Standing Next To You

A man in his thirties was standing in front of she-devil's grave, under everyone's watchful eyes, he dropped the flower to her coffin, his tone was full of ridicule. "Congrats on your death." Next year he came, "I won. You lost to me and I will live well. Just rot in there." Next year he came again, "I have a pretty girlfriend and I will marry next year. My life is good. Nothing to worry about." Next year he came once more, "I will stop visiting and forget you! My life is better without you! See, I live well!" But he came again the next year and the years after that. People said he was hunted by his so-called arch-enemy. That even after death, the devil did not even let him go. He stood in front of her grave. His once handsome face had turned old and wrinkly. "Bei Sangyun, I cursed you. You are not allowed to rest in peace. You must be suffering there like me, right? You devil..." He might be the last one standing. But his life was the same as the dead's- lifeless and empty. He did not live well, he never once marry and his heart was never at peace. And it was all the fault of one person. ***** Bei Sangyun was a big bully in high school. The target of her bullying was the skinny boy in her grade, Fei Chuan. They were classmates once in kindergarten and met again in high school. But one day, just a year left before graduation, the big bully suddenly changed. One day, Fei Chuan hesitantly opened his locker. The other night, the big bully said that she left something in his locker. He did not really want to open it. He was afraid a poisonous snake would come out of his locker. However, his report card was there. With gritted teeth, the young boy opened it. However, what appeared was not a hideous thing as he expected, but a bright pink letter with a little heart sticker as a seal. It turned out, the surprise was scarier than a snake. Was this a new form of torture? Since then, Bei Sangyun relentlessly chased the young Fei Chuan until the two got married. ****** This is a story of rebirth. The two arch-enemies who could not live under the same sky had become sweet lovers.

Avalondra · Urban
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380 Chs

The Forgotten Night

It was past two when the message session finally ended. If only there wasn't school tomorrow, Bei Sangyun would have kept Fei Chuan awake all night.

Throughout the night, Bei Sangyun had used a fourth of the emoji package Fei Chuan had sent her. Their phones were full of flying hearts and kisses because of Bei Sangyun.

Fortunately, they were still going to meet tomorrow, so Bei Sangyun finally let Fei Chuan go.

Fei Chuan charged his phone and went back to his bed. He stared at the ceiling absentmindedly while his mind was occupied with the events of the day.

Only now that he was alone did it finally sink in what had happened.

He and Bei Sangyun... were a couple.

Fei Chuan turned to the side. His unfocused eyes stared at the digital clock on the bedside table.

They had kissed. Talked to each other all night like real couples do.