59 Time Passes 1

The automatic doors of the classroom and Syrus burst into the room in a panic, dashing down the stairs to the row of bottom desks, "Jaden, it's awful!" the blue haired boy cried out, "Chazz is gone!"

"And that's awful how?" Jaden asked, giving the boy a bemused look as the boy doubled over in front of him, panting deeply and trying to catch his breath.

All eyes in the class went to the two boys.

'Ugh.' Yarden groaned from where he sat up in the back rows, at the very end beside Alexis. He'd forgotten about this. And he was so not in the mood to deal with it. 'No wonder Banner isn't here.'

It was first thing on a Monday morning, and he was totally hung over.

Zane as it turned out, really did know the ins and outs of everything when it came to this island, and easily got him in contact with the guys supplying the alcohol on the island. He'd spent five thousand DP over the course of Saturday and Sunday and celebrated the rest of the weekend away with his duel spirits.

It said a lot about how much he drank that he was hung over even with his enhanced recovery rate thanks to his spirits. Heck, according to Dark Magician Girl, the power of his soul had begun to grow quite substantially thanks to the power of Jinzo split between him Ranryu and Hundred Dragon. And as such, his physical abilities had begun to take a large spike upwards alongside his recovery rate and such.

"Well, I mean.." Syrus trailed off, "Isn't he like your big duel rival?"

Jaden gasped, "You're right!" he smacked his palms together, eyes widening, "I need my competition!"

"You know, I saw Chazz packing his stuff late last night." Taiyou mused from the row of desks below Yardens.

"Heh, you know why?" Raizou scoffed from beside him, crossing his arms behind his head, "Cuz he lost to that Slifer down there and that Ra, Misawa."

"Heh, well good riddance to that loser," another random Obelisk who's name you didn't bother remembering laughed, "If you can't even beat the ketchup and mustard squads, then you ain't worth anything."

"Should you guys really be talking?" Jasmine snorted.

Mindy giggled, "Yeah, didn't Yarden beat all of you easy when he was still a Slifer?" the black haired girl added.

"Not to mention, Chazz idiot that he is, is still a far better duelist than you three." Alexis mused, chin propped on one of her palms.

The randomer Obelisk gave a growl, standing up and glaring at the three girls, "You better watch what you say, don't think you can talk big just because you've got looks!" he pointed them, "Do you know who I am? My family can have y-"

"Shut it." Yarden raised his head from where it was resting between his crossed arms and giving the teen below him an annoyed glare.

The boy locked up at Yarden's voice. He looked at Yarden, before flinching and slowly turning around and sitting down, not saying a word.

There was a reason even the rich morons didn't mess with Zane. And they wouldn't mess with him for the same reason. As far as the hierarchy of Obelisk Blue went, Yarden was at the very top, a favorite of Crowlers, second only to Zane. And his overwhelming strength as a duelist could not be contested, not when he defeated thirty eight duelists at once in a single turn, most of them upper years.

"Well, I guess if those guys were the only friends I had, I'd probably run away too, I tell ya." Jaden shook his head as he watched the boy back down from Yarden.

"Jaden...I know Chazz has been a pain in the butt in the past," Syrus bit his lip, "But what if he's in some kind of trouble and needs us to help him?" the blue haired boy fretted.

Jaden smiled at him, "Good point Sy, the right to do would be to go look for him!" the brown haired boy replied, "Let's go search for him now!" he said, grabbing Syrus by the shoulder and directing him back to the stair well.

The two of them quickly ran up them and disappeared through the automatic sliding classroom door, ditching class to go search for Chazz.

Alexis frowned watching them go, before slowly rising to her feet as well. "Alexis?" Jasmine gave her a surprised glance.

"They're not wrong you know," Alexis replied, "And Chazz is an Obelisk Blue just like us, we should look out for him. And go make sure the idiot hasn't gotten lost and eaten by some kind of snake in the forest or something."

"Yeah...that'd be bad." Mindy cringed.

"I suppose." Jasmine sighed.

The red and black haired girls stood up to follow Alexis' lead and they made their may to the end of the desk row they were sat at.

Alexis didn't follow quite yet though. She turned to the boy sitting next to her, "You coming?" she asked.

"Pass," Yarden waved her off, "If he's leaving, he's just gonna be heading down to the docks and I can barely walk in a straight line right now, my head's killing me."

Besides, he hadn't exchanged more than twenty words with the guy. Going and searching for him when he felt like shit, no thanks.

Alexis bit her lip, before sighing, "Alright," she nodded. She gave him a searching, hesitant look for a moment, looking for the words to bring up what she'd been thinking on all weekend, before sighing again, "I'll see you later then Yarden." she waved him goodbye and then followed her friends out of the row and up the stairs out of the classroom, following behind Jaden and Syrus.

Yarden watched them go before groaning and slotting his head back between his crossed arms, shutting his eyes.

'They'll be fine without me anyway.' he thought. They'd most likely run into Wheeler the monkey, and then everything would work out when Jaden beat the animal in a duel and then Banner would scare off the shady scientists and suits when he turned up.

...The shady scientist and suits....that had guns of some kind if he remembered right.

'Oh god damnit.' Yarden groaned, suddenly worried. All it would took was one bit of panic and one of those five could end up with a bullet in them.

He pushed himself up from his seat, running a hand through his hair in annoyance. Now he just had to go keep an eye on them.

He quickly left the row behind and walked up the stairs and out of the classroom.

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