Star Wars: Skywalker

Reincarnated as Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One.

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V.1-C.5│Transfer of Assets│


Within a ship at an undisclosed location, a Toydarian figure slowly awakens within its prison cell.

Watto is confused, has a pounding and headache and overall feels like he has been through war all over again. He feels cold, or at least he is making contact with something that's cold, he also feels constricted where most of his movement and mobility is weakened if not completely come to a halt.

Trying to get a sense of his surroundings he slowly tries to sit up and as he does so he further notices difficulty in trying to move any of his limbs. Thankfully his vision and ability to hear has not been impaired so he could regather, and gain an understanding of his current predicament.

What has been impaired however, is his ability to create sound. The ability to speak.

Looking around himself Watto is met with four walls of bland metallic black and grey coloring and a one-way door reinforced steel plated walls with a small dual reinforced glass window at the top of the door.

Viewing himself, he see he has been captured or kidnapped by someone unknown to him and subsequently imprisoned, and going by the the technology used to trap him the person should be of some kind of criminal of low wealth.

Obviously there aren't that many people on Tatooine that wouldn't be considered a criminal or slave of some kind, but at least knowing of a persons amount of wealth could help him discern if he is going to be enslaved, killed, harvested of organs or experimented on helps him.

"The master will be arriving soon, continue to stay guard and make sure the prisoner is secure. Those are your directives." Vocalized the synthesized robotic voice of a droid from outside his prison cell.

"Affirmative." Another responds before the tapping of metal could be heard resounding and getting smaller before being unable to hear anything else.

'The master? That doesn't sound ominous at all but tells me despite the conditions I have been kept in, the person who has imprisoned me has some help from droids. Hopefully I could negotiate my way out of this, offer something up to my captor. Play on their greed, it does seem like they need it.'

Deciding to be productive about his situation, Watto tries to find any flaw within the entrapment he is within and the items used to restrict his mobility.

Unfortunately nothing that could be immediately done to help his situation, none of his experience as a soldier would help him here, where his training only taught how to be capable in a gunfight and even then, he was not the good at it.

Time passes by, seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours, and the outside every so often some noise would happen to indicate the shift in the positioning of the droid outside, time to time moving around seemingly doing something.

Eventually a slightly larger commotion is taking place outside his cell, and from the sound it could either be his captor or savior. At this point he would take either, with preference of a savior, but he doubts anyone would willingly risk their life for him, and hopefully if it was a savior it was not an enemy coming after him for some of his debt from his home planet.

'When thinking about it, my captor could be a debt collector, or some law enforcer to bring me back to Toydaria.'

Muffled sound is heard from outside, a voice, but unlike those of the droids, it is clearly of a real person.

'Somethings wrong though, the voice is a bit to high-pitched to be an adult but I may just be hallucinating from lack of hydration and remnants of my hangover.'

"Why, hello there!"


A few minutes before with Anakin.

Trying to convince ones own mother of something seemingly impossible, keep her calm and explain to things that she would not have had to think about before is exhausting mentally. Emotionally aswell.

'After a long, through and carefully edited explanation of events that led up to myself and Shmi I had finally settled her emotions.'

After settling everything and giving the droids their directives and orders about what and what not to do, then to further help Shmi in learning how to in general operate or command the droids.

'In the future I myself do not plan on running the business, and would hopefully be able to fully automate it through the use of various robots and artificial intelligence that has been through a thorough and extensive conditioning process both through Mechu-Deru and advanced programming to keep them loyal.'

'For now the basic intelligence the current droid collection has is enough, especially if I create or redesign a few to be optimized in areas of economics, marketing, accounting and much more.'

Briskly walking along the sandy dunes of Tatooine, the young toddler known as Anakin comes across a well hidden ship while being escorted by a few combat droids armed at the ready for anything to go wrong.

'Cant be to careful with my own security.'

Approaching the lowered entrance bay two droids are alert and are standing at the ready. These droids stand at attention as their young master approaches.

"Report." Anakin commands.

"Master, the prisoner has been kept under the conditions you have wanted. The Toydarian is currently severely dehydrated and seems to be in a state of shock, and by monitoring his vital signs nothing of significance has been found." One of two droids state.

"I will go in myself, the rest of you stay around and do whatever, guarding or something while I take care of some business." Anakin says in a playful tone.

Entering the ship at the hanger bay, Anakin orders the droids to stay outside as he goes down the passageway to his captive. Upon entering the containment bay of this low-end ship stolen from some low-tier smugglers, the pitiful sight of a dying fly is brought into sight.

'Quite pitiful... Ok, maybe not. I do not care too much.'

The droid standing just outside the cell of Watto moves aside swiftly already knowing what its master is here for. The door automatically opens as if the ship is alive and shows the Toydarian in full form.

"Why, hello there!" Exclaims Anakin in a playful tone befitting of his current age.

Anakin approaches and rips the multiple strips of tape covering the entirety of Watto mouth allowing to finally breath a bit better and having access to the ability to speak again.

After taking a few mouthfuls of air, but clearly unable to let out a proper sentence yet, lets out a, "Wha...?" Barely able to get any words out, Watto is taken aback as what approaches him is not full-grown being, but a human child no more then a few years of age.

"This is where the fun begins." Anakin pulls off a rather creepy smile that is disconcerting towards Watto.

Still confused and muddle headed about the situation he is in Watto tries to demand for some answers, talking down to the child. "Listen here kid, what is going on here, who has imprisoned me here and get me out of these bindings."

"Well... that's no way to talk to your warden." Still being playful, Anakin antagonizes the fly.

"Shut up kid, I got no time for your games. Let me out, or at least get me some adult that's in charge here." Watto says in a much more heated tone.

Getting a sense of Watto's emotions even though he should be protected, Anakin slowly starts to slowly unravel his thoughts through looking into his eyes.

A few errant thoughts pass through Watto's mind, but most of his emotions of fear has dissipated at the sight of a child, helping to lower any mental guards put up.

'I thought it would be harder to enter his mind, considering Toydarian's and other species that have the same trait are able to remain unaffected by some Force techniques related to the mind, like the Jedi's infamous mind trick.'

'Interesting nonetheless, as this tells me I do not have to worry about not being able to enter the minds of others. It would still be a challenge to breach the minds on force-sensitive individuals and would be much harder if they learn my Force technique based off of reading another's memories.'

Another creation Anakin created for himself to make his life easier.

Still going through the mind of Watto as most of his internal mind defenses have come down because of the combination of the pounding headache caused by the hangover, dehydration, the shock, confusion and emotional turmoil of his situation made it all the much easier to dive into his memories.

Doing this though will cause a large amount of damage as he has not reached a proficient level yet in being able to view another's memories with harm.

Thoroughly searching and extracting what is important to him like information and passcodes to various stashes and accounts filled with various amounts of different currency types along with documentation. While this is happening, in real time only 3 seconds had passed displaying the incredible mental abilities Anakin has developed through practice.

'All that practice does pay off, forty hours every day. Ling Ling would be proud.'

'There are a few things in his memory displaying just how cowardly and disgusting this fly is, and it seems the galaxy, if not the universe at large would do better without him. Technically he wouldn't have much impact overall on anything given his current state and even previous before I have taken everything from him, unfortunately I need to get rid of all witnesses at my current state of being.'

"Kid! Are you even hearing me, you no good brat. Useless." Watto grows impatient as Anakin only takes a few seconds until he is finished with doing what he wants. Watto's words come to a crawl as he says this and starts to dribble at the same time due to the mental damage afflicted.

"My business here is done. I have no need for you anymore, you're luckier then most would be, partially because I have gotten everything I need and I do not need you for experimentation anymore."

"What does that mean?" Exasperated Watto asks.

"It means you are disposable." Anakin finishes and the droid just outside the cell steps in with the blaster at the ready.

"Wait, wait, wait! I can give you everything I have. Everything!" Watto pleads in a last desperate attempt to live whilst in a state where his mind is slowly degrading.

"No need. Do it."


Outside the ship the various droids are having small conversations among each other waiting for their master to return and give directives when from within the sound of a blaster is heard. The noise instantly silences the droids and the stand ready and at attention as they know their master is done with his business.

A minute later Anakin walks back outside exiting from the docking bay.

"Right. Now to move on with my life, and experience some freedom and put a lot of my plans into action."

Moving in line with their master they depart while another droid from within drags out the lifeless corpse of Watto to dispose of and set of in course for their next direction.

"You guys will go ahead of me and set up at the point of contact, and make sure not to cause much trouble. I need things to go peacefully."

'Wouldn't want to ruin my chances of gaining more power now.'

"Affirmative master!" The group of droids respond in unison, and in swift haste board the ship to depart for their location. The ship starts up, and with careful precision shots up into the skies above while Anakin and the leftover droids move along the sandy dunes of Tatooine underneath the blazing twin suns.


'I know Ani said everything is alright and all, but I still worry for his safety. He is smart and I trust in his decisions, but something feels slightly off at the same time.' Shmi Skywalker's thoughts scramble trying to come to terms with her new feelings.

'Why do I trust him so much?'

Anakin had used a bit of the mid reading techniques he had grown accustomed to increase the level of trust Shmi feels towards him, but what can you do?

A three year old child tells you he has grand ambitious plans and desires while also at the same being your child. He wants to set off into the stars doing who knows what, but still expect her to be complicit and accepting of his choices.

More than likely not. Thankfully his created Force techniques, even though a scummy move against his mother, he needs or does not need her permission for what's to come next, and he most certainly will not pass up every opportunity he can get in a universe he currently resides in.

The presence of space-magic would have been more then enough to convince him. 'Never mind, I will just stop thinking on this subject anymore. I should have faith in the capabilities of my son, despite his age...'