162 Difference Between You and Me

Zhong Cheng felt a bit sad that the boss did not know his name.

"...It's Zhong Cheng, boss."

He had served Bei Sangyun since the first week she transferred to the school, yet the tyrant did not even know his name. Huhu.

"Zhong Cheng. I'll remember your name," Bei Sangyun nodded in acknowledgment. "...It's kind of a pity that I only get to know you more in this life..." Bei Sangyun muttered.

Zhong Cheng wasn't sure if that statement was a joke. But he still laughed happily, "I will show you that I am pretty useful, boss! You can get to know me more then."

If not for the pressing matters at hand, he would like to showcase more of his talents and get the boss' approval. 


Zhong Cheng stared at Bei Sangyun's back in admiration. As his boss predicted, things would be easier to handle if they let those people who had grudge against her gather around and look for her. This saves them the trouble of picking them out one by one.


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