206 A luxurious white limousine

A group of lively people left the third branch's wing with a batch of suitcases. Lin Xiaoni peeked at the group of people who had just left Bei Sangyun's room.

She did not recognize any of them. Unlike when she took a peek at the fourth branch's building earlier, the room was crowded with famous stylists and renowned skilled makeup artists. But Bei Sangyun's entourage was entirely unknown.

Lin Xiaoni's enthusiasm for checking out Bei Sangyun's appearance for the homecoming dance deteriorated. As expected of someone who grew up in the backwaters, Bei Sangyun did not meticulously prepare for the event! What a waste!

Lin Xiaoni pouted. If she were a senior student, she would prepare the most expensive and beautiful dress. Then she would decorate herself from head to toe. Too bad, it was not her time to debut. But by next year, when she became a senior, she would dress grandiosely!

More grandiosely and more beautiful than Lin Sunji!


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