Spirit Martial Artist (DD)

Spirit Martial Artist Reynold Westwood, a maniac of martial arts, a strong supporter of harems and a lover of maids, fills up an internet survey and ends up in Spirit Land! In a place where cultivation is real and practising stuff can make you possibly achieve real Godhood. He decided its time to put his expertise into practice. Unleashing a multitude of martial arts from Boxing to Tai Chi and Kung Fu to Spearmanhip Reynold Westwood now Xue Long, Fourth Prince of Heavenly Duo Empire is out to become Dragon God of Martial Arts with help of his Golden Dragon King Martial Spirit! Oh... And he will have that harem of maids! Additional Tags: Extreme AU, Madlad Mc, Absurdly Op Martial Arts techniques, Harem, OP MC, Elements from other Soul Land series (girls, Spirit beasts, Martial Spirits) adventure, gore, My Discord link: https://discord.gg/56SVYQexDJ

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Training and Going on a Hunt

"Innate spirit power 20!?" A blonde man said with disbelief as he read the report he just got!

"You telling me that Heavenly Duo Royal family have a prince who woke up a Martial Spirit with innate spirit power at 20!?"

"Exactly, big brother. The Fourth Prince Xue Long has awakened a Golden Dragon King. Not some simple Golden Dragon which could be powerful but a King!" A tall man said with some giddiness, it's like this old man got younger couple years just like that!

This was the Golden Crocodile Douluo, a rank 98 Spirit Master. One of the top existence in the world. This old man had Martial Spirit with the name Golden Crocodile King. So he knows that the spirit which the prince has unlocked is not short of extraordinary or even mind numbering.

"Yes. With innate spirit power at 20, this boy has the potential to reach Hyper Douluo or even demigod." Internally the blonde man thought that there might be a chance that this boy even is chosen one by some God as well.

However, this speculation on his part. But innate Spirit Power was at the same level as his family. And the Seraphim Martial Spirit was given to his clan by the Angel God.

This could be the very same thing. Possibly some sort of God with his agenda trying to raise an inheritor instead of making a Spirit Master who would take a bunch of trails.

"What we will be going to do now? With such heavenly talent appearing it could change the landscape of the Continent!" The Golden Crocodile Douluo said with a thoughtful look.

He would very much would want this Prince to become his disciple and successor as one who has Golden Martial Spirit.

However, this might as well be a pipe dream.

"I have some ideas. I know we can't simply ask the royals to hand him over. But, we could foster a good relationship…" The blonde man that while stroking his beard.

"Foster relationships?" For a second the Golden Crocodile Douluo was confused what is his brother talking about?

"You will see…"

~~~~~~Xue Long~~~~~~

After the big reveal followed by a huge shock, which settled down later afternoon, my old man was much more open-minded to my requests.

After all, I was their golden boy now. And I needed that squad of maids.

Which my royal father promised that I would get! All my old man wanted to is that I cultivate. Which I will, that was a silly request in my opinion.

Martial arts and having an army of beauties are the only thing I carried about.

While my maids are being collected for me I went to calm down.

The awakening of my Martial Spirit has caused my mental state to shake, as if a 10+ magnitude earthquake has happened inside my emotions.

This made me retreat quickly to meditate in the main garden of the royal palace. 

Before I started doing that Informed the guards that I am meditating and that no one should disturb me.

What shocked me was the sheer bloodlust and anger the Martial Soul had. I doubt that I have the core of the Golden Dragon King. 

I have no idea how much this will change the whole timeline, more specifically if the Silver Dragon King will awaken early!?

That would be an interesting development.

For now, I took the lotus position and started the breathing exercise.

Slowly the anger and bloodlust started to get affected by the breathing method. The key was getting it under control. The first stage is calming down, the second one taking control with the last one being one with the land.

Sure enough, the effects started to show themselves. 

However, this was not the end. A single session was not enough…  

For the next few months, it was the mental training and getting hang of the new boost in power.

Some wondered why I didn't go to get my two spirit rings. The answer to that was my body and mind were not ready. I needed to grasp my power before I will increase it.

So, basic mediation switched into an active one. 


"It looks strange, doesn't it?" One of the Royal Guards said with a curious tone.

"Yeah…not every day you see a kid with a huge dragon practising together like this…"  The other one said with an amused snort.

What they saw was Xue Long going through active meditation stances. Behind him was a huge form of the Golden Dragon King copying the same stances as the boy.

This has been going on for some time now, with how the rotation of guards is working they from time to time can get this chance to see this… weirdly unique form of training.

And truthfully they all sensed how the Prince slowly started to lose all that anger and bloodlust. Which people realised that it most likely came from the insanely powerful Martial Spirit.

After all for such power, there should be a downside or baggage which comes with it.

The long meditation sessions lasted for around six months before Xue Long was ready to start to switch up a little bit.

What everyone found out soon enough that the boy was a frightening monster! Without even possessing his Martial Soul he could beat up people at Rank 30 and above!

The downside for such power was his small physique. Short arms and legs. While his punches could smash easily through the soldier's defences, first he had to hit them.

Sure enough, he quickly got over this shortcoming by merging with his Martial Spirit. This made him grow by several inches and gain the ability to fly and offence and defence were magnified by many times. 

The boy was a beast of offence and defence. He beaten up the entire garrison of soldiers before he decided it was a bother to look for another base!

In other words, he could continue beating them up if not for the fact that he was too lazy to look for more!


While the soldiers were thinking about their Fourth Prince, Xue Long was having his mediation training of the day.

He was close to reaching one with land. The transmigrant could achieve that in the previous world but in this one is quite different.

The land was unique and his Martial Soul is… a Dragon King.

Sure enough… after six months, and countless hours of long mediation, which is something he learned in Tibet he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. 

That moment. The Golden Dragon which was meditating next to the Prince turned into mist and started to swirl around Xue Long.

Slowly fusing with him. When it was done his brown hair has turned golden with some tint of red. His height has slightly increased as well.

When he opened his eyes they were red with draconic slits for a moment. Then it receded to blue with some gold in the background.

*Deep Breath*

"Well, it worked. But this is such a thin line I am walking." As he said that he looked at his hand. With mere thought, his hand instantly started to scale up, nails growing and turning into claws.

The change was rapid and sure enough, it went out of control and he fully transformed. 

"...Well this sucks. Back to grinding it is…" 

As he said that he returned to his human form. And started to meditate again. 

Moments later next to him his Martial Spirit appeared and they started to meditate as well. It looked quite fascinating to see the huge thing assume a similar form into the lotus.

Sure enough this time he achieved the partial state in just a few hours.

This time he was much more cautious. 

~~~~~~Throne Room~~~~~~

"Announcing! The Fourth Prince of Heavenly Dou Empire! Xue Long!"

As the announcer said the doors opened and the Prince strolled into the Throne Room.

"Long'er, it appears you got it under control." The Emperor said with a nod as he saw his pride and joy enter the throne room for the first time since he awakened his spirit.

He could see how different he looked. Taller, much more robust, and his hair has turned Golden. Just like his Martial Spirit.

"Yes. I have achieved what I needed. I am ready to get the spirit rings." 

"Good! Good! Then you can take as many men as you want!" The Heavenly Dou Emperor happily announced that his son can take multiple battalions of soldiers if he wants to

"My thanks, Royal Father." With a simple bow Xue Long turned around and left the throne room. 

Once he was gone the nobles erupted with conversation about how he changed after awakening his spirit. They all subconsciously agreed that his weird behaviour is a side effect of his monstrous martial spirit.

Even the Emperor didn't mind his freakish training methods, weird food tastes or so-called 'milkshakes'. The constant mumbling about proteins… whatever they are…


Xue Long didn't take many soldiers what he took were scouts and rangers. And some heavy fitters in spirit Ranks of 40. Having Spirit Masters above that level is quite difficult. 

They were not Spirit Hall after all which hogged all of the experts.

As the group were travelling towards the Star Dou Forest, The Prince was thinking about which beast to hunt down.

What he found strange is that he thought that he will be able to make blood spirit rings. But then again he could not because he didn't have the core. 

Which is again strange! It's like the dude who set this whole thing up messed with the whole of space-time continuum. 

'Well, this doesn't matter, as far as I know, the abilities these things give are not counterproductive.' 

While he was thinking about all this stuff he was inside his carriage. One of the perks of being a Prince he can focus on important stuff while his followers are doing all the navigation.

Even at this time, he continued to train his Spirit energy control. Over six months he was able to get the hang of some of the intricacies of spirit energy. 

Indeed what he found fascinating was that with the awakening of his Martial Spirit he got affinities to certain aspects of this energy.

Like raw destructive power, he could feel how easily his Spirit energy can erupt in the fashion of a tidal wave and just blow up stuff.

He liked this, but what he wanted to do is to funnel this energy in a more controlled fashion. If he could do that that then his power would increase even more!

Something like akin to lucid Berserker. He knows from the original story that Golden Dragon King is THE Berserker. With a bunch of abilities to enter a frenzy state and just slaughter his way through things.

As he continued to practise his Spirit Energy and get better at it. They eventually arrived at the entrance of a huge forest. Which sprawling as far as one could see.

"My Prince, we have arrived."

"Good. Begin the search. I want dragon types of any kind. Make sure it's around 1 thousand years old." 


"My… Prince…are you sure? I-I-Its your first ring!" One of the commanding officers said with nervous gulps. Yes, several gulps in a row as he was being stared down by pair of red eyes.

"Don't worry. My body and mental state are more than capable. Your job is to find what I want and point me in that direction. Are we clear?" The Prince said that while closing his eyes for a bit and then opening them again. This time the dragon element was gone. 

"Y-Yes! As you command!" 

After saying that the soldiers quickly scrambled, orders were issued and everyone scattered to look for some dragon species.

Sure enough, almost all of the soldiers were gone. What was left were his bodyguards, who stayed behind to do their jobs as guards.


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