174 It was Bei Sangyun

Head Master Fei turned silent. His butler made sense. He closed his eyes in frustration.

It hurt his pride that he had to let this go for the sake of being partial with his other grandchildren.

"Sigh. I should be able to do whatever I wanted now that I reached this age with a ton of wealth in my name. But now I am worried that everything will crumble because I favor one of my grandsons. What a dilemma."

"Head Master, I know you are worried about the young master. But I think you can trust him. He is still the bright genius kid who outsmarted you when he was only five years old," Butler Zhao reminded.

Butler Zhao's reminder made Head Master Fei remember the time when Fei Chuan was only five years old. That little kid dared to play against him and managed to win.


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