Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

# familyfeud #daughterofamistress #koi Qiao Xuan, daughter of a county magistrate, supposedly had a fiance that everyone envied. But then her father’s legal wife schemed against her, and married her into a farmer’s family. On the night of her wedding, after seeing how shabby her room was, Qiao Xuan hung herself. When she opened her eyes again, a different Qiao Xuan had transmigrated onto this body. The new Qiao Xuan stared at her husband and frowned after seeing how shabby the house looked. “Don’t worry. I know that you didn’t want to marry me, so I won’t touch you. I’ll apply for a divorce tomorrow and give you back your freedom.” But wait, Qiao Xuan hadn’t figured out what was going on yet! She couldn’t get a divorce, or else her father’s legal wife wouldn’t forgive her. Also, she was a woman of a different world and possessed special powers. Couldn’t she just build a business from here? So it was decided. Qiao Xuan began assisting her husband and slapped the faces of all who wronged them. They kept leveling up, and went from being a poor farmer’s family to becoming the richest family in the area. Those who bullied her regretted their actions, and her husband had regrets too. “I never said I wanted to divorce you.” Qiao Xuan was perplexed when he was pressing her down on the bed. Why did he suddenly decide against getting a divorce?

Yiyi Lanxi · General
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1491 Chs

Elder Miss Qiao's Request

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Everyone was startled. But they did not think that County Officer Zhang was setting up a trap for Shao Yunduan. Instead, they believed that County Officer Zhang was helping Shao Yunduan to stand out, so that he could behave well in front of the public.

They could not help but feel jealous again.

This man had found a huge shelter for himself!

Look at him! After he became related to the County Magistrate, even the County Officer was trying to help him…

That was what Shao Liulang thought as well.

He felt more jealous than anyone else.

Shao Liulang threw a look at Shao Yunduan, but smiled. "County Officer, my cousin isn't so good at it. What about me doing it in place of him?"

County Officer Zhang was startled, and Shao Yunduan fell into silence.

He also wished that Shao Liulang could stand out for him.