Spider-Man Mayhem

Reincarnating into Peter Parker and Spider-Man isn't what it's all cracked up to be... Would the Mc have what it takes to wear the symbol and the mask. You would just have to read and find out ... My Mc is a heroic type, killing isn't going to be what goes through his mind when he's Spider-Man, sorry for those that want an edgy and dark Spider-Man but mine doesn't have that boner... This is an Algamation of different Spider-Man stories and making it into one big universe, so some dates won't match with what you know... anyways enjoy

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Chapter 88

[Third Person's PoV]

"Yo!" Peter said, poking his head inside MJ's hospital room.

MJ, who was sitting upright, looked towards Peter and smiled as he entered, followed by Gwen, Aunt May, and Uncle Ben.

Peter handed her a bouquet of flowers. "We got you these along the way, my lady," he said, taking her hand and giving it an old-style kiss.

Gwen smiled at his actions and shook her head, while MJ started chuckling.

Aunt May practically pushed Peter out and gave MJ a hug. "How are you feeling, sweet? Do you know how long you have to stay here? You're not permanently injured, right? Did you have anything to eat? Is the hospital food any good?"

"I'm feeling so much love from you, Aunt May, it's insane," Peter said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, shush you, can't you see we're talking here," Aunt May retorted.

MJ smiled at Aunt May's concerns and started answering her questions. "I'm good. I have to stay one more day since I'm just getting stitches along my back, and they have to make sure it's done properly and won't come off. No, I'm not permanently injured, thank goodness, and my mother stopped by just a minute ago to get me something to eat."

Aunt May let out a sigh of relief, while Gwen went and sat on the bed by MJ's feet.

They all talked amongst each other, asking her about her well-being and other topics for approximately an entire hour.

"Sorry, we have to leave so soon. We have to get to work in a minute," Aunt May said, giving MJ another hug.

"It's alright, thanks for visiting," MJ said, hugging Uncle Ben as well.

"What are you guys going to do?" Aunt May asked Gwen and Peter.

"We'll stay here for a while longer," Peter said, sitting on the other side of the bed and scrolling through his phone.

Aunt May nodded before she and Uncle Ben started leaving.

As they left, Peter turned towards Gwen, and they began to speak through their eyes. Seeing this, Gwen sighed and turned towards MJ. "Want anything to drink? I'm feeling thirsty and I'm about to go get something."

"I'll take a Coke," Peter said with a raised finger.

Gwen just gave him a look but didn't say anything.

"I'll just have water," MJ answered.

Gwen nodded, leaving the two of them alone.

"Alright, so what's this about me building a harem?" Peter asked with a teasing smirk.

"Phhttt, is that what you've been calling it? I can already picture you just bothering Gwen with it constantly," MJ said, chuckling, before blushing due to how sudden he asked.

"And just to be clear, it was all Gwen's idea, okay?" MJ muttered, not wanting to look like she was desperate enough to suggest Gwen share her boyfriend with her.

"I don't doubt it," Peter muttered back with an awkward smile.

Peter let out a sigh as he took her hands into his and looked into her eyes. "Answer me honestly, is this something you truly want to do? Are you fine with sharing a boyfriend with someone, even if that someone is your close friend?

If this is something Gwen just sprung on you and you being caught up in the moment agree but then later on regret and make you miserable, I'd rather you say it now and don't have to go through all that pain."

"Of course this isn't something I want to do, and I doubt this is something Gwen wants to do as well…"

"Then why are–"

"Wait let me finish, as I was saying this isn't something neither of us want to do" MJ then started to blush slightly as she continued, "But the thought of not being with you is 100 times more painful then just watching in the side line, do you have any idea how much it hurt seeing you be with Gwen all happy and in love while knowing that was something I'll never have, that's been my entire life up to this point"

Peter was in shock as he saw MJ's eyes start to water, MJ then took a deep breath and took a hand away from his, she then pointed her index finger in between Peter's eyes, "That's right, I, Mary Jane Watson, have been in love with you, Peter Benjamin Parker, since we were just little kids and I always will.

You bring me security like no other person, that is something I deem very important, if i'm in trouble I know you would have my back no matter what, the nights where i would sneak into your room and you would make sure i was alright until I feel asleep are very important and dear to me, slowly and slowly I start to fall in love with you completely.

So if it means that in order to be with you I would have to share you with Gwen I'll be more than happy too, that is a sacrifice I'm willing to make."

Peter just covered his mouth as he turned away, MJ say how his ears turned slightly red and smiled.

Peter composed himself and turned back towards MJ, he held her face and wiped away her tears.

"I‐I, wow, I'm kinda speechless… *deep breath* There is no denying it, you are someone very important to me, and I would always view you as such no matter the circumstances. So after you get better let's go out on a date, just you and me. If afterwards you think that our date went well will try out a relationship together, what do you say?"

MJ cheeks turned pink as she nodded her head shyly, Peter smiled and kissed her forehead before pressing his against hers and looking into her eyes.

"And if this all works out, please tell me if I do something wrong in our relationship, if there's something that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy, please tell me right away. In order to make this unconventional relationship work, communication between all of us is going to be very important, alright?"

MJ once again nodded her head shyly, 'God… this is why I love him, he's so amazing and sweet, at this point I don't care that I have to share him, as long as I can have a special place in his heart then that's alright for me'

"I want to take our time in our relationship, I don't want you to think you have to compete with each other, we'll go at a pace where you are comfortable and I'll try my best to accommodate it" Peter said, smiling softly towards her.

Seeing his smile and the way he was looking at her MJ couldn't take it anymore, she took a hold of his face and kissed his lips, at first it started a bit chaste before it started to become more passionate.

After it ended MJ was still holding his face and they continued looking into each other's eyes as they backed away from each other slightly.

"Damn woman… just wow" Peter muttered.

MJ blushed and touched her lips with her finger, "Wow indeed"

"Yeah wow indeed" Gwen said teasingly standing by the door with their drinks in hand.

Even Peter started to blush as he felt like a kid with a hand in the cookie jar…