207 My escort

Inside the well-decorated room, Fei Chuan stood nervously while staring at the door. He clenched his hand and took a deep breath.

He was just going to fetch her; why was he so nervous? They were just going to enter the venue together, then have one dance, and that's all. He could return home soon and consider this done.

Fei Chuan glanced at his reflection on the glass table. His fair and handsome face looked back at him. With his sharp gaze and overbearing instilled in his bones, he looked very different from the gloomy and timid boy he usually saw through the mirror.

Fei Chuan patted his chest and felt the hard box inside his suit's pocket, "Calm down, Fei Chuan. Just act like you usually do."

Fei Chuan turned around and decided to observe the paintings to calm down his nerves. It was better to get rid of any thoughts of her so he wouldn't be nervous.


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