Spirit Taming Book

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Spirit Taming


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Have a problem where you die too young? Well, Clark had that issue, and lucky for him he was blessed. Clark was reborn right in to a fantasy world of his dreams. Loving parents, amazing future, spectacular partner. No beast? No problem, the system came to his rescue! Or was it too late? Beasts that roam the wilderness, dungeons that spawn from nature, and unique growth plans. All can be achieved if done right. Discover ancient paths and unknown futures. Just remember, not everyone will want to see Clark take power. Some will want what he has while others in power will constantly abuse the weak. This is the way of the world, of the city Clark lives in. Will he take his revenge? Or will he die trying? Don't forget to drop those power stones, leave comments, and eventually drop those golden tickets! This is my entry for Spirity and I can't wait to share it with friends!


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