3 Chapter 3

Except, did Spider-Man from other universes intrude in the Ultimate universe?

Mark glanced at Shadow Spider-Man, who was standing beside himself in confusion, and was a little confused.

Still, he reacted quickly and shared the information he knew with Shadow Spider-Man.

Right now it was a matter of life and death, and sharing information was the top priority.

And he believed that Spider-Man would not break down for such a reason, after all, Marvel itself had this parallel universe set up.

It was just that in his case, this "parallel universe" had become a bit special.

As expected, Shadow Spider-Man was immediately shocked: "You mean there are movies and games about Spider-Man in this world and other worlds in your universe?"

Mark nodded.

"That's incredible. What about me?" Shadow Spider-Man said expectantly.

"Uh," Mark shook his head after trying to think back, "There's a lot of stuff about Spider-Man in our world and I haven't seen all of it, so ."

"Well," Shadow Spider-Man shrugged, looking a little lost, "it seems I'm not much known."

"Hey man, don't be like that, why don't we just try to work out our immediate problems first?" Mark put his arm around Shadow Spider-Man's shoulders and reassured him.

He didn't want the hope of returning home that he had so easily encountered to sink.

And, for some reason, he always felt a sense of affinity when facing Shadow Spider-Man, as if they were meant to be meet and be friends.

"Well, you're right," Shadow Spider-Man nodded, "then again, by what you say, maybe we should go find that little guy named Miles now?"

Mark shook his head, "Miles shouldn't be too easy to find, the name is common after all. I was thinking, why don't we go and look for Aunt May?"

"Aunt May?"

"Yes, it's two different worlds, but you're Peter too, so you probably know where Aunt May lives, right?" Mark suggested.

After a moment of deliberation, Shadow Spider-Man nodded, "That's true, but there's so much difference between my time and this time setting-wise."

"And that's all we have as a clue, isn't it?" Mark shrugged.

"Well, you have a point." Shadow Spider-Man nodded.

So the two men continued and walked down the street to the far side.

On the side screen, the report of Spider-Man Peter Parker's death was still playing.

"My husband, Peter."

"He was an ordinary man."

"He always said that anyone could be the man behind the mask."

"He just happened to get bitten by that spider."

Both Mark and Shadow Spider-Man were in a somewhat heavy mood as they listened to that along the way.

The two soon arrived in Queens, in front of a detached cottage with a courtyard - it turned out that even though it was a different world, Peter Parker was Peter Parker and there would always be certain similarities.

"If nothing else, this should be it." Shadow Spider-Man said.

Mark looked and nodded, affirming, "This is the right place, look, there are still sympathy gifts from the fans over there"

On the fence of the courtyard, there was a gift or a bouquet of flowers, and a note on top of it, saying something like, "A tribute to our beloved Spider-Man", "Our friendly neighbour Spider-Man", "Dear Peter the Spider" and so on.

"Well, this is the right place," Shadow Spider-Man shrugged.

The mood of the two men sank back down for a moment.

"You go and ring the doorbell."

"You go ahead, you're the one who's Peter."

"You're Peter too, you go."

"But I'm Mark."

"Mark, Peter, that's now the same since you're now a Spider-Man as well so go."

"What kind of nonsense was that? Look..."

The two men were pushing and shoving each other, deciding who was going to ring the doorbell, when suddenly, in unison, a violent twisting sensation arose in both their bodies.

Mark fell to the floor without being able to help himself, the intense pain giving him a feeling of separation of the mass walls.

It was as if he had been hit in the chest by a large rock.

This sensation came and went as quickly as it came.

After a few seconds, they breathed a sigh of relief in unison and got back to their feet.

"What's happening to us?" Shadow Spider-Man asked rhetorically, his heart palpitating.

Mark pondered for a moment and said, "We are known to have come from our own world to this parallel world for some reason, so essentially we should have undergone a quantum collapse phenomenon passively. And the quanta we carry that originally belonged to other worlds are obviously not adapted to the quantum state of this world itself."

"Stop!" Shadow Spider-Man hastily held out his hand to stop Mark's brainstorming, "Just say what will happen."

"It'll kill us." Mark affirmed, "If we are not allowed to return to the space-time we belong to for a certain amount of time, our quantum state that belonged to other worlds will be crushed by the quantum state of this world and eventually collapse completely and disappear altogether!"

Shadow Spider-Man shivered.

With a flash, he instantly appeared at the doorbell and rang it many times in quick succession.

"Aunt May, Aunt May-"

"Who is it? It's too late in the night to be taking fan visits," a slightly older voice rang out as the lights in the room quickly came on.

The door to the room opened to reveal a figure in the back.

It was an old woman with a baseball bat, her face rather haggard in the light - no wonder, after all, how could one not be sad when an adopted nephew, who was as close as a son, had passed away tragically.

"Uh," Mark looked at Aunt May, then at Shadow Spider-Man, and decisively stepped forward and removed his hat with one hand.

"What are you doing?" Shadow Spider-Man queried.

"Can you bear to see her sad? Besides, how can we get in without showing our face?" Mark explained.

"I see," Shadow Spider-Man understood in seconds, then reached down and removed his visor.

Beneath the mask was a middle-aged face with a sharp and experienced look, more vicissitudes than the Peter Parker of this world that Mark had seen on the street screen earlier.

However, anyone who was not face-blind could see the extreme resemblance between the two.

And Aunt May was clearly not blind.

The baseball bat fell to the ground and rolled down the steps.

But no one was paying attention to the poor baseball bat at this point.

Aunt May was trembling all over with excitement, "Peter! Peter!"

Shadow Spider-Man obviously wasn't very good at smiling, but managed to pull out a smile, "Hi Aunt May, I'm Peter, but I'm not the Peter of this world"

Aunt May had stepped in front of him and said as she surveyed him, "I know, you're Peter from another time and place."



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