252 Nothing Important

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Jang Shin led Bei Sangyun inside the glass house, a meticulously maintained garden that remained off-limits to most students.

While ordinary students could explore the garden outside, within the glass house, only visitors, teachers, faculties, and privileged students could gain access.

Both Bei Sangyun and Jang Shin belonged to the privileged student group, making it an ideal setting for their private discussions.

They strolled along a path adorned with primroses, camellias, and orchids. However, Bei Sangyun did not have the heart to appreciate flowers. Fei Chuan was still waiting for her. If she was gone for a long time, he might get worried.

She inquired directly, "So what do you want to talk about that you bring me out here?"

Jang Shin knew Bei Sangyun wasn't the type to waste time. So he gained the courage to ask straightforwardly,


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