251 I am the only one who can meet her standards

Lin Sunji was reluctant to divulge any information, yet confronted with Zhong Cheng's threats, she had no choice but to respond.

Lin Sunji wasn't one to easily discern the atmosphere or the emotions of those around her. In her interactions with Jang Shin, she had attempted to maintain ambiguity. She affectionately addressed him as 'big brother' and always presented her brightest smile. Her aim was to captivate Jang Shin with her charm and potentially use him as a stepping stone.

If their relationship flourished, Lin Sunji might consider Jang Shin as a potential fiancé. After all, Jang Shin came from a respectable background.

However, despite her attempts at flirtation, Jang Shin remained courteous and nonchalant towards her. Lin Sunji could discern that his gentle demeanor was merely superficial and extended to anyone. Nonetheless, she could leverage it to enhance her reputation in the eyes of others.


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