32 The Overwatch

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Susan's Pov

I was fighting Ultron's Clone robot. While I was busy with that one. Another one who is a little bit far away from me shoots me with an energy beam. I was distracted by the previous one.


When I hear the voice of Johnny. I find out that an attack that coming at me but it was already too late for me move away. I just closed my eyes and accept my fate.

Susan (Thinking) : Peter, Looks like I won't get my chance to apologize to you. Goodbye, everyone. Goodbye Peter

I was waiting for Intense pain to come. But I didn't feel any sort of pain. I open my eyes. I looked shocked. Some unknown woman stopped that attack which came at me with her shield. I was Shocked. I had never seen this woman. And she is fast. Very Fast. Cause No one from my teammate's side was able to reach me but she Arrived between me and attack out of nowhere. Just who the hell is this woman? I was thinking about the Identity of this woman. Suddenly I saw Someone shoot the laser at the other Ultron Clone robots. When I looked at the one who shoot the Laser. She is also another Unknown woman. She is Flying in the air. After shooting the laser She comes down at incredible speed to punch another Ultron Clone. Looks like she has super strength too. This commotion attracted the attention of Robots who were far away. They start to come towards us at very high speed. But when they reach halfway. Suddenly they start to float in the air with some kind of red smoke surrounding them. All of them crash each other and by crushing everyone they all created huge metal balls. After that huge ball hit another unit of Robots who also came toward us. I looked towards the newcomer. Again this was another Unknown woman. Just who hell are these people? I never saw or even heard about them. This also attracted Ultron's attention. He with other units of the army dashed in our direction. But Suddenly another figure landed on Ultron's Clone. Then he also fired a laser from his eyes. But his Laser was different from anything I had ever seen before. That laser changed its direction after hitting Ultron's Clone and went toward another one. When that laser stop. It already destroyed Fifty of Ultron's Clones. But the Good thing is I know that man. This man is the always in my thoughts in the last few months. He's the one I urge to meet even at my death door. The man who I have a crush upon.

It was Peter. I am finally able to see him. I thought I was never able to see him again. Looks Like I was wrong.

Ultron : Spiderman, Can't Say I am Expecting you. Now you have your team huh?

Peter grinned himself.

Peter : Yeah, Call Us Overwatch.

I was shocked all these Unknown females are working with Peter.

3rd person pov

We saw Susan Storm about to be hit with an energy beam fired by Ultron's Clone. But suddenly Some Unknown woman stopped that beam with the shield. While we were shocked by the arrival of this unknown woman. Another Unknown woman arrived flying and shooting lasers from her eyes toward the Ultron's Clones. After shooting them she went down to attack others with brutal strength. At the same time, we heard some noise when We looked in that direction. We saw lots of Ultron's Clones floating in the air with some kind of red smoke surrounding them. They crushed each other and form a huge ball that fall upon other units of Ultron's Clones. We were shocked at who was these unknown women.

Tony : Who are Those sexy Ladies?

Clint : Yeah. All three of them are hot babes.

Scott : They never rejected me when a Superior like me asked them out.

Logan : In your dreams.

Carol : Idiots, Just one time think with your brains, not with your dick.

Natasha : But Seriously who are they?

Ultron and his units notice this and dashed toward those women. But suddenly one more figure comes to the scene. Landed on Ultron's Clone and shoot a laser from his eyes. But his Laser was different it starts to change its direction after hitting the robots. But we know this one. This was Spiderman.

Ultron : Spiderman, Can't Say I am Expecting you. Now you have your team huh?

Spiderman grinned himself.

Spiderman : Yeah, Call Us Overwatch.

We were shocked all these unknown women are working with Spiderman.

At New York

The fight between Heroes and Ultron was also broadcast live to the Whole world. They also watch how Spiderman and his teammates defeat lots of Ultron's Clones.

Random person 1 (R. P. 1) : Did you see that?

R. P. 2 : Yeah Spiderman Finally came to the battle. Yay Go Spiderman!

R. P. 3 : And looks like this time he comes with powerful teammates too.

R. P. 4 : Everyone in his team including himself is Overpowered. Looks how easily they defeated Ultron's Clones.

R. P. 1 : They Call themselves Overwatch. Spiderman got his team with New Super Heroines.

R. P. 3 : That's why he was not working with other heroes.

R. P. 4 : Wow, Overwatch is Awesome.

R. P. 1 : Overwatch.

Mary Jane's Pov

I watch the news about Skymeriya. Tiger gathered his team. And all of them are Super Strong. But all of his teammates are female.

Me : I need to be careful. They might steal Tiger from me. I need to get together with Tiger as soon as possible. And looks at him. He became so hot now.

May Jameson pov

I am watching the live broadcast of Skymeriya with my husband J.J. Jameson. We saw how Spiderman with his new teammates easily overpowered Ultron's army. I was happy to see that my nephew is doing well. And become even stronger so he won't get hurt. I was gone to his school to meet him but he applied for early graduation and pass all the exams for that. I was too late to meet him at that time. He even left his old apartment and bought a new house that no one knew about. Looks like He is trying to stay away from his friends and family member. Just having that I was feeling very heartbroken. But I can't blame him. He had to go through the worst because of his Old Friends and even me.

J.J. Jameson: He finally joins the battle with Ultron. Can't say I was expecting this kind of his entrance. He has his team. And all of his team members are super strong.

Me : Yes, He Finally has some Good team members who he can rely upon.

Felicia Hardy's Pov

I was watching the broadcast of Skymeriya. How easily Spider and his new teammates overpowered Ultron's Clones. I was thinking about our last encounter. He told me that he hates me. Every time I think about that conversation with a spider. I feel regret about everything I did to him. I was dating him and Kissing his best friend while looking at him. How bad can I be? Just thinking about him every time I cried to my heart's content. I seriously regret everything I did to him. I will try again to apologize to him. I beg him for his forgiveness. This time I will try my best.

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