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Spirit Actor


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Qui Xie, a famous leading actor who wowed millions, has died. However, he did not go to heaven. He became a spirit, unseen by all except for Aki, an actress who just entered the industry. She, a nervous wreck, sees him, and faints. Waking up, with Qui looking down on her, she asks meekly, “Wh-who a-are y-you?” “I’m Qui Xie.” Realizing that she’s seeing a famous recently dead actor, she faints again. Fast forward... Aki and Qui Xie make a deal. She will help him figure out why he’s a ghost, and he will help her with her acting skills. Follow these two on their journey while meeting others on the way and aiming for the top of the film industry! And also solving Qui Xie’s problem, he wants to be in a living body too...