12 :Unable To Obtain Baras' Stat

Baras stares at the three of them, his glance continuously shifting from one to the other like a madman... He growled and yelled, "Well, come at me."

As Baras yelled, his shirt ripped out, and his white hair got longer as his body got slenderly muscular. "Dieeeee," yelled Baras.

Baras dashed forward with a demonic smile kissing his face, the moment he got close to Iris, he slashed his dagger vertically, but Bam', Alpha jumped in and blocked the dagger with her blade, creating room for Iris, who zoomed towards Baras and slashed his ribcage, drawing blood with her attack.

"He's done," muttered Cyrus.

Our MC bolted towards Baras and attacked for an instant kill, but Baras dodged it and was unable to evade Cyrus's attack when our MC squatted and connected his boot against Baras' chest, causing blood to escape the demon's mouth.

Now he was surrounded, but Baras wasn't giving off any sign of surrender.

"You're outnumbered, and you're finished, so give up," said Iris.

Baras held his bleeding ribcage, he glanced at the three of them and was laughing menacingly… "Hehe... Fools."

Accompanying his sentence was Baras, who yelled and skyrocketed toward Alpha in front of him... "You're first," yelled Baras.

Rocks splattered as his feet left the ground. Boom, Baras slashed his dagger, but Alpha was quick enough to jump backwards, and Baras was planning on dashing forward again.

His eyes saw a devastating punch connect with his chin, sending him whirling to the left with blood. It was Cy, smiling as if he had been waiting so long for that payback.

"You can't take on the three of us... it's over," said Cyrus.

"Who do you think you're messing with," yelled Baras.

He moved in a way that seemed like instant teleportation and lacerated Cy's throat, but Cyrus blocked the attack and slashed his own that was also blocked.

Alpha came out of nowhere and rotated her whole body in midair before letting a devastating kick at Baras' neck, the demon stumbled to the left with blood escaping his lips.

"You bastards," Baras grunted.

Now that Baras was totally beaten and going to lose the fight, Cyrus was more than happy he was given this quest.

However, Baras was still energetic and engrossed in the battle, just like Cyrus.

When the three interchanges glanced, they nodded simultaneously and Alpha boomed forward, she gained maximum terminus and slashed Baras, who dodged with great difficulty and was that close to stopping Cyrus.

"It's over," muttered Cyrus as his dagger cut Baras' other ribcage.

"Shut the hell up you-", yelled Baras with rage.

But it was definitely over because Iris came from behind and slashed off Baras' head not letting the demon complete his statement.

The battle was won. Cyrus stared at the crimson clouds with a sigh of relief and happiness, everyone was hailing them and some were still killing the half-dead beast.

"Bossie, let's gooo…!!", said Alpha with a childish tone while pointing at the red portal that appeared after Baras was killed.

Of course, Cyrus was planning on leaving, but he had something to attend to first. He sauntered towards Baras' dead body where Iris was and waited for the red screen notification.

"Now, it's time for you," said Cyrus, as he waited longer than he had expected.

'What's taking so long? Achieve or give me his stat already,' thought Cyrus, running out of patience.

Eventually, the red holographic screen appeared.

-{Baras' Stat: 500} | -{Weapon: Poison Ice Dagger

-{Quest: Kill Baras (failed)} | -{The quest was to kill Baras, not play a role in killing Baras}

-{Alert: Instant Rebirth Skill has returned}

-{You cannot get Baras' stat because you failed the quest, you were not the one who killed Baras}

Ba-thump... Ba-thump... Ba-thump... Ba-thump', Cyrus's heart raced when he chanced at the horrible notification.

Cy was getting crazy inside of him, all that battle, the beat he took… Just because he wasn't the one who killed Baras, you didn't get anything... And the type of stat he was losing was heating up the rage he felt.

"Bossie I'm off…", screamed Alpha, who was already entering the portal.

Cyrus clenched his fist so hard that it could destroy an entire mountain. He dismissed the red screen and walked towards the red portal.

On his way, Iris saw him and was elevated. She placed her hands on his shoulder, wanting to say thank you, but Cyrus's next act shocked her.

"Hands off," muttered Cy in a cold and angry voice while brushing her hands off his shoulder.

"Hey, don't forget she's got a higher ranker than you. You saw how she killed Baras just now."

The stare Cyrus gave the demon man, who said that was the type of eye that could kill you in your periods of sleep… can it? He was filled with rage and the demon man stumbled backward due to fear.

"I'm ... I'm sorry," said the man, not wanting any trouble from Cyrus. He could obviously tell Cy was enraged for some reason.

Iris didn't bother asking anything again, she just left Cy to walk into the red portal as it vanished like it was never there, to begin with.

"And I thought we were a team few minutes back," said Iris.

The demon man beside her landed his heavy ax on his shoulder and replied.. "These things happen, first they think they're strong and shouldn't answer to nobody."

However, Iris felt the man was wrong, back there Cy was fighting more energetically and she could have sworn she saw him smile after Baras was killed.

"Cyrus, we wouldn't have done this without him, gather the men, we're moving out," Iris ordered.

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