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"Sir, get back we need to take him to the ambulance, you're making matters worse than they already are" the woman said

"HE'S MY FUCKING BROTHER" Percy then punched the woman in the face

"AHHHHH" she said grasping her wound

Get him down, Hold him down 


-Three months later

9:45 A. M. 

Percy got out of bed and into the bathroom

"I'd better brush my teeth" He thought

Percy grabbed his new uniform out of his closet

He recently got a job, at a Coffee and Book shop

"Hey, Bro I'm getting a job now and I know you're thinking how can someone as lazy as me work" he said

"Atlas, I'm going to find out who did this to you, I'm sorry bro" Percy teared a little

He stepped in his car and drove to his new work

He got out and looked up at the building

"The Mocha Bean Book store"

"Hmm, creative but weird" Percy said

"Hello" a girl about 22 said

"Are you, Percy Peirce" She asked

"Why yes I am, and you are" he asked

She pointed at the tag on her shirt

"Kiana" Percy read

"Nice to meet ya, Percy" She said putting her hand out

"You can start by making coffee, the people here like to read and drink coffee for some reason" She said motioning him to the machine

"You have made coffee before, right" She asked

Percy stared at the machine, suddenly everything but that machine was erased out of his sight



"No, you get to hyped up when you have coffee, At" Percy said taking the cup from his brother

"I have a test today, and I need something to keep me awake, please" Atlas begged

"Atlas no you're going to be all over the place, the other children won't be able to focus, now get your lunch" Percy said

"Alright, fine then" Atlas said grabbing his lunch

"Hey, At, have a good day alright" Percy said sipping coffee

"Don't be late, Percy" Atlas said

"I won't, you can pick what we have for dinner tonight" He said

"Yes, I know what I wanttt" he said running off

"Little idiot forgot to close the door" Percy said watching him run off

"Percy, Percy, Percy" Kiana snapped her fingers in front of Percy's face

"Percy are you all right, are you sick, you don't know how to make coffee?" Kiana asked

"Huh, I'm I'm all right" he said

"Are you sure" she said

"Yeah, yeah is this all I'll be starting with" he asked

"Yes, we'll get you on the books when you get used to being here" She said

"Now, I gotta go help that poor man out with his unfortunate pick" She said fast- walking over


"Alright, Percy focus you can't mess up your one chance" Percy said to himself

"Hello, could I uhm get a coffee please" She asked

"What Kind" he asked

"A latte please, could you uhm design a flower please" She asked

"Uh, Yes I'll get your order right away" he said


"So that was his hideout, are you sure it's him" Kiana said on the phone

"Then I need to get there, wait let me have someone watch the store, I also just hired a new guy so I need to check up on him" She said

"One, Latte with an attempted flower" Percy said smiling

The girl laughed

"It's cute and I take it you're new" She said smiling

"Hey, Percy how's it coming along so far" Kiana asked

"Well I did attempt a flower, so I suppose well" He said smiling

"Oh, I should've gotten someone to teach you, ugh forgive me, Percy" Kiana said

"It's fine it's fine I used to make designs all the time for my brother" Percy said

"Aww, that's cute" she said

"Yeah, he loved them, well I had better get back to working" He said smiling

"I have to do something really quick, she said taking her apron off, Lev is in charge if you need something ask him" She said running out of the store

"Huh, I wonder what all of that is about" Percy said

"Espresso please"  a girl said

"Coming right up" Percy said grabbing a cup


"Ry, psss Ry, Ry over here" Kiana said

"Oh there you are, alright he's in that room on this same hallway the one at the very end" he said pointing

"Alright you stand by that side, I'll try and get to the other" She said

"Alright, what do we do if he sees you" Ry asked

"He won't, Ry are you trying to say I'm horrible at the art of espionage" She said strutting

"No, no not at all I'm trying to make sure you're safe, that's it" he said

"Aww Ry, you care about me" She said with big eyes

Ry took his place and motioned for Kiana to take hers

"You and your "buddies" had all the time on your damn hands and you let it slip out, you know I should kill you right now for this mishap, you dumb fuck" A man said

Right here was Timmy Newhart, he ran the biggest auction, you may be thinking auctioning isn't bad, however this man's type of auctioning is anything from animals to even people, and it's all illegal

"You and your men couldn't send me the damn Kings,and you expect me to be all friendly and in good spirits with you" Timmy said taking a gun out and putting it to the other guy's head

"I should shoot you right at the tip, on your brain, you dumb shit, you don't know how bad I wanna pull this trigger" Timmy said pressing the gun harder into the man's head

"We want to catch them both alive, alright none dead, that was the order" Ry said

"Alright, I'll wrap my band around his neck, would that cause the gun to slip?" Kiana said

"First let's make sure he gets it away from that other guy's head" Ry said


"Jeez where'd that girl go, are the workers allowed to just leave when they want around here" Percy said confused

"Excuse me, uhm Lev is it" Percy asked

Lev looked at Percy motioning for him to talk

"Uh, Kiana where'd she go?" Percy asked

"I don't know, she left me here to look after you now get back to work" Lev said

"Yes Sir" Percy said

Percy got back to making coffee


"His gun it's lying down, Now Kiana" Ry said

Kiana quickly sprung a huge band around Timmy's neck

"GAHHHH GAHHHH" Timmy gagged

"Hey" the other man grabbed a knife

Kiana grabbed the gun and pointed it toward the man

"Put your knife down mister, or get your head blown off" She said

The man threw the knife on the ground and stood back in fear


Timmy kicked Kiana's leg causing her to slip and fall causing her band to wear off

"Ah, damn it, I should've paid more attention" She said

Kiana quickly got up

Timmy grabbed the gun and the other man grabbed the knife

"This way they can't annoy us again, I'll have fun with you afterwards" Timmy said Pulling the trigger

"I don't think you'll be doing any of that" Ry said with his hand out, stopping the bullet in mid air

"Damn yo- GAHHHHH" Timmy said as Kiana wrapped the band around his neck again


"Thanks for saving me back there, Ry" Kiana said 

"Yeah I had to come in to be the hero as always, nothing much expected" He said

"Ry, oh I better get back to work I have a new worker, I wanna see how he's coming along" She said

"Oh I sure hope Lev didn't scare him" She said holding her head

"He scares me and I'm a spy" Ry said

"Hey, come and visit, please, let him make you a coffee" Kiana said

"I'll visit when I feel like it, I better get back to the site" He said

"Alright see ya"

"See ya"


"Hello, everyone" Kiana said grabbing her apron

"Jeez where were you, I thought you abandoned me and left me with him" Percy said motioning toward Lev

"Hey Lev is a kind man" She said waving toward him

"So, coffee coming along, well" She asked sitting on the counter

"Yeah, do I have a charming smile?" He asked

"I don't know do you, smile for me" She said

"I sound like a creepy old guy" She laughed

"Well, your smile is nice and kind just like you" She said

"You're like the 1 millionth girl to tell me that" He said 

"Well as long as you get thier money" She said laughing

"Boring just like I imagined it" 

"Oh, Look it's that man from across the street at the construction site" Kiana said

"I think he wants a coffee, yeah he's walking over here" Kiana said getting off the counter

"Heya, Sir what would you like" Kiana asks

"Is he the maker of the coffee, dude if she's your boss she looks annoying" The construction worker said

"Name please" Kiana said

"Ryuu, that's it, put it on the cup" He said

"Aww, he likes his name on the cup" Kiana said

"Oh, someone's struggling with a book" Kiana said running over

"My, what was all of that about" Ry said

"I don't know, she's usually hyped up I guess" Percy said smiling

"Latte please" Ry said

"Thanks kid" He said walking out


"Well my first day here was pretty entertaining, thank you" He said

"You're welcome, have a good rest of the evening" She said waving

"I will" he said grabbing his book bag

Percy got home 

"Well Atlas I did it, I got a job" He said

"It was kinda fun, but the manager she was away for awhile, I don't know what she was doing" he said

"You would love being there, they have coffee" Percy said

"And I know you love coffee" Percy said attempting a smile

"I should have let you have coffee I know you liked it" Percy said putting his head down

"Atlas, I'm sorry for not being there to protect you, especially when you needed me the most" He said 

"At... Las" Percy began to tear up 

"I'll find out who did this to you and run a bullet through the man's head" Percy said with veins beginning to bulge out of his head neck and arms

Percy took his brother's photo and placed it on his heart slowly falling asleep


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