21 I am Subject K

The Girl Who Was a Gift From God.

The Girl Who Was a Gift From God.

The Girl Who Was a Gift From God.

The Girl Who Was a Gift From God.


Those words struck Kay like a bullet.

The boy standing in front of Alice was no longer Kay Rudiless. With dark, faint swirls in his eyes and dilated pupils, he looked down at the crying girl. For the first time ever, the boy showed distinct... emotion. With an eerie smile, he crouched down.

Subject K had completely taken over.

"Ah, you'd be surprised how much I know~"

"...what do you mean...?"

"Aren't you going to continue?"

"...all I'm doing is trying to be someone who can stand by her side... but..."

Subject K grabbed Alice's arm, pulling it away from her face. As her cover was removed, Alice's crying, distraught face was revealed to him. She looked up in shock, still trying to process what had just happened.

"You? Stand by her side? What a joke."


Alice's heart dropped.

"You're a coward. You don't even stand up for yourself. How do you expect to stand by her side?"

"...no... there's just nothing I can do... Luc is..."

"What is he, huh? You think he's some sort of god?"

"...what...? No, but..."

Alice looked down. Suddenly, Subject K grabbed her by the hair. She let out a wince as he pulled her head up. With fear in her eyes, she reluctantly looked back at his.

"Are you just planning on letting him step on you for the rest of your life? You're an idiot."

"...n-no, but I can't... do anything about it..."

"Fight for what you believe in!"

"...h-he's too strong... and..."

"So become stronger then."

Kay let go of her hair, and she fell to the ground. Slamming her hands on the ground, her tears dripped down. She was desperate... trying to cling to anything in her heart.

"You're never going to make it anywhere."

"...no... I want to be... stronger..."

"That's the thought, but are you going to back it up?"

Alice took a few breaths. She looked up at Subject K angrily.

"...you sure know how to say things...! But you're weaker than me... your words are meaningless."

"Oh? Is that the case? Prove it now, then."

"...fine...! I'll send you a—"

"A duel request? No, I said prove it now."



There were no security cameras in this special annexe.

With no hesitation, Subject K rolled his hand into a fist. Swinging it through the air, he slammed it straight into Alice's face. With a loud thump, his knuckles crashed into her cheek, causing her entire body to splat on the ground. He laughed as he looked at the animosity on her face.

"Come on! Come at me, you fake rank three!"

She tried to pull herself up off of the ground. However, before she could get to her feet, Subject K kicked her. The force sent her crashing into the wall, causing a thud to echo through the area. Alice held her stomach in pain, frantically gasping for air. Breath after breath, she desperately tried to get air into her lungs.

"What are you doing? I'm weaker than you, aren't I? Why are you losing?! Hahaha."

She reached for the sword on her hip. However, Subject K didn't let her. Grabbing a fistful of her hair, he ripped it towards him. The action jerked Alice's head, causing her to cry out. He then let go, letting her head smash into the ground.

She curled up into a ball on the ground. Tears covered her face as she cried.


"Well, aren't you a little damsel in distress~?"

Suddenly, Subject K heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Noticing that a teacher was likely approaching, he decided to hide the scene.

Pulling the young girl in, he pressed her head into his chest, covering her face. He then pinned her right arm, making sure she wouldn't be able to grab her weapon. Whatever the case, it would appear that she wasn't in the mental state to fight back anyways. She was just quietly sobbing.

There was a deep voice.

"What's going on here?"

"Ah, nothing, sir! I'm just consoling her. There's nothing to worry about~"

Subject K smiled, showing a face which would appear to be completely devoid of ill intent. Like an honours student, he greeted and assured the teacher that there was nothing wrong.

"Young couples... make sure you take good care of her."

"I'll make sure of that~"

"Alright then, I'll leave you two to it."

Trusting Subject K's words, the teacher went back toward the cafeteria.

Alice's arms and legs were limp, showing that she had given up. Slowly, Subject K pulled her away, resting her against the wall.

"You right? Little princess~"

She didn't respond.

Letting her regain her composure, Subject K held her against him. Embracing her soft, fragile body, he let her cry into his shoulders.

Eventually, she spoke once again.

"Kay... y-you're a terrible... person..."

"Oh? That's not very nice~"

"...I can't believe you."

"Let this be a lesson for you."

"...shut up... you and your stupid lecture..."

Despite her harsh words, Alice didn't pull herself away from Subject K's arms. In fact, subtly, she wrapped her own arms around him. After a little while, she let her head drop onto his shoulder. Closing her eyes, she let herself be trapped in Subject K's embrace.

"If you want to win, you have to break the rules."

"...who... who really are you...?"

"I'm who you think I am."

"...I don't understand... why are you..."


She sighed before giving up on her line of conversation.

"So, Alice. You'll be my partner for the tournament, right?"

"...why... why do you want me so bad...?"

"Let's say, personal reasons."

"...I don't get you at all..."

"Don't worry. I'll bring you into the spotlight."

"...I don't understand why you're doing this... but... I'll accept your invitation."




—I'll hand it back to you now, Rudi~


[Part Two Complete!]

[Come in the top four in the practice tournament.]

[Part 3/3]

[Time Remaining: 10 days]

[Failure to Complete: {x1} Wheel of Punishment Spin]

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