Star Wars: Scion Of The Sun

He doesn't know how it happened or why. But before he could understand what was happening he found himself living an entirely new life, in a galaxy far far away. As a member of a prominent force-sensitive family to boot. Which comes with a set of problems all its own. Still, he will not waste this second chance that was given to him. He will rise, and carve his name into the history books. For the Scion of the Sun isn't someone to be taken lightly.

ArifuretaForever · Anime & Comics
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148 Chs

Chapter 38: The Noetikon's

Having heard Nomi's message I know what I need to do.

I need to head for Exis Station and retrieve the gift she left for me there.

Though exactly what coud be I have no idea.

Still, if it's a gift from one of the orders greatest grand master's it will definitely be something epic.

That I know for sure.

"Van, what are you planning?" Komari asked me. "I know that look on your face. You're planning something."

"I am. I am getting ready to head to the place Nomi mentioned in her message." I explained.

"And where exactly might that be?" Dooku asked me.

"Master Doolu, I thought that would be obvious. Exis Station." I spoke.

"I see." Dooku mused. "And how do you plan to get there?"

"Don't worry, I've got that covered." I spoke.

I do indeed.


Standing near an abandoned landing pad, a bag over my shoulder I tapped my left foot.

Waiting for HK-47 to arrive.

It's been three days since I recieved the message Nomi left me in her holocron.

During that time I started planning my trip to Exis Station.

While also working to convince Komari and Dooku they did not need to accompany me there.

The same for my friends when I gave them a cliffnotes version of the message Nomi left for me.

I know they were all worried about me, but if too many of us suddenly disappeared then the Sith might get suspicious.

If they are not watching the temple then they are morons. But since I know they are not they most likely are.

They might even be tracking the movements of several members of the order.

That's why I decided to take on this journey without any one at my side.

Except for my sociopathic assassin droid that is.

Who is late to pick me up.

"He better hurry is robot ass up." I grumbled.

Then just after I did I heard a ships engines.

Looking up I saw my personal ship descending towards the abandoned landing pad.

The Milano.

[Image Here]

But this isn't your Guardians of the Galaxy Milano, oh no.

The ships might share the same name but mine is a completely different beast all together.

It's the size of a freighter-class vessel but has enough firepower to take down a light assault cruiser.

Military grade sensors, a class one hyperdrive, 6x dual turbo blaster turrets, 2x heavy laser cannons, and 4x proton torpedo tubes.

It cost a pretty penny to commission Rendili StarDrive to make this thing, but honestly it was worth every credit I spent on it.

The only thing it's missing is cloaking.

But I'll get that eventually so it's no big deal for now.

The ramp of the ship lowered and when it did HK-47 walked down to meet me.

"Statement: Greetings master. I see you are still functioning." He spoke.

Which is basically his version of 'Hello, good to see you.'".

"Yes I am HK. So, why were you late?"

"Answer: I did not mean to arrive late master, but on my way here I encountered some pathetic meatbag pirates who attempted to sieze the Milano. As such I needed to take some time to terminate their lives." He explained.

"I see. Well I hope you had fun." I spoke.

"Dissapointed Statement: No, master I did not. Those meatbag pirates were so easy to destroy I did not even have to employ even 99% of my skills and knowledge to wipe them from existence."

"Right." I replied. "Anyway, let's stop standing around and get a move on."

"Statement: Yes, master." HK-47 replied.

We then boarded the Milano.

After doing so I went to put my bag in one of the ten passenger rooms.

I then headed to the cockpit where HK-47 was waiting.

In the co-pilot seat.

Since he knows when I'm aboard the Milano I prefer to pilot it.

For I have developed a love of flying in this universe.

Powering up the Milano's systems I took her up and then began ascending out of Coruscants' atmosphere.

Avoiding any patrols of the planet's skies as I did.

Soon the Milano was well away from Coruscant.

Then once it was I entered in the coordiantes for the Teedio System, where Exis Station was located, into the navcomputer.

Once they were set I engaged the hyperdrive and the Milano was off.

Taking HK and I toward our destination.

Me insanely curious what we would find there.


[Auril Sector, Teedio System]

After five days of travel the Milano exited hyperspace at our destination.

HK-47 informed me as I was in my room eating breakfast.

Finishing up I went to join him in the cockpit.

He having already started scanning the system for Exis Station.

For we didn't know exactly where it was.

The records of the station I find in the Temple Archives before I left gave us a search area, but the rest was up to us.

Four hours passed before we found what we were looking for.

Exis Station.

[Insert Image of Exis Station Here]

Staring at it out of the cockpit windows I marveled at the old space station a bit before taking the Milano in to dock at one the stations numerous docking bays.

HK-47 and I then prepares ourselves to explore the station.

Which included me putting on an evac suit, for based on the scans we took of Exis Station with the Milano's scanners on our approach, it looks like certain parts of the station lack power completely.

That means those sections of the station will have no life-support systems active.

Hence me putting on an evac suit.

When my suit was on, and after I checked to make sure it was completely secure, I headed to meet HK-47.

Arriving at the docking port I saw HK-47 waiting for me.

The assassin droid having equipped himself with 2 DL-44 heavy blaster pistol's and a A310 blaster rifle.

All weapons which HK-47 modified himself.

Ignoring the assassin droids heavy firepower, which he usually always carries with him, I went ahead and opened the docking port door.

Once it was fully open HK-47 and I crossed over into Exis Station.


[Auril Sector, Teedio System, Exis Station]

Making our way through the station HK-47 and I eventually found a terminal.

Once we did sp HK-47 sliced into it and downloaded schematics for the entire station.

Then once he did it was easy for us to find the station's engine room and from there re-activate power to the entire station.

Which after we did caused several droids who were still living on the station to come to the engine room and confront HK-47 and I.

The moment this happened HK-47 aimed his A310 rifle at said droids. "Statement: Master, stand back while I dispose of these inferior droids."

"No HK." I told him.

"Statement: Very well master." HK replied.

He then lowered his rifle.

After he did so I talked to the droids and convinced them we were not here to destroy me.

Well I certainly wasn't.

HK on the other hand...

So anyway.

It wasn't difficult for the droids to come and see me as a friend, and HK as my companion.

Once they did do I asked them questions to determine if they knew where the gift Nomi left for me might be.

Though they did have any answers.

Accepting this HK-47 and I went to explore the rest of the station.

Leaving the droids to their own devices.

For if they did hold hostile intentions towards us I could short-curcuit them using Technometry or let HK do what he wanted in the first place and destroy them.

Moving on.

HK and I began searching the station from the inside out.

Starting in its innermost sections and then working our way outwards towards the docking bays.

Eventually after six hours of searching we found something.

Finding ourselves in front of a door near one of the stations observation decks I sensed something through the Force.

It was faint, but it was there.

Which told me I was on the right track.

So I used my Technometry to open the door and walked inside the room.

As soon as I did I spotted a chest sitting atop a platform in the center of the room. Nothing else around it.

I mean this is so obvious, and yet as a guy who played tons of videogames and watched the Indiana Jones films I knew it could definitely be a trap.

So before even approaching the chest I used Technometry to sense for any mechanical or electronic traps in the room.

Finding none I used my senses to examine the chest itself.

Not finding any traps on it either.

Well no obvious traps at least.

Spending another 20 minutes looking for traps I eventually stopped.

I then slowly approached the chest, and before I knew it I was standing in front of it.

"Observation: Master, although you searched for traps and found nothing there could be some. So do take care. Statement: You are one of the few masters that I have ever enjoyed serving and it would be a shame if you died too soon." HK spoke.

"Thanks HK. You sure know how to make a guy feel loved." I mused.

I then inhaled and exhaled before reaching down and opening the chest.

Ready to react in the instant something happpened.

But nothing did.

I waited a minute just to be sure, and when nothing still happened I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then I looked down to examine the contents of the chest, and almost passed out after I did.

For inside the chest are three Noetikon's.

Noetikon, basically an upgraded version of a holocron. Which instead of just holding the information of one force-sensitive can hold the information of many.

Examining the three Noetikon's I thought they looked familiar.

Then something in my head clicked into place and I nearly passed out again.

For the Noetikon's inside this chest are the Noetikon's of Science, Secrets, and Light.

Three Noetikon's containing the knowledge of some of the greatest Jedi masters to ever live.

Including Bastillla Shan, and my own ancestor Nomi Sunrider.

These Noetikon's were supposed to have been lost well after Nomi died.

Yet here they are, right in front of me.

This is definitely some gift.