Spiritual Energy Rejuvenation: I Began Cultivating By Farming

Others transmigrate to the world of cultivation, with a Golden Finger all the way till the end; Jiang Tang, however, gets slapped by reality until he becomes reclusive. After honestly farming for three years, Jiang Tang suddenly discovers that he now has a Spirit Field Space, and the Spirit Field is actually producing rare Spirit Grass, Spiritual Medicine, martial arts manuals, and even ancient treasures that had vanished long ago! Thus, Jiang Tang also gains his own Golden Finger. Years later, Jiang Tang accidentally cultivates himself into an All-Around master and ascends, teary-eyed, he exclaims— “Transmigration has been fair to me, the Golden Finger comes of its own accord.”

One word, that's settled. · Sci-fi
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200 Chs

Chapter 67

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"Luo Yaxuan, I know you; these days you've become quite famous," said the man to the right of Luo Yaxuan.

"Haha, it must be just a show he's putting on!" said a man to the left of Luo Yaxuan, his words dripping with mockery.

When he said this, the other Direct Disciples present couldn't help but let out a laugh.

Luo Yaxuan paid no mind to their teasing, his gaze fixed on the four martial platforms where disciples were competing.

The Direct Disciples whispered among themselves.

The Inner Sect Disciples and Outer Sect Disciples behind them thought these senior brothers were getting along harmoniously, happily chatting away.

"Luo Yaxuan, acting all high and mighty, how about we go and have a match?" taunted the person to his left again.

"Senior brother, we are here to watch the junior brothers compete. As for our own contest, there will be a chance in a few days; maybe then we'll have the opportunity to face each other," Luo Yaxuan replied calmly.