8 The Two Mighty Dojos!

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"Brother, so you don't know where we're headed to now?"

"That's right! Originally, I planned to join a large force after the academy's assessment, but now my plans are messed up by my current situation..." Luo Fei nodded with a bitter face. There was no reason to hide the truth from his little sister anymore.


"Hahaha!" Luo Xue couldn't control her laughter after she heard her brother's confession. Luo Fei was confused by his sister's reaction. 

"For goodness sake, what is so funny about us having to flee our home! Can you be more serious! Stop laughing!"

"Ah! I'm... I'm sorry brother, I couldn't help it..." Luo Xue's pale pretty face bloomed at this moment. She stuck out her tongue and looked rather cute.


What else could Luo Fei say when he saw his cute little sister? Even though her reactions were inappropriate, he couldn't just punch her and make her cry, right?

With that thought in mind, Luo Fei held back. On the other hand, Luo Xue also tried hard to think of a solution to the situation.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, as if she thought of something, and hurriedly shouted at Luo Fei, "Brother, have you met the requirements of a martial artist?"

"Yes of course! What do you care?" Luo Fei paused for a moment before he admitted. He was confident with his speed even though he had yet to test it on the academy's speed measurement machine.

"I know where we could go!"

"Where?" Luo Fei tilted his head and asked his joyful sister who was still tucked in his embrace.

"Brother, you are not thinking straight. You have already achieved the level of a martial artist at the young age of 18 years old! You are a prodigy! Naturally, you will not need to pass the academy's assessment to only be able to join the large forces.

"We can go to a dojo! When I was cooped up at home, I learned that Base No. 38 has many dojos, which are actively recruiting martial artists. The two most powerful dojos in our base, in particular, are very passionate about recruiting prodigies, and they treat martial artists below the age of 20 very well.

"You are only 18 years old now and I'm pretty sure you could definitely join a dojo easily. With the protection of the dojos, the Yang family won't dare to do us any harm!"

The more Luo Xue spoke, the more excited she became and looked at Luo Fei with great anticipation. Luo Fei listened with astonishment to his sister and came back to his senses.

On this planet where spiritual energy was rejuvenating abundantly, people set up multiple bases to defend against ferocious beasts and some bases were nearer while some were further away.

Humans who lived within bases that were far away from the rest could possibly never leave the place for their entire lives. This was because they were too weak to survive the travel distance between the two bases. Bases that were considered close to another were also at least thousands or ten thousand miles apart. Without airplanes or trains on this planet, those who could safely return and survive the ferocious beasts while traveling between two bases were either talented martial artists or large forces.

For instance, powerful dojos would have the ability to travel to and fro nearby bases, and consequently, they would be able to facilitate business transactions and bring back income to their bases.

Compared to cultivation academies, dojos were realistically equivalent to universities that also serve as a business organization. Martial artists in dojos were able to train their skills and earn a living at the same time. However, the requirements to enter a dojo were naturally higher.

Even the weakest dojo would only accept people with skills ranging from an intermediate-level martial artist disciple up to a true martial artist. In addition, there was also an age restriction that prevented a majority of people from entering dojos.

While being compared to business organizations within the base, dojos were much more respected by the people. Even martial artist prodigies treated dojos as a sacred place for them to gather.

There were two dojos that were considered the strongest in Base No. 38 and its surrounding bases—the Ultimate Dojo and the Thunder Dojo! There were even rumors that these two dojos were ranked top 10 among other bases and their abilities were unfathomable.

Luo Fei has long known about these facts but he was previously misled by his academy and thought that he could only join large forces through academies. After being enlightened by Luo Xue, his mind cleared and his heart became motivated. He was aware of what had to be done.

"What do you think, brother?" Luo Xue used her delicate hand to touch her brother's cheek who was still in deep thought and asked in a rather cute manner.

Although Luo Xue was blind from a young age, she was sure that her brother was a handsome man. Now that he had become a martial artist, he would be more popular among girls in the future.

"I don't think it will work!" Luo Fei who was initially delighted by the idea became unsure suddenly and pinched Luo Xue's nose hard.

"Ah? Why? With your abilities, you will certainly be able to enter either of these two dojos! One day, when the Yang family comes for revenge, they will not be able to harm you, brother!" Luo Xue cried out in pain, a puzzled expression on her face.

"The dojos will only protect me alone!" Luo Fei shook his head and said.

He would have joined any dojos without hesitation if he did not need to care for his sister. With the support of a dojo, he would not only need to be worried about the Yang family and other martial artist families.

However, dojos were not charitable organizations, as they would not protect the family of their fellow martial artists, unless Luo Fei proved that he had huge potential and would benefit the dojo. Otherwise, the dojo would definitely not protect his family.

Even if he was confident with his abilities, he had no idea how to disclose his abilities to the dojos. It would be impossible to disclose that he possessed an Automatic Improvement System. Not to mention, he was just an ordinary human before this and his encounter might be unbelievable for the dojos.

Furthermore, the two major dojos only recruited highly-skilled martial artists as their minimum threshold and thus, Luo Fei's abilities may seem average to them. Therefore, he couldn't leave Luo Xue and join the dojos.

"Brother, you don't have to worry about me..." Luo Xue sensed her brother's thoughts and whispered with her head lowered. She had always been smart and therefore was able to figure out Luo Fei's worries instantly.

If Luo Fei joined the dojos, he would naturally be protected by his dojo and the Yang family would not dare to do anything to Luo Fei. However, this would mean that the Yang family would only be able to come after her. After all, she felt that she was more inferior to an ordinary human as she was also blind.

"Silly girl, what are you thinking! I will not abandon you!" Luo Fei looked at his sister with a doting expression and stroked her hair. His tone was extremely gentle.

Luo Xue responded to her brother's emotions and snuggled into his embrace. She was touched by her brother's words, and her eyes filled up with tears.

"Brother, don't worry. The Yang family only wants to take revenge on you. As long as you are fine, I believe that they will not harm me too! Furthermore, our base has a law whereby martial artists are not allowed to attack ordinary humans without higher command. As long as I don't provoke them, they won't be able to do anything to me!"

Luo Xue was already satisfied and touched by her brother's kind intention. However, she was not selfish in character and would not put her brother in danger. Her delicate pretty little face was full of determination as she spoke. 

"I have made up my mind!" Luo Fei rejected Luo Xue without hesitation. 

The Yang family had already gone mad by his actions. How would it be possible for them to spare Luo Xue who was just an ordinary human? If they knew that they wouldn't be able to touch Luo Fei, they would undoubtedly come after Luo Xue for revenge instead.


"I will think of a solution. You don't have to worry about it. I promised our parents that I would take good care of you." Luo Fei quickly interrupted Luo Xue.

Luo Xue lowered her head as Luo Fei spoke, her heart filled with sweetness. At this moment, she was tempted to tell Luo Fei a secret. A secret which she had hidden for more than a decade.

Just as she was about to spill the secret, Luo Fei's eyes suddenly lit up in excitement, causing Luo Xue to unconsciously swallow back her words.

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