 1 item every month before it is replaced, so keep an eye out for those! Flash sales will start next month.

● These sales will only last for 5 years before everything goes back to its standard pricing.


"Thank the good Lord!" Xytan shivered with excitement. Everything on this system was just so expensive, that he felt like it was impossible to buy anything game-changing. He was referring to Starships, of course, these things cost so much.

As for battle cruisers and other star wars ships, he could have these made if he had a good amount of credits for them. If he wasn't given a blueprint, he could have his creations forge one.

What Xytan was talking about were Halo and Predator ships, these were expensive.

Xytan had indeed gotten his system when he was a 1-year-old, so he didn't get it right away. He also didn't receive it right when he turned 1.

"Good, now a Spartan, which cost 25,000 system points each—will be cheaper!" The Spartan 2's cost was this much. Spartan 4's were a bit more because their armor could be enhanced, but nothing really special.

Xytan waited for the prices to drop, with a wide smile plastered across his face.