181 The good show

The other madames who were shocked by the turn of events also stood up and followed them enthusiastically. Their husbands looked at each other and calculated in their minds. They also stood up to join the fun.

Xiao Mei recovered from her shock and ran after them. Lin Xiao drank the whole glass of water with trembling hands before standing up to follow the crowd.

The only people left at the table were Mr. Simon and Old Master Lin.

Old Master Lin tapped the table. His face was expressionless. However, his aura was freezingly cold.

If one looked closely, they would be able to tell that he was furious. He glanced at his 'good friend' who seemed in a daze. He scoffed, "Don't you also want to see the show? I want to see how good your grandson is at continuously making trouble after another."


The second floor of the guest room's area was crowded with people. Richard's door was slightly ajar.


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