Star Crossed In Time

Nova works at a world-leading company known for its cutting edge video games. She and her team have been working on a new virtual reality video game that's going to take the world by storm. One late night she steps into the device and starts it up. Before she realizes it, she's in a new world standing in front of the hottest man she's ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately for her, she thinks this is just part of the game... She reaches out and touches the man's abs... "Wow... it feels so real!" Follow Nova on her journey to surviving this new world and the crazy powerful man she "molested" Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? Cash App $Blissfullrage I do not own the picture. All credit to the original artist.

Blissfullrage · Fantasy
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I lean back and stretch my arms out with a yawn. I just got done putting the finishing touches on the large mountain range in the new game called "Legends Born". I'm part of a large team putting together the newest, most high-tech game on the market.

This was always my biggest dream... to make an awesome video game where thousands, if not millions, of people, can come together and play. This wasn't just a game though... this was a virtual reality game. One that puts all the other virtual reality games to shame.

I look to the large dark windows when I hear thunder rolling in the distance. It was late so it was only me and one other guy named Ted here. Ted went to go get a late dinner for the two of us. It's supposed to storm tonight... I get up and walk over to the large cube. Inside, there are several monitors, lasers, pressure reading tiles and more. The list goes on and on.

This is a multimillion-dollar device in it's earliest stages. Once done, my team and I will go down in history. This device was unlike any other. It would make you feel as if you're in the world... really in it. If we can finish working out all the bugs, it will be evolutionary! Plus, I'll be rich!

I open the door to the cube and step into the dark. As soon as my feet touch the tiles, they begin to softly glow. I shut the door behind me and walk over to the control panel. Ted and the others have been tweaking the programming all week but I needed to check on my mountain.

I was in charge of the plants, wildlife, and overall world build while the others worked on the character design and gameplay/storyline. It was a lot but we've managed to handle it. Ted told me that there were still bugs but it was playable.

I punch in my ID number and watch as the game's opening screen pops up in full view. I hit the 'play' button and watch as the screen melts away with cherry blossom petals. I put in that little touch, heh. Suddenly the whole cube turns white as if I'm standing in an open space.

I lift my arms a little as the lasers begin scanning me from head to toe. Once done, a beautiful animated me stands on the screen before me. "Please select the desired class," The female computer voice says. I quickly scroll through and find "herbalist" I needed to check out the mountain range, not fight against top bosses.

The screens zoom in on my character as the female voice says "Please customize your Character." I click on my face and immediately change it. I hated my freckles! Asians had such beautiful smooth skin... if I can't have that in real life, I'll have it in-game!

I leave my green eyes but change nearly everything else. This was also another reason why I loved games... you can be anyone you wanted to be! I give myself long, smooth black hair with porcelain clear skin. Cute pink lips and a perfect body. "Hmmm... not bad Nova! Lookin' good..." I hit save and move on to the next.

I swipe through the outfits growing more irritated by the second... this is why men should not be in charge of female clothes! Was I supposed to walk around like a Victoria Secret model on steroids?? I swipe over and over but there isn't anything remotely decent.

I huff in annoyance and pull up the men's clothes. I'll just wear guy clothes... I'm just looking at the mountains! I click back and forth between the outfits and finally settle on a white flowing gown. My long dark hair is pulled back, half up and half down. Without makeup, I looked like a very attractive male... though small and kinda girly, I like it!

I hit accept and place the headpiece on over my eyes. "I think I may have a thing for crossdressing... hehe." I hit enter and watch as my screen goes dark. Instantly, I'm brought to the "opening" of the game as the different missions are on display. I ignore them all and hit "Free Roam". I didn't want to play, I just wanted to check my new mountain and quickly log out and eat dinner.

Hello, My Lovely Readers! It's me! and this is my new book ^^ I hope everyone enjoys the new adventures brought by Nova! This is definitely different from my other books but I wanted to give it a try ^.~ I hope everyone has as much fun as I do as I continue to create this new "world" \(^x^)/

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