Star Wars: The Creation & Spawn System

Marshal had come to the Reality of Star Wars years ago, following his Transmigration. However, he now went by the name Xytan in this Dimension. Too bad though, he didn't spawn in the peaceful times, so he couldn't rest without knowing that he would be hunted down in time. He refused to run and hide all of the time, so he decided that he'd create his own army to strike back!

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Army Foundation!

The following day, Xytan got up when his timer went off. Afterward, he quickly took a shower this time around. He stood there unmoved, allowing the water to just drench him. No matter how he thought about it, he was always so amazed that he entered the Star Wars world.

After washing up, he brushed his teeth before gathering and putting his dirty clothes into a basket.

Suddenly, Xytan heard a knocked at the door. Once he answered it, he saw an old lady dressed like some sort of room servant. This lady came by once a week to gather all of the Youngling's clothes that needed to be washed.

The lady smiled and greeted Xytan. Xytan, of course, greeted her back before they both swapped baskets. She gave him some fresh Youngling robes, while she took the dirty ones to be clean for use—at a later date.

Xytan couldn't carry such a huge amount of clothes with his strength, so he used the force to move them. The old woman used a cart to carry the different clothing baskets from room to room. She also had help from others like her, so it wasn't a burden for the old lady.

There were about 20 robe sets in this basket. Xytan simply put them into the corner of his room as he had always done.

Before leaving, he wanted to do something on his system really quick. Xytan sat on his bed and accessed the system, he wanted to create his own loadout. Once the system processed what he wanted and liked, it would price it in accordance.

Xytan quickly browsed over towards the area where the Troopers from the Republic and soon-to-be Empire were. He wanted to do this now because this would take time to load up. He wanted to customize his Troopers, he already knew Viola was going to show up soon.

The price varied depending on how tough the armor would be. This also depended on what weapons Xytan wanted them to spawn with.

Clone Trooper naturally spawned with their standard Phase 1 or 2 armor. Their default spawn weapon was either a DC-15A Blaster Rifle or a DC-15x Sniper Rifle. There were more, but each type of Trooper from the Empire and Republic had their default settings.

"I'll go with the Clone Troopers with Phase 1 Armor. I'll change the color of their default White armor into Glossy Silver. The visor will stay black and the Rankings with colors will stay the same. To make things different, I'll add a couple more ranks."

It was like creating a character in a game from Xytan's perspective. The interface showed the Clone Trooper he was customizing. The name was above their heads, which had the label saying Recruit.

These Troopers were very important to Xytan since they would be the foundation of his army. He went with Phase 1 because this type of armored style and usage would have been long forgotten by the public. The color would also cause them to question a few things about them. Of course, this type of armor wasn't comfortable, so he had to adjust those minor flaws.

Xytan added two extra Ranks, with the previous 5 colors representing the same rank.

-Recruit = Pure Silver Armor.

-Sergent = Pure Glossy Silver Armor with Olive Green Stripes.

-Lieutenants = Pure Glossy Silver Armor with Blue Stripes.

-Captain = Pure Glossy Silver Armor with Red Stripes.

-Commander = Pure Glossy Silver Armor with Yellow Stripes.

-Brigadier = Pure Glossy Silver Armor with Orange Stripes.

-General = Pure Glossy Silver Armor with Purple Stripes.

Of course, one may ask what's the difference? Can't they all just do the same thing?

Well, yes and no.

Higher Ranking officers could enhance the strength, speed, and other stats of their underlings. This was obviously dependent on their Ranking among the Clone Troopers. A General would have the ability to boost the strength of Recruits DRAMATICALLY!

High Ranking Troopers were also more intelligent than their lower-ranking counterparts. This was when it came to making decisions and so much more. As for their weapons, Xytan was thinking of changing them into Light Rifles and the Human Sniper Rifles from Halo 4. However, he decided to wait until a later date for this, he just wanted to fix their Armor and Rankings up, for now.

The armor's toughness was enhanced slightly to take more hits than even Storm Troopers. Xytan was so excited while setting this all up. Once it was created, he pushed a button that said loadout.

Xytan made sure to set their looks too random and more appealing appearances. The clones wouldn't all look the same, there would even be female clones laters. The loadout would take 3 days to fully load and give him a price for each one.

He hoped it wasn't much since he really didn't add anything too dramatic. Xytan would start to get dramatic later, but not now since it may cost too much.

"I think I'll add a special force squad consisting of Spartans in the future!" Spartans weren't to be trifled with. This was especially so if he made a few that were Force-Sensitive, my god the strength!

Xytan shivered a bit from excitement with just the thought of it. Right as he drowning in joy—a knock could be heard at his door.

"Oh!" Xytan jumped in surprise before closing the system and gazing at the door. He could tell it was his little friend Viola knocking.

"Hey, are you ready to go?" Without asking who it was, he opened the door and greet her.

"Yes, let's go to class, it's about to start." Viola hurriedly and said.

"Oh, shoot!" Xytan quickly shut the door behind him and ran off with Viola.

Both Xytan and Viola ran toward the classroom, so they wouldn't be late. They would be given more 'lessons' if they were late to class. They wanted to make the Younglings responsible individuals, so they gave them their own rooms and everything.

They believe this would hone their minds faster.

With seconds to spare, they both made it into the classroom. It really wasn't a classroom since it didn't have any doors. Right as they walked through, a Jedi Master that Xytan had never seen before walked in.

"Over here Xytan and Viola." Jin waved his arm their way and they both went over next to him.

"Have you been practicing Jin? Me and Xytan are always training, so you better not just be playing by yourself." Viola patted Jin's shoulder and said haughtily.

"I have been training, I do the jump thing all of the time. Once I get a lightsaber, I'll dance around my opponents with ease." Jin patted his chest and spoke with confidence.

"Oh, I should keep practicing one that one too." Viola nodded thoughtfully.

They weren't the only ones talking, the room was filled with the chatter of other Younglings. Even that seemingly anti-social Ven kid was talking to someone.

"Alright everyone, I hope you've been training and honing yourselves in your spare time. In fact, there really isn't an excuse, you all have a lot of time to progress." The new teacher was an old man with gray hair with a few wrinkles under his eyes.

"Today, we're going to see who really advanced. We've created these helmets specifically to see who has been working on their form. This will be graded by a points system to see who can deflect the most blaster bolts."

"The highest amount of points you can get is 100." The old man gazed around the room and continued, "Now, everyone line up and come pick a helmet so we can begin the test." He clapped his hands with a smile.

With that, every Youngling poured over like a small tsunami with big smiles across their faces. Each of them grabbed a helmet and practice a lightsaber—that connected with the helmet. There were about twenty Younglings here, but the room was more than spacious enough for everyone.

Xytan did the same thing as everyone and they all started their Shii-Cho test simultaneously. Xytan's green practice saber moved steadily. The training droid would shoot out holo blaster bolts, while the practice saber and helmet would process if they were blocked or not.

There were 2 rows of Younglings focusing on doing this, including Xytan and his friends. These blaster bolts were too slow from his perspective. Xytan was easily able to parry every shot that came his way.

After 8 minutes, everyone stopped with what they were doing because it was over.

"Good, good! Let's see the results of everyone's test." The old man smiled and started with the first Youngling on the end, within the first row.

"Hmm, you need to work harder, you have a score of 15 out of 100. Take your time with your training and learn from this." The old man said to the first Youngling.

That Youngling gave a low sigh and didn't reply back.

He checked the rest and found some decent, high, and low scores among them. He finally got to the Ven, who had a shocking 95 out of 100 score.

"Very good, Ven. You've been practicing a lot I heard. Keep it up and you'll be a Padawan before you know it." The old man complimented happily.

Next, he checked Jin and found that he had a score of 78, which wasn't bad. Nodding, he walked over to Viola and checked hers.

"Wow, another good one, very good." Viola had a score of 89! Viola almost jumped in excitement, but she held back.

Finally, he checked Xytan. His eyes flashed with a strange gleam when he saw the score.

"By the Celestials, it's a perfect score! Simply amazing, Xytan, you did good!" The old man seemed to know his name, better yet, he knew everyone's name here.

Ven's eyes went wide and he gazed over at Xytan with surprise. He was expecting to be at the top of his class.

"Thank you, great master. I practice almost every day, so it's good to see my efforts showing its colors." Xytan bowed slightly and said.

"This is good. It's nice to see such a hard-working child." Hearing his words, all of the other Younglings gazed at Xytan strangely before turning away. Afterward, everyone just practiced normally before going off to eat lunch.

Xytan planned to eat lunch and go back to his room to practice with those Muntuur Stones. The gazes he felt earlier were strange. Xytan could read to the emotion of those kids with relative ease. He was surprised little 5 to 6-year-olds could feel jealous, competitive, and even annoyed.

Well, he knew they could feel like this, but he didn't think they would feel like that when they were training for the same purpose.

Right as he was walking toward the lunchroom with his 2 friends, they were intercepted.

"Hey, Xytan, don't act cool because you have a better score than us. Y-you jerk!" An immature voice rang out.