182 Plan Succeeded

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Xiao Mei also knew that her daughter admired Richard in her heart. Otherwise, her daughter wouldn't willingly sleep with Richard.

Xiao Mei and her husband had many plans for Lin Xiaoni. Lin Xiaoni was their only child, and they wished for her to marry into a great family. They didn't have much hope for the battle of the heir. Lin Xiaoni wasn't as smart as her cousins. They could only hope to ride on the best-suited candidate and find the best husband for Lin Xiaoni.

The Simon family was a good candidate. So, Xiao Mei was willing to overlook this if the Simon family agreed to take responsibility. Her husband agreed with her, and they pushed the Simon family to take responsibility for Lin Xiaoni.

Richard wasn't willing. Lin Xiaoni could pass as a fling, but he never wanted her as his fiancée. He already had plans for that position. He was determined to give the fiancée position to Bei Sangyun.


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