Spider-Man Mayhem

Reincarnating into Peter Parker and Spider-Man isn't what it's all cracked up to be... Would the Mc have what it takes to wear the symbol and the mask. You would just have to read and find out ... My Mc is a heroic type, killing isn't going to be what goes through his mind when he's Spider-Man, sorry for those that want an edgy and dark Spider-Man but mine doesn't have that boner... This is an Algamation of different Spider-Man stories and making it into one big universe, so some dates won't match with what you know... anyways enjoy

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Chapter 118

A/N: Do not take this chapter too seriously,


[Third Person's PoV] 

Peter and Gwen both looked at each other and at their banged-up appearance. "You look like shit," they both said at the same time, causing them to slowly smile and start laughing.

"Ow, ow, owie," they both said, holding their bodies in pain as they got dressed back into their civilian clothing.

Gwen's hair was sticking up and had soot from the electricity over her face, while she had cuts and dried blood over her nose.

Peter wasn't any better; he had multiple cuts and scrapes with bruises everywhere.

In their banged-up state, they both slowly and painfully walked towards their internship at the Baxter Building.

When they entered, they were getting a lot of looks from everyone. "Can I help you?" the receptionist asked.

"We're here for our internship…" they both said with an awkward grin.

"Oh yes, I've been given the message that if you two arrive to take the elevator and go to the 20th floor."

"Thank you," they both replied.

"I'm sorry, but do you need to call the hospital? You both look very hurt."

"No," they both replied as they left towards the elevator and went up to the 20th floor.

As they arrived, they knocked on the door.

"Oh, Johnny, that must be them. Open the door," they heard a woman call out.

"Yeah, yeah, sis, I heard. I'll go get it," Johnny responded.

A few seconds later, the doorknob turned, and the door opened.

The person that opened the door was a boy just a bit older than them with blond hair and blue eyes.


"You guys are late—Wow, you guys do not look okay," Johnny stopped mid-sentence and looked them over.

They both gave Johnny an awkward smile.

"There was a cat stuck in a tree."

"We were helping an old woman cross the road."

Both Peter and Gwen said at the same time. They then turned towards each other before looking towards Johnny. "We were helping a granny cross the road to get to her cat that was stuck in a tree," they both said simultaneously before nodding their heads in agreement.

Johnny was leaning against the wall. "Ah huh," he said in a tone that expressed that said he didn't believe a word they said.

"So can we come in?" Peter asked as they continued to smile awkwardly.

"Oh, yeah, my bad."

As they went inside, Johnny called out in an amused tone, "Hey sis, you're going to want to see this!"

"What is it, Johnny? You better not be bullying the intern—oh God!"

The woman who appeared had blond hair and blue eyes, similar features to Johnny.


"Are you two okay? What happened?" She asked with worry while walking towards them.

"We were helping a granny cross the road to get to her cat that was stuck in a tree."

"I'm being serious here, why didn't you guys go to the hospital!" She said with concern and anger.

They looked a bit embarrassed as they answered, "We didn't want to miss the internship."

"Hahahahaha!" Johnny laughed as he heard them.

They then heard footsteps coming towards them. "What's the commotion? Why the mention of a hospital—okay, I see why now."

The man was tall with dark hair and brown eyes and a beard. He had two streaks of white hair going from either side of his head. Behind him was a taller man with a large, built, broad muscles, brown hair, and eyes.

(Image: Richard)

(Image: Ben) 

"Are you serious!?" Susan said with a tone of disbelief.

"You could have just called us, and we could have worked something out."

"I didn't think you would have believed us if we told you that we both got injured over the phone and couldn't make it to the internship. We didn't want your first impressions of us to be that of irresponsible teenagers," Gwen said.

"I respect the hustle," Ben assumed, said behind Richard.

"Ben!" Susan reprimanded, glaring at him.

"What?" He said before shrugging his shoulders, "It's true though, if they did call saying they both couldn't make it because they were both injured, we would have just assumed them to be irresponsible kids. Even while they're clearly in pain, they came to work, come on Sue, even you have to respect that."

"So when can we get started?" Peter asked.

Richard let out a sigh as he massaged his head.

"Here's my admission test," Peter said as he painfully reached into his bag and pulled out two sheets of paper.

"Admission test?" Johnny said, confused. "We had something like that?"

"And here's mine," Gwen said, doing the same and handing Susan the papers.

"We don't," both Susan and Richard said at the same time as they took the paper and studied it over.

"What is this for?" Susan asked.

"Some of our ideas, so you guys don't underestimate us," Peter said proudly.

As Richard studied, he had a look of disbelief before he started laughing.

Seeing him, they assumed he lost it. "I only began to think of something similar, and the probability of it—an Unstable Molecular suit. Hahaha, and you went and did it."

'Hehehe, I impressed him with his own idea, Oh the sweet irony of it all.'

"Well, I haven't made it yet, but I know how," Peter explained.

Richard then studied the second sheet of paper. "Hearing aids? Ah, I see. They release an undetectable sound wave, which bounces off its surroundings and returns back to the receiver. The receiver then converts it into an image inside the person's mind… This is incredible and will help a lot of people who can't afford surgery."

Richard then looked towards Peter with a serious expression. "Why are you showing me this? Aren't you afraid I would steal your ideas?"

"No?" Peter said, looking at him in confusion. "You are deemed the smartest man in the world. I doubt someone of your status would stoop so low as to steal the ideas of a child."

Peter then smiled towards him. "Plus, I know a really good lawyer."

Peter then said, "Oh, I heard how you guys barely get any funds or anything like that, so I created that as a way to make you guys money. I mean, I obviously would get 25 percent of the total money, but still."

Susan then looked at the sheet of paper in front of her and read, "Biosensors… They give real-time feedback about a person's health, and if they have a disease, it gives a progression status… This is genius."

Susan and Richard both released a sigh as they handed the papers back to them.

Peter and Gwen looked at them in confusion. "What, you guys don't want it?" Peter asked.

Richard shook his head. "No, we do, but you two need to go home and rest. When you both have recuperated, I want both of you to come here. You don't have to worry about anything; I won't cancel your internship or anything of the sorts."

Both Peter and Gwen let out a sigh of relief and nodded.

As they put away their sheets of papers, Peter looked towards Richard. "Well, while we rest, you better start studying and preparing. One of the reasons I chose to intern here is so I can take your title of the smartest man."

Hearing this, Johnny and the others chuckled while Richard smiled and shook Peter's hand. "I'll be waiting for you. It's a challenge."

Both Peter and Gwen then started to leave after saying their goodbyes to the others.

As they left, Johnny shook his head. "I feel bad for the guy," he said.

Richard looked at Johnny in confusion. "Why?"

"Oh, come on, you're the smartest for a reason. No matter how he tries, he won't be able to take 'your title,' so it seems he's doing something pointless. And when he fails, he would be pretty devastated."

Richard just smiled. "You may never know, Johnny. The kid has a lot of potential. He could very well do it."

"You seriously believe that?" Johnny asked, not fully believing him.

"He brought forth an idea I was just developing in my mind, which shows we think very similarly. So yes, I do believe."