Spider-Man Mayhem

Reincarnating into Peter Parker and Spider-Man isn't what it's all cracked up to be... Would the Mc have what it takes to wear the symbol and the mask. You would just have to read and find out ... My Mc is a heroic type, killing isn't going to be what goes through his mind when he's Spider-Man, sorry for those that want an edgy and dark Spider-Man but mine doesn't have that boner... This is an Algamation of different Spider-Man stories and making it into one big universe, so some dates won't match with what you know... anyways enjoy

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Chapter 73

[Third Person's PoV]

As they ran their spidey-sense rang, which caused them to turn around. For Peter it was like the whole world had slowed down, he watched a large table break through a glass panel which separated each office and come flying towards them.

As it approached, Peter turned back and slid underneath it, he shot his web at the table which stopped it just in time from hitting the others and flung it back towards Doc ock who threw it at them.

Doc ock's tentacle arms closed and pierced the table, stopping it on its track. Before flinging it off, but she didn't stop there. Her tentacle arms expanded carrying her towards them at a fast pace, not caring about smashing the glass panels.

It would grab anything it could get her hands on and throw it towards them at a very quick speed.

But Peter's speed was quicker, he moved all around pulling the thrown objects from the air back towards Doc ock. To quickly stop all of the objects that came flying towards them, Peter turned around and got on one knee before putting a thumb on his organic web shooter.

As he shot his webs, multiple strings came out instead of a singular long one. Each part hooked to a part of the office's window screen as it slowly created a large spider web, which caught all objects thrown.

Peter turned around and shot a web to pull himself closer to the others but not before throwing an object towards the spider web he created.

Peter B grabbed the monitor Miles was carrying and threw it to the side.

"What was that for!" Miles shouted undoing his Invisibility as he didn't see the point of having it on.

"We don't need it! Everything we will need is in there" He said pointing towards the computer.

When Doc ock got towards the spider web, she said, "Smart tactic but foolish if he thinks that's enough stop me.

Her tentacles shredded through the spider webs and objects until she heard a beeping sound. She looked down and saw a blue and red ball that was flashing a red light roll to her feet.

Her eyes widened in shock as it exploded covering her entire body in webs. All she heard was the shout of Peter happily saying, "Boom!"

Miles, who was what happened, looked at Peter in shock, "Did you really create a grenade and fill it with webs? That's so freaking cool"

"Yup! Web grenade for the win"

Before they continued talking they went through a door which led to a cafeteria and multiple scientists were seen sitting down eating their lunch, which caused Peter and the others to freeze.

Peter B looked towards the side and saw a cart with bagels on them and took a few with him, "Don't mind if I do, all this running made me famished."

"Now the key to getting out of here is to act natural and act like you belong" Peter B as he started walking with a bagel in hand.

The others unconsciously followed behind him. One of the scientists sitting down turned her head and looked at them, "Spider-Men?" She asked in surprise.

"I just have one of those face" He casually said waving the bagel at her.

The others turned around and quickly reached for their weapons before pointing it at them. "Freeze! Hands up!" She shouted.

Peter B handed Miles the bagel and took the computer in his hands, he turned towards Peter and Gwen and just casually said, "This is the part where they all start shooting while we make a run for it and they miraculously miss… now run towards Terence "

Which they did, they ran towards Terence and pushed past the door, Miles looked at the bagel on his hand unsure on why he was holding it and threw it towards the shooting mobs which ended up hitting someone on the head.

"Now swing through the trees" Peter B said, jumping from the Terence.

"Is it because I'm black!" Miles shouted following along.

"Ha!" Peter laughed, "A race quip at a time like this! Hahaha he's definitely ready to be Spider-Man!"

"Sorry that just came out of nowhere when you told me to swing from the trees" Miles said, sounding embarrassed.

Peter turned around and dove while giving them the middle finger and swung away. "Hahahaha, suck it losers!"

"Peter!" Gwen shouted as she jumped before covered her move with one hand, as she didn't mean to shout his name but quickly realized that everyone in the world already knew of his identity,

"Was that really necessary!" Gwen went back to reprimanding him.

"Oh come on they are shooting energy bullets at us, I think it's well deserved" Peter said justifying his reason.

Gwen just sighed as Miles was having a hard time swinging through the trees, Peter B looked back and saw this and shouted, "What's the matter kid, never swung through a shootout?"

"This is literally my second time swinging, so No!" He shouted right back.

One of the energy bullets ended up hitting Miles' web, which caused him to fall mid swing.

"Ahhhhhh!" He shouted as he tried to recover. He ended up shooting his web towards a branch but the branch was too skinny and small to hold his weight.

Luckily for him the snow was there to soften his landing but that didn't stop it from hurting. He groaned as he got up, but that gave them the perfect opportunity for the scientists to catch up and start shooting him with weapons.

Miles ran as they kept shooting him dodging every shot thanks to his spidey-sense.

Peter appeared swinging upside down past him and towards the scientists while shouting, "Trust your senses Miles! Let them guide you! No one wants you to stay safer than yourself, so jump and let your instinct direct your next moves!"

Peter let go of his web at his peak altitude before shooting his webs in-between the scientists, he charged his fist with electricity and pulled himself towards them, slamming his electric charged fist slam onto the ground.

The area around them shook as electricity surged through the ground hitting some of the scientists knocking them out. Some of the trees were uprooted up the ground and part of the ground around Peter caved in due to the force of his punch.

Peter swung his webs at two trees that were still standing and pulled back on them slightly, while holding his web, he released his hold which sent him flying through the air above the trees, "Spider slingshot baby! WOOOH!"

Meanwhile, as Miles now had more breathing room he decided to follow Peter's advice. He took a deep breath before running up a tree and jumping off. He closed his eyes shaking but before he touched the ground his body reacted instinctively and shot a web towards the nearest tree, Miles reopened his eyes, which widened in excitement, "Hahaha! I'm never going to get sick of this!"

He swung towards the next tree as Peter B appeared right to him, "Seriously kid, You're getting better and Better, it's unbelievable!" he said, sounding proud.

But as they swung they heard the sound of trees being turned down, which caused their spidey-senses to go off.

They saw Doc Ock with her hair and face covered with strings of webs looking rather pissed, "Don't think you're getting away that easily, Spider-Men!"

From her side she heard the voice of Gwen as she punched her in the face, "Don't forget women too!"

As Doc ock was thrown to the ground, Gwen landed right next to her and started freezing her tentacles in place with her ice.

"Seriously you're a woman yourself, what happened to girl power" Gwen said freezing her last tentacles.