128 Not Cute At All

Fei Chuan unwrapped the burger, his mouth watering in anticipation. He was about to take a bite when a sudden, intense gaze fixated on his face, causing him to pause.

Turning to his left, he nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Bei Sangyun's face magnified in front of him.

"Why did you stop? Just take a bite," Bei Sangyun urged.

Fei Chuan instinctively inched away from her. "When I agreed to get used to your presence, I didn't mean you had to put your face so close to me."

"I've already given you enough space. This distance is fine." Bei Sangyun inched closer to him.

The two of them were seated on the studio floor during their break, having ordered fast food to sate their hunger.

Fei Chuan attempted to shift his position away from her, but Bei Sangyun followed his every move.


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