Spirit Martial Artist (DD)

Spirit Martial Artist Reynold Westwood, a maniac of martial arts, a strong supporter of harems and a lover of maids, fills up an internet survey and ends up in Spirit Land! In a place where cultivation is real and practising stuff can make you possibly achieve real Godhood. He decided its time to put his expertise into practice. Unleashing a multitude of martial arts from Boxing to Tai Chi and Kung Fu to Spearmanhip Reynold Westwood now Xue Long, Fourth Prince of Heavenly Duo Empire is out to become Dragon God of Martial Arts with help of his Golden Dragon King Martial Spirit! Oh... And he will have that harem of maids! Additional Tags: Extreme AU, Madlad Mc, Absurdly Op Martial Arts techniques, Harem, OP MC, Elements from other Soul Land series (girls, Spirit beasts, Martial Spirits) adventure, gore, My Discord link: https://discord.gg/56SVYQexDJ

Dragon15681 · Book&Literature
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103 Chs

Meditation Techniques Ranks

Meditation techniques:

Lotus Meditation (Shaolin) (Soul/Comprehension cultivation)

Stage One:  Zen State (Entry stage Intent-based)

[Basic improvement in comprehension]


Stage Two: Oneself acceptance ( Greater control of Martial Spirit) 

[Circle of Understanding formation] 


Stage Three: One With Land ( Even Greater control over Martial Spirit)


[Martial Spirit Outside body manifestation]

[Lotus flower of Comprehension]


Stage Fourth: Golden Mist (Comprehension Acceleration)

[Golden Mist of Comprehension (AoE effect)]


Stage Five: Lotus descend (Perfect Martial Spirit Control)

[Lotus Flower of Enlightenment descend, massively increasing comprehension]


Stage Six: Golden Soul ( Extra Martial Soul Space) {3 in total}

[One's soul becomes impervious to corruption]


Stage Seven: Domain of Enlightenment ( AoE of Comprehension)

[When meditation is initiated it creates a domain where one sees the cultivator meditating under a tree]


Stage Eight: Golden Soul Transcendence (All comprehension increases by 20x)

[impervious to any sort of soul damage, one body can't be damaged by any physical weapon]


Stage Nine: Enlightenment of Buddha 

[Ascension to Godhood]

(Cultivation automatically goes to Rank 100)


Great Arthan's Meditation (Shaolin) (Martial Arts)

Stage One:  Zen State (Entry stage Intent-based)

[Basic improvement in Martial Arts]


Stage Two: Oneself acceptance ( Body Acceptance of Martial intent)

[Increases Martial Arts learning pace]


Stage Three: One With Land ( Golden Glow) 

[Martial Intent release from one's body]

[Intent of martial arts projection] (ghostly avatar)


Stage Four: Golden Steam ( Body adjustment to Supernatural requirement of Martial Arts)

[Increased Speed of Martial Arts Comprehension]

[Intent of martial arts projection] (Solid like state of Martial Avatar)


Stage Five: Lotus field of Martialdom (Aoe of accelerated Martial Practise)

[Domain deployment of Accelerated Martial Understanding] 


Stage Six: Martial Transcendence (Creation of Martial arts from simple observation)

[Great Arthan's Gaze]


Stage Seven: Martial Diamond Will ( Willpower Transcendence)

[Great Arthan's Will]


Stage Eight: Martial Soul Manifestation (Pseudo Martial Soul Manifestation- True Great Body)

[Great Arthan's Dominance]


Stage Nine: Great Arhan, Martial God

[Ascension to Godhood through Martial Arts]


Meditation of Heaven and Earth (Taoism) (Energy Cultivation)

Stage One:  Zen State (Entry stage Intent-based)

[Basic improvement in cultivation speed]


Stage Two: Oneself acceptance (Yin and Yang circles manifestation)

[Circle of Understanding formation] (Yin and Yang)

[Increased improvement in cultivation speed]


Stage Three: One With Land ( Heaven and Earth)


[360 view of surroundings partial Omnipresence while cultivating]

[Heaven and Earth Energy]

[Increased improvement in cultivation speed 5x]


Stage Fourth: White mist ( Aoe of Higher energy)

[People/Spirit Beasts can cultivate Heaven and Earth infused energy]

[Increased improvement in cultivation speed 7x]


Stage Five: Heaven and Earth (True Domain of Cultivation)

[Warps reality to cultivate at Extreme speed x10]

[AoE Domain deployment]


Stage Six: Yin And Yang ( Elemental Cultivation)

[Warps Reality cultivate perfect element of preference]

[Warps reality to cultivate at Extreme speed x12]


Stage Seven: Balance in all things ( One with World)

[Law cultivation of the world]

[Warps Reality cultivate perfect element of preference x2]

[Warps reality to cultivate at Extreme speed x15]


Stage Eight: Life and Death (One can cultivate in balance)

[Life and death are meaningless in front of Cultivation] (Ageless when cultivating)

[Warps Reality cultivate perfect element of preference x4]

[Warps reality to cultivate at Extreme speed x20]


Stage Nine: Observing Balance, Eternal

[Ascension to Godhood through becoming one with everything]