Spider-Verse: Creeping Hunger

In a wild twist of fate, I, a random person from another universe, find myself transmigrated into the body of Peter Parker from Gwen Stacy's universe, Earth 65B. But there's a catch - this version of Peter Parker was destined to die, paving the way for Gwen Stacy, the Ghost Spider to fall in love with Miles Morales. Well, let me tell you, I'm not going down without a fight! First things first, death is not on my to-do list. Nope, not happening. Secondly, did I mention I refuse to die? Yeah, it's a firm no from me. Thirdly, you guessed it, I absolutely refuse to meet my untimely demise. P.S: Just to make things interesting, I am gonna put some dirt in everyone's eyes!! ~ I will be posting on RR as well.

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Lizard Formula

I stared at my pepperoni pizza in deep thought. Then I shook my head. Not enough. I took a bottle of olive oil that was filled with garlic and sprayed it on top of the slice until it was submerged.

Then I nodded. This is good. Taking a bite, I looked out of the window and sighed. Then I took another bite and sighed. Then I took another bite and sighed, then I took another bite and... sighed.

And then... I sighed for one last time.

"I need to stop sighing, it is not the solution."

It was easy to accept that I had transmigrated into Peter's body. In front of me, other than the plate that contained the heated-up pizza, was a small notepad.

This body has a very high IQ. 250 to be exact but having a high IQ does not actually mean that one has the ability to think outside the box. Outside the box, as in something intelligent people can not think of.

Naturally, I am street smart having been a law and psychology student in my past life. Along with my EQ and this body's IQ. I should be pretty good off.

This world is Marvel. Even a bagel strike can make someone a supervillain. It is easy to acquire power and easy to lose all of it and go crazy at the same time.

Today is a Monday and I have bunked school for today. Who knew I would actually be Peter Parker? I thought this is a dream brah.

I doubt anyone would even notice that I am absent. Maybe Need Leeds, he loves bullying me or the Parker before. I ain't letting that dude bully me. He was one of the main factors in Peter's downfall.

From my memories I know that Peter is a huge fan of Spider-Woman, it could be said that he was borderline obsessed.

Gwen would usually come to rescue Peter and everyone would mock him for needing a woman to protect himself.

I understand that. It would anger me as well. Hence, the next actions... Peter developing a lizard formula does not surprise me nor would I condemn him.

Peter was not bitten by a spider this time and he still tried to gain powers, this time to protect himself willingly or out of a selfish desire. I respect this either way.

A pity that the formula he has made has a defect. It is incomplete. At a point, the user will go berserk and lose control.

If I am to get stronger then this Lizard Formula is a good opportunity. Since it was not humanely tested before, Peter did not know its side effects... But I do.

Hence... with this new body... I can cure the negative aspects and perfect it. For all I know, I may have found the ultimate cure for regeneration.

A smile bloomed on my face. This is amazing. I can do this.

After finishing my pizza, I removed some milk in a bowl and added some cereal. Then I sat by the window of my room and began to brainstorm.

Peter had a lot of knowledgeable books and his notes were very extensive. All of them helped me a lot.

After scribbling and jotting down for a few hours, I looked up and saw that it was close to Noon. Cracking my neck and fingers, I closed the book.

The formula was perfected. Next, I just need to make it. As for the previous formula, I was wondering if I should buy a pet and feed it to him or her.

It would be a cool experiment. I can buy two pets, one for the incomplete and the other for the complete. Then I will observe them for a few days and if the one with the complete is perfectly fine and has regenerated limbs, I will drug myself with it.

Oh, did I mention that I will cut their limbs? Probably not so I will mention it now. I will cut a limb. Maybe limbs.

I don't like to cut animals but this is for my own survival and safety. It is truly psychopathic. On the plus side, the animals will become the first few super animals.

Walking toward the kitchen, I opened the refrigerator. Hmmm... which pizza should I eat? Pineapple? Margarita? Pepperoni? Bbq?

Hmmm, maybe I should go out, eat lunch and touch some grass. Since I have come here, I have not gone outside.

On the way, I can buy the pets as well. Since in my past life, I used to live in London, I never had the chance to visit New York.

So, I can visit Central Park. It has been on my list of things I want to do before I die.... even if it's in a different universe. It is technically counted.

I can even brainstorm over there in nature. With that in mind, I changed into new clothes. Peter's cupboard sucked. His style is... EW!

I have to find ways to grow money so I can buy better clothes. In my previous life, I used to wear suits a lot. Naturally due to being a law student.

I plan on wearing the same in the future. Either that or something of the same formal style.

I wore whatever I could, anything that was remotely acceptable to me. A hoodie, especially to cover this skinny body, and baggy pants, especially to cover his skinny legs.

Then I wore the pair of Converse that Peter had. The only good pair of shoes. Grabbing the keys to the house and my wallet, I left.

Holding the notepad, I scribbled down whenever I had an inspiration.

By now it already had a few pointers. Targets for today. 1)Eat Lunch, first and foremost. 2)Chew the food properly, so as to not choke to death. 3)Stay away from caramel popcorn. 4)Stay away from popcorn entirely. 5)Buy Pets. 6)Visit Central Park. 7)Join a Gym or at least inquire at one. 8)Maybe a dojo as well, if luck is good I can find a powerhouse. 8)Visit Shops that sell chemistry equipment and all the ingredients I need for the formula. 9)Go home. 10)Feed the pets.

Looking over the notepad I nodded. It was good enough. Maybe I should just write a diary. Oh! For the pets, I can buy those white mice that scientists use.


Also, I am planning to go to school tomorrow. I need something to protect myself from Needs Leeds. Hmm, I will ponder on that later.

If I do not attend school, will Aunt May and Uncle Ben be called? I do not wish to trouble them nor do I want them to arrive sooner than expected.

That would disrupt my plans.

I stopped in front of the Sharwa restaurant, taking a deep breath I entered inside. Let's just eat in peace for now.


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