61 Kill the Chicken

There was another quote from my world that I thought should be applied to this situation. I just didn't know exactly how I wanted to go about doing it.

I looked around at all the bodies and the bright green blood painting the floor. "I told you about the definition of insanity, right?" I asked the head at my feet. "Here is another one for you. 'Kill the chicken to warn the monkeys.' In this case, you are the chicken, but if no one knows who did the killing, then there can be no warning."

I looked once again at the head and then again at the blood. There was no burning smell, nothing indicating that it was acidic, so maybe…

I looked around the apartment for something that I could use to write with. I was hoping for a paintbrush, but I thought that maybe that would be asking a bit too much. I went through all of the drawers and closets in the small space, and the best I could do was what looked like a really long stick.


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