215 I really want to marry you

Fei Chuan reached out his hand, and Bei Sangyun took it.

Jang Shin saw the couple not far away from him stand up and leave for the dance floor.

Jang Shin sighed and went back to his seat. He should wait until they were done.

The couple took the farthest corner and positioned for a dance. Like the other couples, Bei Sangyun hooked her hands around Fei Chuan's neck, while the latter's hand lightly landed on her waist.

Bei Sangyun felt that Fei Chuan's hand was light like a feather. He was not putting any force or weight on his hold.

She raised her brow, "Why do you seem so afraid to touch me? We have already done a lot of things." Bei Sangyun put down her hand and held Fei Chuan's hand to put more force on his hands on her waist. "Don't tell me you are disgusted?"

Fei Chuan's heartbeat rose as he felt the flesh on her waist. Bei Sangyun positioned her hands on his neck again.


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