2 Chapter 2

"Holy shit! Are you, like, a human or a ghost?!" Mark's eyes widened.

The reason why he was so surprised was not only because of the way the guy landed in front of him just now, but also because of his appearance.

The man was now standing fully in front of Mark.

Through the light coming in from the street lamps, his entire figure appeared in front of Mark, and he was actually black and white.

Wait, no. Black, white and grey, to be precise!

His body was draped in a long grey trench coat with a plain black skin-tight suit underneath, while on his head he wore a cap, and under the brim, a pair of windproof glasses that only pilots would wear - but the style looked very old.

And looking like that, he looked really weird.

"Huh? Man, you don't seem to be clothed in the same style as me, oh~" the man said in surprise.

Mark was , "I should be the one saying that, right?"

"Well~ your lines are soft, you feel less like a fighter and more like a civilian?" The man said as he surveyed Mark.

"Well you got me, I am indeed a man who can't fight, but still, you still haven't answered my question, who are you really? You said we were 'one of a kind'? What do you mean? Do you know why I am here?" Mark asked a series of questions.

The man waved his hand, "Well now I'm more convinced we're kind, because you talk as much as I do."

Mark, 'The fuck?'

The man said, "Let me introduce myself. Ehem, my name is Peter Parker, but they usually call me; the Spider-Man Noir."

"Spider-Man?... You're Spider-Man!?" Mark's eyes went wide for a moment.

He didn't think if he should believe it.

But by now, his mind had unconsciously conjured up the actions of this Spider-Man from the time he appeared until now.

Hanging upside down from the eaves of a house without any external help.

Without any gliding wings or any traction, he easily jumped from a height of more than ten metres without any injuries.

It's definitely something extraordinary.

(A/N: Imma just call him Shadow Spider-Man from now on.)

"Yeah, aren't you?" Shadow Spider-Man stretched out his hands and looked at Mark, puzzled.

"Me? Of course I'm not. I'm just a normal guy." Mark said, denying it immediately. He would have liked to be Spider-Man, but he wasn't mutated... wait.. speaking of which, it seems he had actually just been bitten by a spider.

With that in mind, Mark subconsciously raised his left hand, the fingers of which were still wrapped in white gauze.

'I don't think so, though. There are many people who have been bitten by spiders. If a spider bite makes you Spider-Man, then wouldn't a worker ant bite make you a working ant man?' Mark thought to himself, but his hand honestly went to remove the white gauze, and at the same time, a bit of anticipation even crept into his heart.

The Shadow Spider-Man didn't make a sound either, just clasped his hands to his chest, and waited for the reveal.

The gauze was soon lifted.

Mark was overwhelmed by the fact that the wound, which had been so swollen yesterday, was now smooth as a baby's skin.

Not to mention the swelling, the wound is not even visible anymore.

"Did you just get bitten?" Shadow Spider-Man spoke up at this time.

Spider-Man's intelligence was high, and Shadow Spider-Man, as a mature Spider-Man who had fought against the monopoly capitalists independently, was even more capable. Seeing Mark's actions, he took a rough guess of what was going on.

Mark nodded subconsciously, "Well I kind of believe what you're saying now."

Shadow Spider-Man smiled a little and put his arm around Mark's shoulders casually, as if he saw his old self in him, "Well, I've been through periods like yours, and soon you'll get used to it. But until then, I thought we might as well go for a drink?"

"Yes," Mark agreed. When in unfamiliar surroundings and distracted, a small drink was indeed a good option.

So the two of them went and headed out into the alley.

But soon they stood still again.

In front of them, a large screen appeared, and on it was a picture.

And on the screen was a Spider-Man in a blue and white spider suit.

"Spider-Man again?" Mark looked at the screen in shock, he could be sure that this was not some kind of movie promo, as it was not in any of the generations of Spider-Man that he had seen made into movies.

He had a good memory and was absolutely certain of this.

Because what it said, it read:

"Our hero, Spider-Man, left us today. His death is linked to another mysterious seismic event that took place in Brooklyn today."

"Confirmed by multiple sources, Peter Parker, a 26-year-old graduate student and part-time photographer, played the role of Spider-Man for more than a decade."

And with the news put on the screen, was Spider-Man, and a picture of Peter Parker!

"There's a Spider-Man in this world, too, and, he's dead?" Both Mark and Shadow Spider-Man stared blankly at the screen.

Mark suddenly reacted as if he knew which world this was.

He hadn't watched all of the animation related to Spider-Man, just the ones that had been made into movies.

But apart from that, he had previously gotten his hands on a PS5 and bought the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game disc.

This is a spin-off of the 18th edition of Marvel's Spider-Man, featuring Miles Morales, an Afro-Latin mix who is also the second Spider-Man of Marvel's Ultimate Universe.

His powers are similar to those of the original Spider-Man, coming from the bite of a spider created by Norman Osborn in an attempt to replicate Spider-Man's superpowers.

However, unlike other Spider-Men, he has bioelectricity and the ability to be invisible.

In the game, the stealth ability allows Miles Morales to immediately disappear when an assassination attempt fails and return to high ground to continue the assassination, while the bioelectricity, which can be used to shatter armours and paralyze enemies.

Of course, the plot of this game has the first Spider-Man not dying, but taking his girlfriend to Europe and then fighting one of his usual enemy.

But after beating the game and getting the reward, Mark went searching for this Miles Spider-Man setting out of further understanding of the game's characters.

The backstory of the Miles Spider-Man then led to the death of Peter Parker, the first Spider-Man:

After the Green Goblin's identity was revealed, Norman Osborn was arrested and Osborn Industries was abandoned. Two months before Peter Parker's death, a thief infiltrated Osborn Industries, during which a spider slipped into his carryall without him noticing.

Miles Morales is a young boy from Brooklyn who goes against his parents' rules to visit his uncle (The Prowler) who used to be a criminal. At his uncle's house, he is bitten by this spider from Osborne Industries and later discovers that he has gained superhuman physical abilities, invisibility, and bioelectricity.

Initially he was very negative about this and planned to hide his powers and just be a normal person.

But some time later, Spider-Man is killed in battle and Miles arrives on the scene too late.

He blamed himself for Peter's death and was determined to follow Peter's belief that "with great power comes great responsibility" and became the second Spider-Man.

In fact, there is a veiled reference to him in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In order to find out where the Vulture is and to prove that he is capable, Spider-Man uses the artificial intelligence in his suit to find Aaron Davis, who says that he has a nephew who lives in Brooklyn, a reference to the Miles Morales Spider-Man.

But the that Miles was probably only four or five years old at that time.

By comparing the information in his head, Mark quickly came to a conclusion.

This must be the Ultimate Universe aka Earth-1610.

"Oh fuck me."

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