Spotted By Grindelwald And Went To Hogwarts

A letter from Nurmengard School of Witchcraft and Wizardry came to his door. Grindelwald has been waiting for his arrival at the school he has built. But he has also received a letter from Hogwarts about his enrollment. Two different magic schools wanted him, one run by Gellert Grindelwald himself and the other run by Albus Dumbledore. This world of Harry Potter seems a bit different from what he knew because one thing is for sure, something’s not quite right with this world. He has so many questions about it, and he’ll try about to find out the things that have been altered from the actual timeline. Chapters will be updated daily at 22:45 GMT+7! Don't forget to leave power stones and you can read up to 40 chapters ahead on [p][a][t][r][e][o][n].com/pokapoka Community Discord server: https://discord.gg/fUTE3bckdX

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Chapter 2 "Two People From Two Different Schools"

Sean read the letter after he tore up the letter cover.

(Nurmengard School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Principal: Gellert Grindelwald, First Class Wizard of the Order of Merlin)

After reading this, Sean froze for a moment, and his fingers were shaking after holding the letter. He let out a breath to calm himself and continued to read it.

(To Mr. Sean Wallup.)

Congratulations, you have been approved to study at Nurmengard School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed is a list of required books and equipment. The semester is scheduled to start on September 1st. Please give your reply by July 31st.


Vinda Rosier

Vice Principal)

Sean feels that he needs to calm down now. This is different from what he usually remembered. Two magic schools were inviting him to be a student in their school. If he remembers correctly, Nurmengard is a prison for wizards.

Nurmengard was made by Grindelwald himself and originally used to hold his enemies, but it later became Grindelwald's own prison.

The most terrifying wizard in existence was given a First-Class Medal.

The Order of Merlin Medal is the highest honor in the wizarding world. It is awarded to those who have achieved a great contribution to the wizarding world.

Sean felt that he didn't have enough imagination to paint a picture of Grindelwald being awarded the medal in his mind. It's more reasonable that he stole that medal or got it in some dirty way.

It was a mess, and Sean felt that he desperately needed a copy of "History of Modern Magic". He even began to wonder if there was something wrong with his memory.

Seeing his son's dull expression, Mr. Wallup said strangely, "That letter just arrived in the mailbox. Is something wrong with it?

"Look at it yourself." Sean handed over the letter.

Mr. Wallup took the letter and gave it a quick glance. "Magic school? It must have been a prank."

Mrs. Wallup also echoed, "I don't know who would do something like this. Well, kids, get ready. We have to go."

Sean scratched his head. He remembered that Hagrid informed Harry at the beginning, so he should have someone to explain his situation, right?

As if to confirm his thoughts, the doorbell rang. The family walked over, and Mr. Wallup opened the iron gate. Standing outside the door is a young girl.

She has soft blonde shoulder-length short hair and a white face with some freckles. She looks very cherished and confident. There is nothing special about her dress. She looks like an ordinary girl who sells drinks door to door during the summer.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Charlotte Hawk, Head of the Hogwarts Student Union." Sean looked at it carefully, and sure enough, the girl seemed to have a stick in her pocket.

Mr. Wallup's face turned weird at this time, "What is this? Some kind of a joke?

"I understand that for Muggles, that magic is really hard to understand. However, Sean Wallup's talent cannot be concealed, and he has been registered in Hogwarts since birth."

Mr. Wallup frowned, and his tone became intense, "Since birth? Where did you get the news from? This is a serious violation of my family's privacy!"

Before he finished speaking, another cold voice sounded, "He has also been included in Nurmengard's list."

It was a Caucasian boy in a black trench coat. His collar stood up, his hair was meticulously groomed, and his face was giving a cold look.

Mr. Wallup's eyes widened, he was standing at the door, but he didn't see where the person appeared from, "Who are you? Where did you come from? Do you know that this is private property?!"

Mr. Wallup put his hand on the alarm at the door. The boy's face was as usual, but a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes when he saw the alarm.

"Always with that attitude, typical Sterling family. Didn't Nurmengard educate you that first come, first served?" Charlotte's face became quite displeased.

However, the boy called Sterling ignored her and turned to the Wallup family.

"No offense, allow me to introduce myself. Colton Sterling, I'm from the greatest wizarding school of the century, Nurmengard." He spread his hands gently.

Charlotte's eyes flashed.

"Great?" She sneered, with a strong disdain in her tone, "The school hasn't even been established for a hundred years. How can it be the greatest?"

Colton was still expressionless but said in a light tone, "Great or not has nothing to do with the length of time. At least, Nurmengard will not lie about the glory of the past."

"Colton, do you think that in front of Muggles, I wouldn't dare to do anything to you?" Charlotte's eyes narrowed suddenly.

"By you? Someone from the Hogwarts School?" Colton showed a faint smile, but his tone was full of sarcasm.

Charlotte's eyes narrowed, and her aura became extremely strong, "Looks like you weren't impressed by last year's Whip Spell."

Colton patted the dust on his shoulder, "Whip Spell? That's a gadget I came into contact with in the first grade. If it weren't for your colleagues, you wouldn't even be able to touch me."

He turned around and looked directly at each other, with sarcasm in his eyes, "I must admit that I was injured by the joint efforts of both of you. It was indeed because of my lack of skill, and I was troubled for a long time. Of course, Nurmengard never teaches us to give up. What we have to do is stand up again and then do better. Oh, as a reminder, Nurmengard won the Triwizard Tournament last year."

Charlotte's eyes suddenly became furious, "Victory gained by using dark magic. You dare to mention say that in front of me?"

Colton showed a smug, "Dark magic? Hogwarts has completely fallen behind this era! In the hands of our great Headmaster Grindelwald, the so-called dark magic has become something that all wizards can use. By the way, what are you learning in there? Let me guess, the ridiculous Defence Against the Dark Arts class?"

Charlotte's pupils turned dark, "I'm not the kind of person that seeks power. Nurmengard is filled with a bunch of idiots."

Colton's body tensed up, and he put his hand into his pocket. He still maintained a flat expression and continued, "That's because you can't pursue stronger power. The weak will always find excuses like that."

"Really? I would like to see what Mr. Sterling, who is good at pursuing strength, will look like lying on the ground again?"

"Try me, Hawke."

At that time, the two took out their wands at the same time.

Chapters will be updated daily at 22:45 GMT+7!

Don't forget to leave power stones and you can read up to 40 chapters ahead on [p][a][t][r][e][o][n].com/pokapoka

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