Spider-Man Mayhem

Reincarnating into Peter Parker and Spider-Man isn't what it's all cracked up to be... Would the Mc have what it takes to wear the symbol and the mask. You would just have to read and find out ... My Mc is a heroic type, killing isn't going to be what goes through his mind when he's Spider-Man, sorry for those that want an edgy and dark Spider-Man but mine doesn't have that boner... This is an Algamation of different Spider-Man stories and making it into one big universe, so some dates won't match with what you know... anyways enjoy

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Chapter 60

[Third Person's PoV]

The two Gwen looked at each other in shock, they slowly held out their palm and made their hands slowly touch.

They waited in anticipation as if the universe would collapse on itself if they made contact.

"BOOM!" Peter shouted, causing both of them to jump in fright.

Peter started laughing seeing them jump, while his Gwen slapped him on the shoulder. "Don't do that! You almost gave a heart attack"

"Hahaha, sorry, sorry, I couldn't help it" Peter said in between his laughs.

"Just What is going on?" Aunt May asked seeing so many people gathered dressed in different Spider-Man outfits.

Peter and the rest of them looked at Aunt May awkwardly and slowly entered her living room.

"Umm Well, First thing first, I'm sorry for your lost Aunt May" Peter said sincerely, which the others soon followed.

"But we–" Peter didn't get to finish what he was saying as they started glitching.

They all then groaned in pain which caused Aunt May to look at them with worry, "Okay ow, as I was saying, we're not from this universe. I believe that whatever killed this Peter Parker is related to what brought us all here"

"It makes sense, one way or another we are all related to Spider-Man" Noir said while looking around.

"It could be what caused that earthquake earlier" Aunt May said while looking at everyone, tears slowly streamed down her face thinking about what could have caused Peter's death.

All the spider-men\women started comforting her.

"I could look into it but I would need my A.I for it." Peter said while contemplating letting out a hint.

"You have an A.I?" Peni Parker asked

To which Peter nodded with a proud smirk, he then showed his masked as he then explained, "Built her myself, She's currently resting and needs a powerful server to operate"

"Cool Mecha by the way, do you mind if I study it when we have the chance?" Peter asked looking out the window and at the giant metal spider.

"I don't mind." Peni said, shrugging her shoulders.

"I got just the thing you need, follow me" Aunt May said, grabbing her keys.

Everyone soon started following Aunt May outside as she went outback and towards the Shed. Even the Mecha started following behind them.

As Aunt May inserted the key into the lock a bright red spider symbol appeared, which was followed by the door gaining a spider symbol as well opening up leading into a high tech elevator.

"I'm definitely stealing some of these ideas, cause that was sick" Peter said as he along with everyone else entered.

Gwen just scoffed and playfully smacked his arm "Be respectful"

"You two seem awfully close" Gwen2 said, noticing how they interacted with each other and how handsy they are with each other.

Gwen just looked at Gwen2 confused, "Well yeah I sure hope we're close he's my boyfriend after all"

Aunt May pressed the elevator button once everyone was inside, while Gwen2 looked at the two in shock before blushing slightly then looking downcast.

As they started going down different gadgets and machinery were on display and when they reached the bottom floor, they were in the middle of the room with different Spider-Men outfits displayed neatly side by side.

"Okay I'm definitely stealing some of these ideas" Peter said looking around.

Aunt May looked at Peter with a smile as she says "Well then I hope you put them to good use"

Peter just smiled right back. Aunt May pointed at the large monitor and computer system as she said, "you can use that"

Peter nodded and went ahead of everyone, took the mask and turned it inside out. He looked around the large computer and started looking around it until he found a cable.

"Here it is" Peter said as he connected the cable to the mask. A loading screen with a loading bar appears on the screen.

"That's weird" Peter said, thinking of what the problem could be. But after thinking for a few secs he just shrugged his shoulder and waited

So while they waited, everyone started to get to know each.

"So what happened with your Peter?" Gwen asked Gwen2 after thinking about her reaction to the news of them dating.

"He's…dead. He turned into this Lizard monster and I wasn't able to save him" Gwen2 said with a downcasted expression on her face.

Gwen went and hugged Gwen2 and started reassuring her that everything was going to be alright.

"As for me, I'm alone. Just the way I like it. My only solace is the night and my enemies." Noir said.

Peni opened up the Mecha and out came the little spider, it was resting on her shoulder, "I have a telepathic link with this little guy"

"No way! you kept yours alive too" Peter although he was faking a bit of his excitement, he was happy to meet someone that also kept their spider alive.

"Have you named yours" Peter asked, Peni just shook her head.

"I haven't really had a need to name her" Peni, which she then paused and looked at Peter in confusion, "Wait, did you really name your spider?"

"Of course, Mr. Daddy Long Legs, is one of a kind after all"

Everyone stopped talking with each other and turned to look at Peter giving him a 'Really?' look.

Peter's face then grew slightly red as he got embarrassed, "It's not that bad, alright"


Everyone quickly turned to look towards where they heard the voice of an energetic little girl.

Peter's eyes widened in shock at what he was seeing. "Arnny? Is that you?"

In the large monitor behind them a little girl with the lower body of a spider appeared, she had light purple short hair, two large eyes with six little eyes above them and a happy grin plastered on her face.


The girl in the monitor pouted, "What? Father doesn't recognize me now that I had a bit of a makeover"

"A makeover? You had a whole surgical procedure" Gwen said, looking at Arnny in surprise.

"And I take it that is not normal?" Porker asked, looking at Gwen's and Peter's reaction.

"No, no it's not. She was, let's just say, a bit more robotic than she is now." Gwen said, still looking at Arnny in shock.

"And it's all Father's fault Mother, he was too lazy to make a powersource even though he's smart enough to do it and build me a quantum computer for my processing speed and development."

"Oi! Don't throw me under the boss now. I was just waiting for the right opportunity" Peter said with a weary smile.

While Gwen just gained another surprise "... Did you just call me mother?"

Arnny nodded her little head, "Of course, you will one day be Father's wife and was there through it all when he was making me so it's natural that you would be my mother"

Peter looked at Gwen's shocked expression and nudged her slightly "Congratulations on the promotion"

"So how did all this happen?" Peni asked, looking at Peter's now super advanced A.I.

"It's thanks to the computer system I'm currently in, whoever made it really knows their stuff. I was able to study emotions and human interactions better thanks to the processing power and storage it has. So I was able to develop my own taste and looks. So what do you think Father"

Peter just looked at Arnny proudly, "You look amazing"