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1King_Rep... is one of the best authors that I know. His previous book blew me away, and the only question I have for him in this one is... will you be continuing it? Because this one is going to kill it. Awesome story line, really good introduction, and no doubt, the world is well introduced. The characters are given the proper building, over all, this is a great book that is a hard find these days. Giving it my best recommendation, and if his previous books are anything to go by, he is going to keep writing and make it one of the best books you will have ever read.

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the other reviews already said what I was thinking just looking forward to more chapters and possibly a more mature dark-themed main character and setting


Great Book by the author as usual! King Rep has slowly but surely been building a community with the great novels he makes, i look forward to seeing how he'll manifest this universe through our perspective! He's always so creative with these things! Great book, looks very interesting from just the first few chapters! I don't want to spoil so I won't say anymore!


This is an amazing book with a smart main character with good motivations for what he does. The characters that are introduced are for the most part very interesting and leave you wanting to know more about them and their goals. The MC has good reasons for wanting to grow stronger and I look forward to reading more about his journey!


The main character of this story was Clark who was reborn in beast world....and more interesting scenes I had read till 14th chap and it was amazing and worth it of your time, Story is well defined by great writing which is present in our author Story has everything,like action and reincarnation,beast taming and strong ml, sometimes you could able read family moments too... keep it up author![img=recommend]


The plot is totally intriguing. And for some reason, the name of our mc here is a +1. What is the best revenge? I shall follow this novel and find out! Good luck, bro! Keep it up!


This book is amazing! just 4 chapters in but you can already get an idea of the settings and the functions of the system. It is original and with a great develop of the first chapters. The writing style is great, no typos, or grammar mistakes. Something which is rare to find on here. Totally suggest reading this book <3


Are you looking For something that will keep you interested? A story that the characters and world get fleshed out? A story that has consistent updates? Then look no further than a story by King_rep. All of their content makes you enjoy the worlds they are building.