3 New Universe (Edited)

After a brief observation, John looked around to identify his location and heard a female voice in his head.

[System initialization] 20%.....40%.....60%.....80%.....100% initialization complete welcome host since the Goddess already described some of the things I will tell more about what I can do]

"OK, go ahead, I'd want to learn more."

[You can use me to summon races from this world to assist you in your adventure; they will be completely loyal to you and powerful depending on what they can do; you can also exchange credits for system currency, which can be used in the shop to purchase items and anything from the Star Wars universe.]

[Items function in such a way that depending on their size, a small object may appear in your palm while larger ones, such as hovercraft and ships, may appear in a cube that you lay down and they spawn]

[I can also show you a map in the upper right corner of your view that shows the region around you as well as opponents, friends, and neutral persons.]

"Is there anything else?" John said, putting his palm on his chin and shaking his head at all the things the system can accomplish.

[Host has a starter pack and can display stats by saying stats with your thoughts]

'stats,' john thought, and a lot of information appeared in his thoughts.

Name: John King

Race: High Human(Demi-God)

Abilities: all force abilities (though will need to practice to use most of them)

Credits: 0

System points: 0

So, because I have no credits or system points, I should open that beginning pack right now.

Starter kit [1 complete body old republic medium armor, 1 million system points, a free character summon, a golden lightsaber, and a heavy laser gun]

John couldn't help but be delighted when he saw the gifts he had gotten. The armor was a typical full-body armor with a cloak and hood to disguise the armor and the golden lightsaber looked good, but the million system points and free summon, now that's something.

He went to the system store and looked at the summons, seeing that the cheapest was a soldier for 1k and the most expensive was 100 million for a demi-god-like figure. Before going to Naboo, John couldn't imagine possessing 100 million credits.

He shook his head and could only wait until he could build a business or something, he closed the store then selected the free summon reward which showed a list of characters he kept scrolling until he found a character her name was Layla and she held the title of captain of personal guards he clicked her and summoned her but 10 other people appeared with her he asked the system and found out that some characters can come with subordinates who are also loyal to him he nodded and could only thank the goddess for this amazing system. Layla had knelt and uttered "I welcome the Lord and swear my allegiance," he continued, motioning for her to rise up. "I'm currently in a cave and want to test my powers before going out, so send four people to explore the cave and the rest of you to stay here while I practice." "I'm assuming you all can use the force?" John inquired. "Yes, we're all quite skilled in the force and can each defeat a master Jedi on our own, and we're all equipped with purple lightsabers." They were advised to investigate the cave by John They nodded and four of them went, leaving the remaining seven, including Layla, to protect the location.

Next, he tried to get a feel for the force before leaving the cave so he could defend himself. As soon as he felt it, he felt it moving through his body and strengthening his muscles. Next, he tried to use force push and force pull. With a force push, he blew a hole in the wall, he tried to use less power and in 5 tries he got it under control. Next, he used force pull and pulled a small rock off the ground, and then combined it with force push to make a combo which looked devastating.

After he completed practicing, he sat down and focused while disassembling and reassembling his lightsaber. He was able to detect everything going on around him, from breathing to heartbeats. After approximately an hour of meditation, the four guards returned and claimed there was nothing in the cave save some crystals and other minerals. He urged them to gather all of the crystals and minerals and meet them outside, where he could possibly sell them for credits or knowledge. After exiting the cave, the brilliant sun blinded him due to the intensity of the light due to the presence of two suns. After a few seconds, his vision recovered, and he glanced about and saw nothing but desert. He noticed that this was a good place to build a small base to mine the crystals and it looked like nobody came this far from the city so they could be hidden for some time.

He opened the shop and purchased 20 troops for a total of 200k, as well as a small transport speeder for 50k, leaving him with 750k system credit. He directed 10 troops to aid the people within the mine and the other 10 to start building a small base in the cave and some fortifications for the entrance after calling the soldiers. He spent 50k on construction supplies for the base and left it to the soldiers to deliver. He meditated for another 4 hours while waiting for the workers to finish mining; he now felt like he had nearly complete control over his power. The people mining returned with 300 crystals and 40 ore; it appears that the ore is a little more difficult to mine. He told them to put them in the boxes that came with the speeder and to send 5 of them to help with the construction and the other 5 to guard the entrance and not let anyone in. John then got into the speeder with 4 guards and spent another 40k on speeder bikes for the others to follow on. He now has 660k system points and is heading to the nearest town to see what information he can find.

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