146 The tyrant is an illegitimate daughter

As usual, Bei Sangyun ignored their stares and proceeded to her seat. A tall man with a gloomy appearance followed behind her.

Sophia's eyes lit up. She was finally here!

Excusing herself from the boys, she approached Bei Sangyun's seat with a drink in her hand.

"Sangyun, you arrive so late. I've been waiting for you."

Bei Sangyun merely gave her a glance and didn't bother to engage. Her grandma was now in a safe place, and there was no need to pretend around the Simons.

Sophia felt the sting of being ignored. Her friendly smile turned stiff.

Look at her arrogant disposition; it really made her grit her teeth in anger!

Sophia took a deep breath, maintaining her awkward smile.

"You look perfectly fine. Since you completely recovered long ago, why didn't you visit me once? Are you still feeling guilty? It's not your fault that I got badly injured."


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