Star's Ships

Not much phased Bai Mei Xing. After graduating with a Master's degree in Forensic Anthropology at the age of 16, she became the youngest professor of Anthropology in the history of A University and moonlighted as a consultant for the local and national police forces. All in all, she was a highly intelligent girl with her entire future in front of her. That was until she was abducted by aliens one night while she was sipping hot chocolate by her favorite lake. Years of torture later and she was able to team up with another prisoner and take over the spaceship and enact a little revenge on the crew that held her captive. Facing a completely limitless future, Bai Mei Xing decided to forge a new path for herself. But she would live her life on her terms, even if she was facing a 7-foot warrior species that specialized in killing. Nothing would stand in her way. After all, Star's ships were meant to fly. Other Novels: Dancing With Monsters--- Ongoing Rebirth in the Apocalypse: Third Time's a Charm--- Finished Rebirth In the Apocalypse: Fight, Flight, or Freeze- Ongoing Discord: Sakura#6289 Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/CapanRmy Instagram: @devil_besideyou666

Devilbesideyou666 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
291 Chs

First Sight

Au'dtair heard the cracking of branches not far away and quickly flew towards it. His prey was definitely having some troubles. It was adorable, almost like a fledging learning how to fly for the first time. He turned off his anti-gravitational system feet from the base of the tree and waited for what was going to come next.


And what did come, he never saw coming.


His prey was still invisible to his infrared sensor, but his helmet adjusted itself so that he was able to see on a different spectrum of light. At first, he was confused. The armor that appeared once the camouflage had been deactivated had initially looked like Saalistaja armor, except for how small it was.