5 When Did My Brother Become So Fast?

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Luo Fei felt a warm current circulate through his body into his limbs and bones as the notifications from the Automatic Improvement System rang continuously. It seemed that his body was nourished by the warm current that made him more agile and his body lighter.

He did not feel fatigued even though he ran for a long time. Instead, he felt that he was constantly exceeding his own limits and ran faster than before. 

The advantage of the Automatic Improvement System was so bizarre that Luo Fei felt a tad embarrassed as he effortlessly enjoyed the benefits of the system which made him indefatigable. It seemed like he had earned this system with all the blood and sweat from his past two years of hard work.

Luo Fei was confident that his speed had certainly gotten closer to the level of a martial artist even without testing it. His dream to become a martial artist was within close reach. 

Everybody was aware of the fact that speed was far more difficult to train than strength. Many martial artist disciples had achieved the strength of a martial artist but their speed continued to lag behind. Like everybody else, Luo Fei's speed had increased very slowly for the past two years. 

However, with the luxury of having the Automatic Improvement System now, Luo Fei could improve his speed continuously just by running. Many people would be so envious of him if they ever found out his secret. 

"Holy sh*t! Was that a martial artist that ran past just now at that astonishing speed?"

"Never knew that the younger generation could be so powerful..."

"I don't think that it applies to all youngsters though. My son is useless and he runs like a tortoise! He's incomparable to the youngster that ran past us just now!"

"You are right! With his speed, I have this feeling that he must be from some renowned martial artist family! If my son had half as much of his speed, I would be on cloud nine!"

The crowded streets were occupied by passersby with sharp eyes. They knew that someone had just sprinted past them just by a glance of Luo Fei's shadow, and they couldn't help but stop to exclaim in surprise and discuss it.

At a close distance, some passersby even experienced the whistling sound of the wind caused by Luo Fei's speed, and it was hard for them to be not envious of this youngster. 

Martial arts were prevalent on this planet and at the very least, many people possessed the strength of a beginner-level martial artist disciple.

In this world where spiritual energy was abundant, even those who did not possess any martial arts talent and were incapable of cultivating the arts for the past several decades would at least have the minimal strength of a beginner-level martial artist. Therefore, many of them naturally admired those who were stronger than them.

Along the way, several martial artists also felt Luo Fei's speed and couldn't help but admire his talent at such a young age. Anyone who possessed such abilities at a young age was most likely a prodigy and would be able to achieve greater heights in the future.

After a short while, as Luo Fei started to get comfortable with the envious gazes from the passerby, his initial awkward and uneasy expression slowly subsided. After all, he was already an 18-year old that had just reached adulthood.

Luo Fei became more assured with his powers as he listened to the continuous notifications which rang in his ears and felt the uninterrupted warm current that circulated his body and constantly improved and strengthened his abilities. 

With such rapid progress, he would soon become a renowned martial artist and he would no longer need to be afraid of the Yang family. Defeating them would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

'Ding! Speed +3'

'Ding! Speed +4'

'Ding! Strength +2'

Luo Fei's ambitions surged as he listened to the heavenly sounds of the continuous notifications which rang in his ears. 

Ever since Luo Fei attended the Cultivation Academy, he only went home once every weekend, and he had left all his valuables at home. Since he needed to escape now, he would need to bring along all his valuables with him. Fortunately, he knew rainy days were bound to arrive and he was prepared for it.

'I have to leave our house with Xue'er as fast as possible. It won't be long before the academy's guards hunt me down. But where should we go?' Luo Fei pondered for a solution as he ran home.

'Although a martial artist can be very powerful, he is but a tiny individual in a big city. I choose not to believe that there's nowhere for me to go in the entire Base No. 38!'

Truth be told, Luo Fei really had no idea where to go.

The base he stayed in was named 'Base No. 38' because it represented the 38th base that humans built and because it was also ranked 38th in terms of the cumulative abilities of the people who lived there.

He learned about the geography of this planet during his time in the academy. Within the explored boundaries, there were a total of 72 bases on the whole planet that differed in terms of size. Larger bases had millions of people while small bases had only tens of thousands of people.

Ten minutes later, Luo Fei appeared in a small alley. He noticed that the whistling sound of the wind around him had become more intense. It was perhaps about a tad faster as compared to the time he left the academy.

He was about 30 kilometers away from the academy now. An ordinary person would take almost an hour if they traveled by car. However, it only took Luo Fei less than 20 minutes by foot. 

His speed would have shocked many if it was made known to the public and he would definitely be considered as a martial artist, or maybe even a renowned martial artist.

All martial artists were also ordinary humans when they first started their martial arts journey. However, when they achieved the highest possible level in martial arts, they were revered at a stage of life that ordinary humans would not be able to comprehend. 

However, as long as they were still humans, they would eventually grow tired. The highest speed of an intermediate-level martial artist could be more than 50m/s. This was the highest possible data collected based on human's physical limits. In other words, it would be possible for them to achieve this limit during combat mode.

Under normal circumstances, the combat mode could only be sustained for only a few minutes, and eventually, the martial artist's body would not be able to withstand being overworked… However, Luo Fei was exceptional.

Luo Fei's strength and speed constantly replenished as he ran around or trained his strength. Hence, there was no limit to his strength and speed, and naturally, his powers were limitless. Theoretically, Luo Fei would never be tired as long as he kept moving around. 


Luo Fei went down the alley and walked into a stairwell on the sidewalk, and soon arrived at his house. The house was small and old, but it smelt like home to him. His memories of his past life came flooding to him. 

"Brother!" His sister Luo Xue, who was originally nervous about the unexpected activity in the house, called out delightfully as she got a whiff of Luo Fei's familiar smell. 

Luo Fei's startled expression immediately turned into a wide smile after he identified his sister's voice. He turned around and saw a fair and delicate girl in front of him. Luo Xue's delicate face was full of traces of doubt with the unusual presence of her brother. Luo Fei's sister was a natural beauty even though she was dressed in plain clothes. Unfortunately, her eyes were lifeless and her almond-like pupils were unfocused.

"Xue'er!" Luo Fei hurried toward his sister and stopped Luo Xue who was about to get up and walk toward him. After he helped her sit down, Luo Fei quickly returned to his bedroom and began to pack his things. He had no time to explain.

"Brother, what's wrong? What has happened?" Although Luo Xue was blind, she sensed that something must have gone wrong as Luo Fei was in a hurry and agitated. 

Luo Fei quickly picked up the backpack that he had prepared earlier and carried his sister down the stairs at lightning speed.

"There's no time to explain! Let's go first!"


When she breathed in her brother's scent and felt his broad chest, Luo Xue's beautiful face flushed instantly. She clung onto Luo Fei's arms and did not utter another word. 

This was their unspoken language that the two siblings had developed over the past few years.

"Brother, where are we going?" Luo Xue tuned in to the strong whistling sound of the wind caused by Luo Fei's speed and asked softly with her flushed face.

"Erm!" Luo Fei was caught off guard by Luo Xue's question. That's right! He only planned on picking up his sister and he had no further plans on their destination. 

"Let's leave this place first!"

Luo Fei stopped for less than three seconds, randomly decided a direction, and started running frantically. 

'My brother is actually running so fast!' Luo Xue thought to herself as she felt the wind whistling past her ears. Her small delicate arms wrapped even more tightly around Luo Fei's neck.

'When did my brother become so fast?'

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