Spider-Man Mayhem

Reincarnating into Peter Parker and Spider-Man isn't what it's all cracked up to be... Would the Mc have what it takes to wear the symbol and the mask. You would just have to read and find out ... My Mc is a heroic type, killing isn't going to be what goes through his mind when he's Spider-Man, sorry for those that want an edgy and dark Spider-Man but mine doesn't have that boner... This is an Algamation of different Spider-Man stories and making it into one big universe, so some dates won't match with what you know... anyways enjoy

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Chapter 128

[Third Person's PoV] 

While MJ and Peter were getting freaky, Gwen was in her room, lying in bed, scrolling through her phone with a bored expression.

As she was about to put her phone down, Aria's little avatar appeared, peeking her head from a corner while holding what seemed to be the edge of the screen.

"Hello," Aria said.

"Aria?" Gwen asked, looking at her in confusion. "What's wrong?"

"I just came by to inform you that the Trapster is close to finishing his adhesive creation," Aria said, informing Gwen.

"The Trapster? Sorry, I didn't really read the villains list, I just skimmed through them. Who's the Trapster?"

"Peter Petruski, also known as the Trapster or Paste-Pot Pete, is known for his expertise in creating adhesive substances that can immobilize opponents. He uses wrist-mounted devices to shoot streams of highly adhesive paste, which hardens upon exposure to air," Aria explained, showing Gwen all the information she had.

"I see. Did you tell Peter yet?" Gwen asked curiously.

Aria started pressing her fingers together as she shyly said, "No, he's kinda busy currently."

Gwen looked at her in confusion. "Doing what?"

Aria covered her eyes. "Let's just say Daddy and Momma MJ are busy in the act of procreation."

"Are you serious?" Gwen asked with a straight face before covering her face and letting out a sigh. "So the two of them are currently going at it, huh… why is it kinda hot?" Gwen muttered as she bit the bottom of her lip.

"Mommy Gwen…?" Aria called out, looking at Gwen with a strange look.

Gwen coughed into her hand as she grew a bit red. "Right, where were we?"

"The Trapster…"

"Right, right."

"Since Peter is the one that studies this, does he have any countermeasures for him?" Gwen asked.

"Yes, Daddy has built a solution based on the files that were presented. They are currently in the lab."

Gwen nodded and quickly changed into her Ghost-Spider outfit. Turning invisible, she jumped from the window and began to swing away.

"But wait… he hasn't done anything yet. I can't really go to him, beat him up, and take him to the police. What am I supposed to say to them? 'Oh yeah, I just beat him up because in another universe he's a bad guy,'" Gwen said sarcastically.

"God, do I have to follow him around until he does something bad? That's going to be annoying," Gwen said as she still went and retrieved the solution.

Once the solutions were in her hands, Aria said, "The Trapster has finished creating the adhesive."

"Show me where he is," Gwen said as she put the solutions on the side of her waist on her utility belt.

A minimap appeared in her peripheral vision with a flashing red dot.

Gwen nodded and exited the lab before swinging over. She turned invisible and appeared by what looked like a large working factory building, with different buildings around it.

She went by a window and opened it using her strength, taking the lock with it. While invisible, she walked around, passing through many doors, taking a peek inside and just finding them empty.

Except for one, where a man appeared to be setting up a machine in a workshop with bottle containers scattered around.

Gwen knocked on the door, causing the man inside to stop what he was doing. He turned and looked at the door in confusion. "That's weird, there shouldn't be anyone here right now."

He hoisted the machine to his back and grabbed what appeared to be a blaster in his hand as he made his way toward the door.

He took a peek through the window but didn't see anyone there. He opened the door and held the blaster close to him while looking side to side.

He then closed the door and shook his head. "I've been working myself too hard and staying up way too late. I'm starting to hallucinate. But it doesn't matter since I have finally completed it. With this adhesive, I'll be unstoppable. They will be trapped, unable to do anything…"

He aimed the blaster to the side and fired it. A giant blast of adhesive was then sent flying, creating a miniature mountain.

"I'll be… the Trapster."

Gwen was on the ceiling with a hand on her chest, breathing a sigh of relief. 'I dodged it in time.'

"The spider couple is a bit worrying, but it doesn't matter. I believe in what I created. No one should ever escape once they're trapped. And if they do, I'll already be miles ahead of them. This will slow them down," he muttered to himself as he made some last-minute arrangements.

Once he was done, he safely strapped it to his back once more and walked out, unaware of the Ghost-Spider watching his every move.

Gwen watched as he made his way towards the bank, 'Why does everyone love the bank. This place is like villain Hotspot' she thought as she watched him go inside. 

As she went after him she watched as he aimed his weapon towards everyone, "Everyone don't move! If you do, I quickly make sure you don't" He shouted 

Gwen jumped over him and webbed his weapon away from him leaving him empty handed, she undid her invisibility while mid air and landed back on the ground, "With you and what weapon?" Gwen teased. 

The Trapster looked a bit shaken upon seeing The Ghost-Spider since he didn't expect to get caught so quickly. He took a grenade stuffed with adhesive paste but before could activate it Gwen webbed it out of his hand, 

"Don't you know these toys are dangerous in the hands of a child"

"A child!?" 

Before he could retort anymore Gwen webbed his mouth, before knocking him out with a punch, "And down goes the paste maker… that sounds wrong now that I'm saying it outloud" 

After webbing him up, Gwen turned towards the staff, "You guys got it right?" She asked them. 

The staff that was available gave her a thumbs up and thanked, "Can we get a picture? My daughter is really big fan" 

"Sure," Gwen said happily, afterwards with nothing else to do she did a night shift taking down criminals and saving those in need. 

The next day…

MJ woke up laying her head on Peter's chest, when she looked up she looked at him with a smile before closing her eyes and listening to his powerful heartbeat. 

MJ went and kissed Peter on the cheeks waking him up. 

When Peter woke up with his arms around MJ he smiled towards her and kissed her forehead. 

That small intimate action sent butterflies through her stomach, as she giggled happily while rubbing her face on his chest which caused Peter to chuckle. 

MJ let out a satisfied sigh, "Last night was amazing. I think I've become fully addicted"

"You're going to make my ego bigger than what it already is" Peter said smugly 

"I don't wanna get up," MJ cutely pouted, "Let's just skip school and stay like this all day" 

Peter sigh out in reluctance, "you know we can't do that" 

"Not even if I…" MJ snaked her hand down his chest and past his abs. 

But Peter grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it, "You naughty little minx, you know once we start we wouldn't be able to stop" 

"We have to get ready, I'll pick you up later" Peter gave her a kiss before jumping out of bed and grabbing his clothes before turning invisible and leaving through her window. 

MJ laid sprawled on the bed, she took a deep breath letting the smell remind her of the fantastic things they did together. 

"Just the smell is making me horny… *sigh* I better get ready" 

After taking a warm and refreshing bath and getting dressed reluctantly took the sheets and put them to wash before heading down and making herself a cup of coffee. 

She held the cup in her hands as she drank with a blissful expression. She then heard footsteps and turned to look at her mother coming down in a robe with messy hair and circles under her eyes. 

"You look awful, did you work extra shifts?" MJ asked as she went and took a sip. 

The mother glared at MJ, "You aren't exactly very quiet in the middle of the night" 

A bit of coffee came out from her mouth, "Oh God, you heard that" 

"Heard it!? I was practically there with how loud you were" The Mom said irritatedly, before putting a hand over her face, "At least tell me you used protection?" 

"I took the pill," MJ mumbled. 

"And wasn't Peter going out with Gwen? What happened to them?" 

MJ didn't responded and just chucked her coffee before grabbing the bag, 

"MJ? MJ!" The mom called out and saw her run out before sighed and shaking her heads, "Teenagers" She grumbled. 

"So when are you bringing them?" Aunt May asked. 

"Huh?" Peter asked, looking away from the TV as he ate breakfast. 

"Did you forget I told you to bring the both of them here, so we can have a serious conversation?" 

"Right, right, my bad, a lot happened I forgot, I'll bring them after-school" Peter said awkwardly. 

Aunt May sighed, "You better" 

Peter returned to watching TV as it was the news about Stark Industries. As he watched he couldn't help but think to himself, 'I wonder when he'll get kidnapped and become Iron man… I'M SUCH AN IDIOT!' 

Peter mentally screamed, 'He isn't Iron Man yet, the reason I was worried about sneaking in and getting the reactor was because I was scared of getting caught! But he isn't Iron man right now, his tech is not as advanced as it should be. Son of a bitch! I could have had the Arc Reactor much sooner otherwise' 

Peter thought as he finished breakfast and cleaned the plates before leaving. Where he found MJ running out of her house. 

She crossed the street and hid behind him, seeing that her mother wasn't chasing her she let out a sigh of relief. 

"What's going on?" Peter asked, looking at her weirdly. 

MJ only looked at him with embarrassment, "My mom heard us last night. God I could die!" 

"Ha!" Peter laughed as he took out his bike, he then leaned back and smacked MJ in the ass causing her to yelp and let out a soft moan,

"I certainly hope she enjoyed the show then" 

MJ began smacking Peter in the back, "You bastard, that's my mom you're talking about" 

Peter only madly laughed as he made his way towards school with MJ hugging his back growing redder than her hair.